KETO: Top 10 Meals - What I Eat on Keto

KETO: Top 10 Meals – What I Eat on Keto

so one of my top 10 favorite meals to eat on a keto diet hey folks my name is Ellie let's get started so as you guys know I try and keep it simple and so I just kind of wanted to go through like my top ten meals that I can rely on that are pretty easy to make and easy to log in my food log app and I just wanted to share those with you today now some of these will be smaller meals you might consider them snacks but to me I consider the meals cuz I eat small meals throughout the day until about dinnertime and then also to a couple of them are desserts okay so let's start with desserts now the first one is definitely dark chocolate I eat the 90 percent lint sometimes I do the 86 percent Ghirardelli and for me like two or three squares at night with just a cup of coffee is just one of my favorite things and I've been eating that 90% lint for almost three years now ever since I started keto it's just always been one of those desserts that I know it's a little car pretty much and it's just delicious and I can just rely on it to always be good and it's so easy cuz you just buy the bar and you break up the square so it's no cooking or anything so definitely recommend 90 percent dark chocolate okay now my second favorite dessert I've just started making recently is I'm gonna call it home let Aleksandra and what it really is it's just it's 4 eggs 2 tablespoons of butter artificial sweetener I like Splenda and then just a heavy sprinkling of cinnamon so to make it all I do is I just melt all that delicious butter and I use salted just because it makes it taste almost like a pancake okay and I'll describe it to you but um so I just melt the butter and then I scramble my eggs put in my sweetener in my Splenda put on my cinnamon and just pour it in let the bottom cook a little bit so enough that you can like kind of swish it around in the pan as like one moving object and the bottom of the pan cover it for a little bit after you've got that solid base so that the top can cook through a little bit but you don't want it to cook all the way through cuz I like mine a little bit runny on the inside so once you've got it mostly cooked through to the top you take it and you flip it onto your plate so that you have like the half circle and just with like the salted butter and the sweet and the cinnamon it almost tastes like a pancake cinnamon pancake and it's my new favorite thing and I love to eat it and it's full of fat it's got lots of protein and it's really not that bad for dessert I think it comes out to about four hundred and thirty calories which for me like I eat a little bit throughout the day but then like my dinner main meal is my biggest and favorite meal so I just kind of go crazy with that dessert and it's not even really a dessert I mean if you didn't put the splendid cinnamon in it it wouldn't be sweet at all so it's basically like just an extra serving of fat in 14 okay so on to my smaller meals I just realized so much on cheese you guys I mean for breakfast in the past six months I've just been doing cheese I did blue cheese for a while and now I'm doing Brie I just get like the president kind from Walmart I was looking for camembert but they didn't have any Walmart so I guess it was a little too fancy but you know I just like this morning I had about 75 grams of Brie I just chopped it out of the circle and put it on my gram scale and what I love about just cheese in the morning is it's great with coffee there's no cleanup whatsoever you just like you know cut yourself off a piece you measure it and you know you just sit down and just savor the cheese while you're waking up and so like I have that for breakfast it's one of my favorite meals it's just cheese and you can go crazy you can get fancy cheese and you can get varieties of cheese but for me a cheese is definitely like a small meal okay moving on to one of my favorite lunches I was doing these but I was calling the bratwurst there were really italian sausages and those are just so easy because while I was getting ready for work I just stuck those in the oven for about 15 to 20 minutes in the broiler and they browned up and by the time I got to work they were like room temperature but I didn't have to reheat them in it or anything because they were just good with some mustard and so definitely like another small meal is just bratwurst oh my goodness they're fatty and they're filling and they're so good along the same vein and I'm gonna include this and did the same like Neela's bratwurst or just deli meats I mean they're so easy you really just take them out of the package or you slice off some and you measure it and that's it and I love pnina's if you haven't ever tried you know they haven't met Walmart so I'm sure that they haven't met lots of grocery stores but they're just like cheese wrapped in meat so their meat roll-ups but they're already made and they're just so easy to do they even sell them in like individual servings so if you're really in a pinch and you're starving they're definitely easy to get so I definitely recommend panini nose okay now on to you some of my bigger dinners and I'm gonna list these they're six meals left