Hello, good night everyone! Today I want you to join me to eat SUSHI together! Eating SUSHI! Ta-daaaa! So, maybe you often hear there is Sushi at price of 100 Yen in Japan all the sushi cost 100 Yen! It’s very cheap, for one plate is 100 yen and each plate contain two sushi in average but some of them contain only one or four as well So for 100 yen, actually it is 108 yen since include the tax which is 8% so in total is 108 yen per plate and if we convert to Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) it will be around Rp 12.000 for each Ok rather than I speak too much better we go inside and let’s go eat SUSHI! Welcome! How many person? One person Thank you! Is it OK to sit in the counter? Yes it’s fine Thank you! Sorry to have kept you waiting No 17 is on that side Thank you Now I already sit on the table and because I am alone so they put me on counter there are two types of table here, first is counter and look like this So it looks like Bar in Indonesian pub style another one is table and it’s looks like that, but because I am alone I placed in counter by the way I wear this such formal wear with a reason since I just come back from work, I am teaching English Now I’ll let you know what kind of sushi available in this store How to order here is pretty easy, you don’t need to be fluent in Japanese no need to talk with waitress we can order by ourself also take the food by ourself In front of me, if you sit in counter you’ll be face directly with the belt can be often seen as well if you eat in Sushi Tei or other sushi restaurant I mentioned Sushi Tei because it is the only comes to my mind and you must be consider it and eat often there as well Just take what you want, that is the easiest way all of the menus here are labelled by it’s name all in Japanese but if you can read little bit you may know like this is “Kani” (crab) and there will be salmon, tuna, “Tamago” (egg) just take whatever you want all here the average price is 100 yen yes it is Second way to order is, in front of me there is a LED screen it shows you the menus available you can see there is fish menu, then we can move to next page, there are Fushion Sushi Let’s start from the beginning here’s the first page So apart from sushi they also sell Ramen, Gyudon which is rice with meat or eel in the top of it also Kare then, another Ramen Beer and Wine as well Fushion Sushi there are Temaki, Calamari and Tempura and many things salmon and tuna again, then scallop and other seafood shrimp, with various kind of fish another menus is with corn, mayonnaise, fish roe sushi roll for the drink they have Ice Tea, Ice Coffee, Lemon Tea, Apple Juice and many things dessert snack also available, and this is recommended menu follow by today’s promotion so that’s it! we can get free drink here, this is hot ocha (Japanese tea), but if you want the cold one just take it in front because the where I sit there is only the hot one actually a hot water, for ocha we can put it by ourself here is the ocha approximately this is enough the rest is mix mix! Ok, I want to pick order one from this which is my favorite, egg. Where is it? Egg, egg, egg There it is one is enough and the order will come later All of my order has come, “Ittadakimasu!” (Let’s eat) I finished my dinner, 5 plates but before I go home, so in here if we just finished 5 plates we have a chance to play game it something like gambling actually I’ll just show you so there is a hole, put 5 plates inside one two three four five Ta-ra-raaaa~ FAILED! And if you finished just press the red button in right bottom and wait….. with 5 plates it will be 540 yen thank you thank you Finished eat and my stomach full not bad, it is only 540 yen, around Rp 70.000 but I think it less than that Oh, the name of the place is Kura Sushi, one of the biggest 100 yen sushi restaurant chain in Japan and very recommended so if you like this video and sushi as well, please Like, Comment, and Subscribe! Thank you and Bye Bye~

100 thoughts on “KURA SUSHI ¥100 SUSHI”

  1. lebih tepatnya mirip bgt genki sushi klo di indo..dr cara pesen sampe cara pengantar makan juga begitu..persissss

  2. Halo bang Dhika! Subscribers baru nih🙋😜 Makannya kok sendiri aja sih bang, masih jomblo yaa.. /slapped 😂😂🔫 Doain gw semoga bisa ke Jepun juga yaa hihi

  3. enak bgt lo bang masih muda travel kemana2 lah gw 19thn cuma liatin vlog2 doang wkwk nasib otak pas2an 😂

  4. Dhika.. klo di Osaka daerah hommachi/ di sekitaran shibuya/ harajuku ada gak "kura sushi" .. kita bakal ke jepun 1-7 jan 2018 (ber3 cewe2 smua) nah berhub fans berat sushi kita pgn cobain kura sushi.. info donk dhika

  5. bedanya apa ya mas sushi di Jepang sama di Indonesia ? soal rasa misalnya…oh ya mas klu traveling ke Jepang kira2 berapa biaya yg harus dipersiapkan, makassih mas sukses terus…

  6. ah jadi kangen kesini. gw pernah kesitu ah jadi mau lagiiii enak banget sampe gw ngabisin 15~20 piring 😂😂😍😍

  7. Broo coba modal dikit cari temen yang pegangin camera ,atau ada teknologi sederhana yang namanya tongsis ,sedih gw liat lu sendirian mulu :/

  8. Jadi ngikutin videonya nih.. Btw stlh aku amatin kang andhika kalo mlm ko jd cakepan ya.. Hahahah.. 😂 bikin videonya malem aja trus ya

  9. sekedar saran nih bang, kapan2 tambahin konten2 tempat makan/ jajanan2 jepang yg murah dong👍 itu bakalan membantu banget bagi yg suka kulineran dengan budget mahasiswa :v makasih banget bang👍 sangat membantu👍 sukses teruus👍👍👍💪

  10. minum ambil sendiri ya ga perlu ngomong sama waiters..pas banget. pas terakhir ngomong apa waitersnya ya? bayarnya gimana? mau backbapcer sendiri tapi bahasa jepang cuma bisa alakadarnya.. sumimasen nihon go wa wakarimasen

  11. Saya sudah coba kura sushi.. pas makan gak tahu sih bayarnya per piring 100 yen, hehemenurut saya sushi nya enak

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