Kushboo Idli Recipe in Tamil – How to make soft and spongy Idli – Idli Recipe

Kushboo Idli Recipe in Tamil – How to make soft and spongy Idli – Idli Recipe

Today lets see how to prepare Kushboo Idli Recipe If your urad dal is of good quality then add 3/4th cup , otherwise add 1 cup of urad dal Use the same cup for measuring all the ingredients If the urad dal is of old stock , then use 1 cup of urad dal . The ratio of rice and urad dal is 4 : 1 Maavu Javvarisi will be good for this idli , don’t use the other one This is Nylon Javvarisi , which is used for preparing Kheer (Payasam) Maavu Javvarisi is used in preparing vathal (Fryums) Wash all the ingredients well and soak them Allow it to soak for about 3 hrs The javvarisi has also been soaked well First grind the urad dal It took 20 mins for grinding the urad dal I have used 1&1/2 cup of water for grinding the urad dal Add the idli rice and javvarisi together After grinding the rice &Javvarisi into a smooth batter , add the urad dal batter and mix well The batter should be in the consistency as shown in the video Allow the batter to ferment The batter has been fermented well. It took 6 hrs for the batter to ferment Do not mix the batter till the bottom , gently scrape the top layer and add the batter in the idli maker Soft and spongy Kushboo Idli is ready !!! Subscribe to us on YouTube and Facebook to get the regular updates !!!

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  1. Kushboo idilly la aamanakku seed podaranga adhu poison udambu Elham arrikudhu loose motion aagudhu
    Thayavu sei Dhu podadeenga

  2. 👌👍🙏…Thanks for sharing such valuable tips & tricks to remember for making super soft idlis .💖☺

  3. Amma melaga ulunthu mavu mattuthanama irukku kataisi mavu varaikkum itly varuma Amma reply pls

  4. Amma unga mavu alavukkutha Amma puluchurukku but ningathana mava kilarama melaga etuthu itly utha sonnengalama atha kataisivaraikkum itly soft ah varuma

  5. Please keep the sub titles for few seconds more. They are takeoff too quickly before they can be read.


  7. Please describe and explain in Hindi or in English so those are not knowing Tamil they can aslo be benefited thank U in advance 🙏

  8. Please show dosa better reciepe,raval dosa,neer dosa reciepe also.i want to prepare exact hotel style uttapam pl show all reciepes

  9. I have mentally tasted your idli,it is a unique recipe, it is very good,five star idea.Revelli Ashok Kumar Lawyer and Motivational Speaker.

  10. உங்களோட இட்லி பதம் கரெக்டா நான் செஞ்சி பார்த்தேன் சூப்பரா வந்துச்சு முதன் முதலா நன்றி மேடம்

  11. Idly super sister. I am going to try… Idly cloth konja mathalam sis.. Sorry if anything wrong..

  12. மேடம் குஷ்பு இட்லி மாவு எத்தனை நாட்க்கள் வரை வைத்துக்கொள்ளலாம். கீதா

  13. Hi Ms edlis whitega rakunda broun colour lo vastunai anduku ala vastunai Mari edli telaga ravalante am cheyali cheoandi

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