so my six big dinners that I can usually rely on so like you know I'm simple and I really just try and stick to a meat and vegetable side for dinner so the first big dinner that I like to make and I haven't made it recently just because I know they'd been really cold here but it's great for colder weather it's chicken and cabbage soup and what that consists of is you just bake some chicken you can even put seasoning on it if you want so bake some chicken and then put some stock or some water with even just bullion and a big pot chop up your chicken or you can even just shred it throw it in the pot put some cabbage put some broccoli put some mushrooms I mean any vegetable really that you want as long as it's not a starchy or sweet vegetable and just let it simmer for a bit and you've got this huge pot of soup for the whole week it's cheap it's so filling it's so delicious and it's great for cold weather and I kind of wish it were cooler so that I could do that again but it's definitely my favorite soup to make on keto okay my fifth favorite meal that I just started making like two weeks ago is cauliflower fried rice and if you saw my Instagram it's there and I'll try and post a picture here but basically I heard just the term cauliflower fried rice when I was watching Aikido Connect video and I was like that sounds amazing so I just went to the grocery store and I bought you know cauliflower like crumbled cauliflower that you can use to mash or to make rice with vegetables I bought mushrooms and broccoli I bought lots of eggs cuz you know how fried rice has like egg chunks well I want it really Aggie okay that was like my main protein for the night I didn't even have like a meat side I just used lots of eggs so what you do is you just put a tablespoon or two of butter in a pan and you didn't even have this seen the cauliflower you just throw the cauliflower rice into the pan and you stir it around for like two minutes and then while that's happening you put in one tablespoon of soy sauce and then you add oh geez let them all kind of cook together and then you whisk your egg and I just put like a scrambled egg on top okay it was just Aggie and delicious and then I put in the second tablespoon of soy sauce and it's so quick I mean it's basically a stir-fry so you're just you know you're almost done in like less than five minutes and it's all in one pot so cleanup is a breeze and I don't know it's one of my new favorite things I haven't tried it until about a couple weeks ago so I would definitely recommend it yeah that's just kind of like a quick tutorial on how I cooked it but I will put the description down below for the recipe for that okay the fifth thing that I love to eat is a pork loin filet with just like a side of vegetables and what I love to like season my pork loin filet with is slap your mama okay I've talked about it in one of my other videos but it's like this Cajun seasoning it's great on fish and pork and chicken so I just like rub it down like the filet and I sear it on a pan you can use butter but I haven't been doing that recently I just been watching my calories so I just sear it on a pan with no butter whatsoever like the porks got fat in it also too sometimes if you don't have butter what you can do is just like kind of pull off some of the fat of whatever meat you're cooking just kind of put it in the pan let it sizzle let it coat the pan so you're a meat won't stick to the pan anyway so yeah pork loin filet after I sear it in the pan I just stick them in the oven for about 20 minutes it depends on how pink you wanted in the middle to me pork is just delicious whether you get it you know kind of pink or just totally cooked so that's a good meal plan that I always can rely on it's just pork and like pork medallions I cut it up and it's like little round medallions and then just a vegetable side so my third favorite go-to meal is definitely just broiled chicken breast with a big salad okay so with my chicken breasts again I you slap your mama I just you know rub it down i sear it in a pan and then I stick it in the broiler and a long story when I use the broiler but I use the broiler for like 15 or 20 minutes just to make sure it's all cooked through and the chicken forms a nice skin when you broil it and then for my salad I get the spring mix from Walmart it's lots of spinach and like radicchio and arugula I believe and just let the leafy greens so I'll eat like 200 250 grams of that salad and that fits in a big bowl okay so like that's like my big vegetable serving throughout the day and then on top of that salad I've just gotten to where I don't even want dressing like oil and vinegar you know it's fine but it's not my favorite thing so if everything is cheese right so I just put lots of feta usually I put like 2 ounces on it 56 grams of just feta and like the chicken with the salad sometimes I'll take a bite with chicken and bow salad and cheese and it's so good I don't going crazy about this but this is like a go-to and I'm like I know I don't want to eat this week oh the chicken and salad why not it's delicious ok my second favorite meal and I don't make it as often but it's just one of the tastiest things that I make is I like to make taco with