Lahore Food | Phajja Siri Paye | Heera Mandi | Goat Feet Stew | Pakistani Street Food

Lahore Food | Phajja Siri Paye | Heera Mandi | Goat Feet Stew | Pakistani Street Food

Asalam-u-Alaikum My name is Zia Tabarak… …& right now I’m in the Walled City of Lahore. And right behind me is the Badshahi Mosque Lahore. Across from this Mosque is the Lahore Fort. This Mosque was built in the 17th Century… …and the Fort was built by Akbar in 16th Century. The reason to come here is that right next to this Mosque & Fort… …is the famous Phajja Paye. Their Paya (goat legs) is really famous. So after seeing the Mosque & Fort we’ll go there… …and will check out how they taste. Chalain! This was Akbars Hall of Audience. These were the stairs from where the emperor used to go & sit right there… …and the Audience used to sit on these floors. …and the Emperor used to address from here & listen to their problems. What an amazing time it would’ve been… …when the Kings & their servants used to be here. That right there is Minar-e-Pakistan. That is the Gurdwara & besides it is the Mosque’s Minaret. And this is the Royal Fort. This used to be a route in the Mughal Era The Elephant rides for the Emperor used to go from here. That’s why this route is so wide because of the Elephants. The Badshahi Mosque was completed by Emperor Aurangzeb in 1673. Under the rule of Ranjit Singh & the British Raj this place was used as a Barracks. After the opposition of Muslims in 1852 the British allowed to use this place as a Mosque again. Adjacent to the Mosque & Fort is Gurdwara Dera Sahib & the Tomb of Ranjit Singh… …but I wasn’t allowed to go there… …else I would’ve shown the inside as well. So this was a short historical tour of Lahore. Now let’s go to Phajja Paye. Phajja Paye is located in the Heera Mandi area of Lahore. A lot of people think of this place as a Red Light District… …but the truth is that this place used to be the Royal Neighborhood… …and the servants of the King used to live here. This place used to be the center for Performing Arts… & people used to send their children here to learn Music & Arts. During the Rule of Ranjit Singh, one of his Minister’s… …Hira Singh Dogra setup a Grain Market here… …and people started to call this place Heera Mandi. During the British Rule, the British Soldiers used this place for wrong purposes… …and since then this area was known to public as a Red Light Area. After the creation of Pakistan, those activities dropped significantly… …and now this place is like any other neighborhood in La.hore Paya’s are being made here. Salam brother how are you. Your Paya’s are really famous & great. I’m here from Karachi to taste them. Are those goat legs? Yes they are. You guys are open 24 hours? Yes 24 hours. What do you add in your Paya’s that they’re so famous? We add Paya’s in bulk quantity & use a lot of Ginger & Yogurt. What’s the difference b/w full & half bowl? Full has 4 Paya’s & half has 2. Do you add the brains in it too? We give a separate bowl for that. It has Brain, Tongue & the Paya’s. So you put these gravies separates, are they different? We shift the prepared gravy in the other one & serve it from there. Ok so you cook it in this one. So the meat is also cooked in the gravy? Yes everything is cooked altogether. Then afterwards we separate the Paya and the gravy. Then we serve it according to the Order. The legs are being washed now. Right now I’m here with Mr. Asif… …Asif is the Grandson of Mr. Fazal Din Phajja (Owner). He Grandfather started all of this. My grandfather started this shop 65 years ago as “Phajja Siri Paye”. We have maintained a lovely relation with the people of Lahore & Pakistan. This area behind the Lahore Fort has been a food street since the beginning. It’s a challenge for us to maintain the same taste. We cook them for 4-5 hours with the spices according to our recipe. So you use special spices. Yes we have our own spices. We also our own secret ingredient as well called “Teaspoon of Love”. It was named by my Grandfather. So we always do the best to maintain the taste. Like we make the gravy from the Stock of the legs. We only use Garlic & Yogurt other than that. And both of them are really healthy for you. How many famous people have came here? You can see that on this wall. People from Showbiz, Politicians, Indian PM Vajpayee has also came here. I’ll now suggest you to go inside & have the breakfast. They’ve sprinkled this really amazing Masala over it as well. They look really delicious so let’s try them. These Paya’s are very nicely cooked you can see that. I’ll try this part first. With a bit of gravy. They taste really nice with these fresh Naans. And just like they said their recipe is a bit Unique. And as you can see my hands are already really sticky. So if you want to check if the Paya’s are perfectly cooked… …just check if your hands are sticky. The gravy is really thick & rich. It has a really nice texture. It tastes really good & I really like it. A few people said they didn’t like it but I’m really enjoying them. The secret of the their success is that… ….you ask them 10 times to refill the bowl & they wouldn’t say no. They’ll happily refill it again. Not like they just add a little bit… And they won’t charge extra? No they won’t. Ask them 10 times & they won’t say No. That’s their secret. Really nice! So inside this leg is its Marrow. We call it “Gooda” in Urdu bit in Punjabi it’s called “Mikh”. And the best way to eat it is either you force it down through your hands… …or just simply suck it out. The real way of having it… …is like this. There are really a few things that I would like to eat again… …like Namak Mandi’s Charsi Tikka. Whenever I’ll go back to Peshawar I’ll have it again. Just like Karachi’s Biryani. I can eat it everyday. And Phajja Paya are in the same category… …that whenever I’ll come back to Lahore I’ll have these again. Great! So we treid the Paya’s & they were really great. They tasted really great & I didn’t find that taste anywhere else. So they were great. I’ll see you again next time. I saw Lassi being made there so we’ll try that out as well. Salam brother! How are you? Is this sweet? Yes. Is it good to have Lassi after Paya’s ? No you can drink this after having Paya’s. You wouldn’t enjoy them without having a glass of this. Make one glass one for me then. This glass is really nice & traditional. And it has this very thick layer of Malai on top of it. And if you look closely this layer of Malai & the froth tell that it’s made from Pure Milk. It’s really cool & refreshing in this weather. And as they said it’s a must have after Paya’s. It’s a cool stream of Milk from here till down there. Really amazing! And this Malai… So this was our episode of Phajja Paye There are a lot of different other shops as well. So I hope you guys liked today’s episode… …and if you did then please be sure to like the video, comment & subscribe. I’ll see you guys in the next episode. Allah Hafiz.

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