Korean potato pancakes (Gamjajeon: 감자전)

Korean potato pancakes (Gamjajeon: 감자전)

Hi everybody! Today we are going to learn something special, original Korean dish. It’s called Gamjajeon, potato pancakes. Simple ingredients, you need only potato and salt, that’s all. In Korea, Gangwon province, is really well-known for gamjajeon. They grate potato and simply they make pancake but texture is very different from the real, original gamja taste, you’ll be suprise Let’s start! So, Idaho gamja, potato, really delicious looking, isn’t it? so pretty handsome We need to peel first. Rinse in cold water This is one pound of peeled potato One you peeled the potato, you will see the really, color change into brown oxydized So to protect this, soak in cold water Red bell pepper, make it flat Small strips, around 1½ inch long This is asian chives, I’m going to make green gamjajeon today color is pretty and also more tasty green color gamjajeon Let’s grind! and drain the water *splash* cut into small pieces and to the food processor ½ tbsp salt ¼ cup water chopped chives, around ¼ cup and blend Okay, done Nice, beautiful lime green color lift this use your spoon put this in another bowl This one, starch from the potato is going to be sunk so let’s wait, a little like one minute So you see, on the bottom, is the starch Starch is really important to make it more elastic, chewy and mix Let’s heat up the pan, make a pancake! Pancake, pancake, gamjajeon oil Stir this well *sizzle* *sizzle* Make a beautiful circle shape Make it smooth on the edge You will see, on the bottom part is little change color is a little yellowish it’s time to turn it over *sizzle* nice this too beautiful! lower the heat then wow, really crispy huh? done turn off the heat so let’s put this here How do you like it? Check this out! We just made a really feast, beautiful, colorful feast For this sauce, just simply soy sauce and vinegar soy sauce around 2 tbsp and vinegar, 1 tbsp Pancake! Let me taste it mmh This is like rice cake mmmh It can be use as snack or appetizer So what did we make today? Gamjajeon potato pancake ok Enjoy my recipe, see you next time, bye! 🙂

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  1. A really helpful video you can make in the future is showing us a tutorial on using your knife! You always cut so quickly and I'm still trying to learn.

  2. ok… these look great! i love technical food that doesnt use a tone of ingredients!

    would there be a way to make these stuffed?

  3. Wow! So delicious. 🙂
    Here in Germany we have a similar dish (I don't know where it's from, originally…).
    You grind potatoes, add salt and pepper. Then, for the consistancy and to make it more sticky, add one or two eggs, fry it and eat it plain or with mushed apples. 🙂 Try it Maangchi! <3
    I really enjoy your channel. Please keep up the good work.

  4. Mmmmmm …. I love the looks of Korean pancakes, and so easy to make! Can be
    made all over the world, no fancy ingredients needed!
    Love you Maangchi,
    beautiful Moon Goddess :^)
    Greetings from your sister in Ireland where potatoes are loved to bits :^)

  5. I am going to make these right this instance; I need to wake up early tomorrow to do some work experience thingy so warming this up and eating it quickly will give me energy! 😀

  6. For my food tech gcse here in U.K I decided to go with korean food~ I love korea and it's culture and it's dramas and kpop idols and mostly the food! I decided to make spicy rice cakes but cancelled it because it was so hard~ So instead I'm going to try and make korean potato pancakes! Thanks for the recipe! 🙂

  7. awesome.. i am always looking for new things to do with potatoes for the family..i think they will enjoy this. 

  8. love to watch you Maangchi  as well as your dishes! they look so good and healthy and some were easy to prepare..love this potato pancake yumyumyum!

  9. Tried to make these tonight but I don't think I put them in the food processor for long enough, they ended up more like hash browns.

  10. Placki ziemniaczane! 😀 – that's how we call it in Poland, we also have some very similar dish here, it's our national dish called – Pierogi (Dumplings) veeeery good 🙂

  11. I love your cooking very much
    .My husband love the Korean food as I cook for him after I see and learn from your video.I'm your big fan and my 4years old son ,too.
    My little son really like to watch your cooking video.I want to say THANK YOU and all my family wishes u the best.

  12. You made it look so simple I made a bunch for my wife who loves potatoes and Asian food. It was easy and turned out great!! – Just a note: When using Kosher salt, I think one tsp is required per pound. Thanks so much Maangchi!

  13. Abbi from Alaska here. Cool! Totally subscribed!!  Which of your recipies are the best for just one or two people?

  14. Maangchi, what if I don't have any food processor or any blender, what will I gonna do? thankyou ^^ btw, I really enjoying watching your videos :))

  15. I love your cooking videos!! I was always scared of Korean cooking but you've totally made it approachable. I can't wait to try them. Keep posting up more videos!!

  16. My mom made potato/chicken stew and we had a bunch of potatoes left so we made this! Thanks for the recipe Maangchi!

  17. Maangchi, thank u for recipes, I was try it, and pancakes soo yummy.. but in my city nothing korean grocery store, even i very want try kimchi.. 🙁

  18. wow so nice and so simple to make… I m going to make it and post pictures of them on your photos section of your website ^_^…… I will try giving it some Indian touch by adding garlic paste and corrianders in it…. m giving it indian touch coz we dont have here gochu.. byeee

  19. when I watched Lee Hyori made these in Family Outing I actually imagined this the sweet kind of pancakes, but actually it's a savory pancakes. Can I add sugar instead of salt to make it sweet? Or can I use sweet potato instead? Looking forward to your answer maangchi, thanks in advance 🙂

  20. Hi Maangchi, just discovered ur cooking videos and since then become addicted watching them. so easy and not time consuming, unlike some vids that takes more than 30 minutes, making me dizzy and bored. More Power!!!

  21. I learn so much from watching your Utube shows,I have your cookbook and I am loving it.Thanks for being such a good teacher!

  22. oh, how interesting in Lithuania we make potato pancakes and sometimes add some meet inside. It is very tasty with cream. in my country there are lots of dishes from potato

  23. I love you maangchi, i was always terrified that the fact koreans eat alive squid, so i don't want to know more, but when i crossed by your channel korean food is more delicious than terrifying, you are so funny and respectful, i love your channel and your content 🙂

  24. Yummy😍😍😍 Maangchi i love spicy food and asian food 😍😍🤗❤ and you 2 😂🙈❤I love you Maangchi so sweet and natural you are so sweet you make me smile😘🤗 thankoo😘❤❤❤

  25. Me too I love u maangchi an thank u so much I have learned a lot from u faith from Kenya an every time u say see u next time Hahahah I also find myself waving at my phone or laptop…

  26. I'm so happy meet your channel…
    So so happy….thanks very much for all your recipes. Semoga panjang umur dan sehat selalu 😘😘

  27. In india we boil the potatos then mesh.. and then fry. This is also nice as it saves time for boiling potato 🙂

  28. 감자전 하나에도 엄청난 기술이 들어있군요
    항상 질척거리곤 했는데. . .
    물받아서 전분분리!! 하나배우고 갑니다
    The color is good too!!

  29. Yummy potato pan cakes suparb thanku for explaining and introducing another beautiful healthy snack for my kid snack box mam 👍👌

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