tacos or like taco lettuce wraps and the reason I don't do that as often is just because it takes a little bit more ingredients and it's just a tad bit more expensive to get those extra ingredients and if you're really trying to cut calories if once you start adding sour cream and cheese and guacamole and like onions and tomatoes you can start getting up there in carbs too so if you're really cutting down on calories and really watching those carbs right at 20 it's a harder meal to stick with but it was so good I mean I just get like the taco seasoning from you know the taco section at the grocery store and I know those seasonings have like trace cards in them but it's not enough for me to care if anything I'd like a gram of carbs to my log but so yeah you just brown your meat put the seasoning in drain the meat and then just take not just like a regular lettuce leaf but get a romaine lettuce leaf cuz they're longer and you just wash it and dry it the leaf and then you just stick your meat and then your cheese and all your toppings and you just eat it like a taco and it's so good actually not I want to have that for next week but yeah so definitely try taco lettuce wraps also in the same vein chicken fajitas I did that a while ago I was just craving Mexican one time and it's just so good so same thing you just cook your meat in a skillet and I just put it on top of a bed of lettuce with like my sides that I sauteed and pretty much you can put any vegetable in there that and your fajitas and it's delicious okay okay so my number one go-to favorite keto meal is definitely a steak with some sort of veggie side I love steak it's my favorite thing my favorite restaurant is Texas Roadhouse and I always get a steak or there salad which is really good the grilled chicken salad but I love steak and I loved it medium-rare and I like a big hunk of it too and I want lots of vegetables lots of steamed broccoli maybe in butter and pepper and salt or maybe some cabbage or a side salad anything but it's definitely steak okay that's you guys know me like I love meat and vegetable sides so this list is really simple but I think that's what makes keto so great is you're really just eating simple food and so I mean if you can make that simple food delicious why not so my favorite seasoning for steak either I'll do one of the following um Montreal steak spice okay they have it at Walmart it's delicious orgeous if you don't have that or you don't want to try that just fresh ground pepper and then garlic salt and it's really good well folks that's about it for today I know it's a little bit of a shorter video but I mean you know I've seen like what I eaten a days and those take a long time but this is like all the information all in one video you know this could be like five what I eat a days cuz I really don't change up my breakfast and lunch that often and I only have a couple favorite like sweet treats and I really do stick to you meeting a vegetable I mean the only thing that's kind of an outlier there is like the soup but still that's just mean veggies so and like broth or stock I remember the simpler you keep your food that you eat the easier it is to log and so when it goes into soup all you have to do to log that because it might seem a little bit more difficult right on all the amounts and grams and the calories and everything in your food right when you cook it like know exactly what's going into the pot at first so then you have like the grand total of your calories and your carbs and then just divide it for however many days that you want to eat it cuz over that period of time all right you're gonna eat all that and so you might need a little bit more this day or a little bit more that day but as long as it's over like a week or something you know you've got like pretty much what you've been eating well folks that's about it for today I'm winning hear from you what are your favorite keto meals because I mean sometimes I am born they do you want to change it up but most the time I just go to my staples if you enjoyed this video please like and subscribe to my channel and if you want to find me on Instagram my name is Quito underscore Ally again thanks for watching my name's Alli have a good one bye Oh work was tough today and like I kind of want to use this time after the video and I just talked to you guys and see what's going on a little bit of an update plans for videos in the future what I want to do is like a Super Bowl or party snack idea video for keto so let me know if you want to see that I have a couple ideas that I haven't really heard much before also – I want to do a video about your questions because I get lots and I want to address those like in a public way cuz if I reply to one comment you know that's down the line nobody else is gonna see that so definitely leave your questions anything you know anything about diet about food let me know I want to do like a your questions my answer type thing and hopefully that will work out so definitely yeah just let's have that conversation and I want to get to know you guys better and try and help all the people out there cuz I like to help people so just let me know um down below again thanks for watching guys have a good one bye

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  1. I just found you today on my first day of Keto. So glad I watched your video and tips on keeping it simple. You are amazing. Congrats on your weight loss and much thanks for sharing. You have a lovely smile. Don't stop!!

  2. One of my favourite meals was the cabbage lasagna that I made for my sister's birthday. It was really delicious and just tasted like, well, lasagna.

  3. Liked your video but once I heard you use Splenda I was turned off but I will still try but just replace what is bad for you which is Splenda. Close to being rat poison & is the worse thing to take if you are diabetic but keeps the doctors in business

  4. Have zoct with your meals .Zuchinni Onion. Capsicum .Tomato . Chop and simmer til tender . Serve with your meat whatever you choose .

  5. Question: how many calories would you recommend for breakfast? I was eating 3 fried eggs with like 5 pieces of bacon. Like 1200 calories in ONE meal. Too much?

  6. Turkey burgers!! (bunless of course) with provolone and whatever burger toppings you want is one of my favorite meals! I usually eat fresh spinach and pickles.

  7. I appreciate your videos! I haven't started keto yet. It seems so hard. I don't eat pork or beef. Don't drink teas or coffee. I love veggies and chicken though! Got any suggestions for me??

  8. Enjoyed your Keto tips! However, pork needs to be cooked all the way through. You don't want to get sick!

  9. Really??….first time that i see a video "so lazy"….every time i saw a video like this before the person ACTUALLY COOK…not just talk abou it you got to be kidding me…i unsubscribe…dont need lazy coments

  10. Thanks so much for posting. I am getting ready to shop Keto tomorrow, perfect timing for me to see today! So Happy for your success!

  11. Hi each eggs have 60 calories how can that be 430 calories how much natural sugar & butter do u put do u actually put 390 calories on butter &natural sugar wow!

  12. ??? Have you tried using a RICE COOKER to cook meats + veg. I use my little 5 cup rice cooker all the time and I put my small amount of meat or poultry in FROZEN with 1 or 2 ounces of stock and a thimble full of corn oil = DELISH ! ??? don't you eat any fruit

  13. Love your videos:) but a makeup tip:) get rid of the black eye liner all the way around your eyes it makes you look to harsh and older:) and your hair would look thicker if you cut it shoulder length with some beige blonde highlights. Just helping:)

  14. Thanks for all the ideas. I was wondering if you are a teacher as you have mentioned having a Christmas break off in one of your videos.

  15. Why are you using Splenda??! That’s AWFUL for you and has been proved to cause weight stalls and gains. I’m sure you’re aware of the SEVERAL clean keto sweeteners out there. (Monk fruit is my fave), so why on earth would you choose toxic junk in your body? It’s SO bad for you and nothing but chemicals!

  16. Egg with stevia pan cake was really good.. i always wanted a simple easy dessert and this was perfect.. I scrambled it and added little roasted cashews and cardamom.. it was really good thank u

  17. Have you tried 'Big Mac Salad? It would be great for spring-time meals. What I do for the dressing is add some mustard, pepper, and smoked paprika to some mayo, with a bit of vinegar to thin it down. I think you can figure out the rest. Love you Ally! Bonnie

  18. Just made the fried rice without mushrooms (didn’t have any). Was pretty good!! Thanks for sharing!!

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