Keto Long Term? Is The Keto Diet Dangerous?

Keto Long Term? Is The Keto Diet Dangerous?

Keto long term. Is it safe? Is it possible?
Is it healthy? A lot of people have concerns and questions so I’m gonna
answer some of the most common ones coming right up so keto is getting very
very popular because people are getting results but then there’s also a lot of
skeptics and when the skeptics raise their voices then people get concerned
they get worried and they wonder can i really trust this. Can I really do keto
long term because they’re scaring people that if you keep this up it’s gonna hurt
you. So at first they said, the skeptic said, “oh it’s ridiculous of course you
can’t lose fat by eating fat” and then they said, ” oops I guess you can” because
there was just so many people doing that but then they said oh well you can lose
some fat but it’s not sustainable and if it’s sustainable then at least it’s not
healthy and that’s kind of where everyone is today we have the keto camp
and the the skeptic camp and everyone agrees that yes you will lose weight but
the skeptics say that yeah yeah yeah it’s possible but keto is not sustainable
you can’t keep it up it’s dangerous and so on and so on but is that is there any
foundation is that a good argument what are they basing that on so
basically it’s based on a fat phobia and where did we get that where did that
come from why are we so afraid of fat because fats been around for as long as
human has been around and for the most part we have probably eaten more
saturated fat than we’ve eaten anything else so we have demonized saturated fat
and cholesterol it’s the first thing that shows up on food labels calories
total fat and saturated fat as if those are the things that we need to avoid
so this fat phobia is based on a couple of really bad studies in the 1950s where
they just watch people they’ve made certain assumptions and they decided
that saturated fat and cholesterol is bad
recent studies have shown that it is the processed fat it’s the man-made fats so
the reason people started noticing fat was when people got sick from eating
margarine and shortening and processed fats along with lots and lots of sugar
and this really started in the early 1900s and then accelerated all the way
through the 1900s and nobody looked at the quality or type of fats and that’s
where we got this fat phobia that is so ingrained now that nobody dares question
it everyone says oh if you propose eating bacon you must surely be crazy
and it’s like we’re not really questioning why would it be that bad
okay and it turns out it isn’t because most modern studies show that saturated
fat is actually better it’s a really really good fuel source
it’s the polyunsaturated fats that create problems and saturated fats
improve the ratio of cholesterol because it’s not the total number that matters
it’s the balance between the two total cholesterol to HDL of about three to one
then you’re doing perfectly fine and the lower that ratio the better you’re doing
and saturated fats improve that ratio but even though those old studies were
from the 1950s and we’ve had decades to get better information and we had better
information old ideas die hard because once we get a feeling about something
then it’s very very hard to and that’s what I hear from a lot of people is I
I’ve read this and I read this and I tried it and I feel better but I’ve read
I heard it for so long that fat is bad so I’m just scared to eat it and it’s
the fear it’s a phobia it’s founded on the wrong information because as long as
the fat is natural is perfectly okay and then people say that
carbs are the main source of energy that if you don’t eat carbs you’re starving
yourself and again this is just not true it is it is has been the main source of
energy for the last few hundred years when we have increased our agriculture
we’ve increased the the processing of grain we’ve included bread in in
everything but again agriculture has only been around for ten thousand years
which is a incredibly short time compared to the time that you have been
around as a human so agriculture started ten thousand years ago but also at that
time the grains were completely different they had more protein less
carbohydrates and people ate them whole so even if we say that we’ve had grains
for a while we just haven’t had them in the form that we’re eating them today
and carbs are not the main source of energy because humans have two sources
of energy two primary sources it’s three and four you include protein but the two
main sources are carbohydrates and fat and the body will burn which ever one it
has the most available so if you feed it carbs it’ll burn carbs if you feed it
fat it’ll burn fat it’s as simple as that so it depends on where humans have
lived it depends on what their lifestyle was it depends on the time of the season
what was available at the time then they mentioned that the keto diet
has no calorie restriction and surely that must be a bad thing because we all
know calories are bad and again we’ve decided that fat is bad cholesterol is
bad calories are bad oh don’t eat avocado it has too many calories
don’t eat salmon it’s too fatty it has too many calories don’t eat nuts it has
too many calories eat that little rice cake eat this
little fluffy processed sugary thing it only has a hundred calories per serving
haven’t we heard that over and over and over for the last 40 years we’ve turned
calories into the enemy and it’s not it’s what keeps us alive for as long as
life has existed on the planet every species have started the day
looking for calories okay it’s the thing that keeps us alive the reason that it
messes with us today is that we have processed them we have changed them we
have introduced processed foods and sugars and processed carbs that are
unnatural to our bodies that’s why we lose our ability to regulate hunger so
we shouldn’t have a calorie restriction when your body is healthy when your body
gets the type of food and the nutrients that it’s designed for your body knows
how much to eat the only reason it eats too much is you eat processed foods and
your insulin resistance then they say that it forces the body to burn fat
again as if that was a bad thing there is no force about it because when carbs
go really really low the body burns fat so you can turn that argument around and
say when carbs are really high it forces the body to burn carbs because the carbs
high blood sugar will put a diabetic into a coma carbs are toxic high blood
sugar is one of the most dangerous things that you can have so if you eat a
lot of carbs you force the body to burn carbs okay it’s it’s a ridiculous
argument it’s again it’s about balance and what has the body been doing for
most of the time and for most of the time we have never ever had a lifestyle
that allows us to develop insulin resistance we’ve never had that many
carbohydrates and sugars and processed carbs around
never been around so we we know plenty about missing a few meals because we’ve
done that for as long as we’ve been around we never we had no defense
against the the abundance of carbohydrates it forces the body to burn
fat and as a result you can there is no deprivation or exercise it’s like you
have to have calorie restriction you you have to have suffer you have to have
pain because otherwise you don’t deserve to be to be slender it’s like this crazy
mentality that we have forgotten what it’s supposed to work like we’re
supposed to feel happy we’re supposed to feel good we’re supposed to eat till
we’re full we’re supposed to know when we’re full okay but carbohydrates and
insulin drive a fat storing mechanism that prevents us from using the fat and
therefore we don’t know when we’re full because our bodies tell us eat more eat
more eat more because I put all of my my blood sugar in fat storage through
insulin and I can’t get to it because the insulin is still high so you got to
eat something more and that’s the mechanism that turns off your ability to
decide how much to eat humans are not supposed to be deprived and of course
exercise you shouldn’t have to exercise to
maintain your weight but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to exercise because
like I talked about in many many different videos exercise is absolutely
necessary to optimize your health so you want to do that five six days a week
regardless but it has really very little to do with losing weight it is good for
reversing insulin resistance but you shouldn’t have to force your body
through exercise to lose weight and then one of the most common arguments is that
it’s too extreme and and again it’s an opinion it’s like surely fat is bad
surely it’s extreme to eat that few carbs but when we call it a
dream we want to ask extreme compared to what okay if we go into a food store
today it has about fifty thousand items on the shelves how many of those items
existed ten thousand years ago or even five hundred years ago okay
hardly any that’s extreme we have replaced our entire food supply with
fake foods we don’t have access to real food from most regular food stores
that’s extreme okay when people say that it’s too extreme to eat 30 grams of
carbs compared to what 400 grams of carbs is extreme because your ancestors
never ever saw that kind of carbs never even if they found a beehive and they
ate the whole thing in one bite they probably couldn’t get that much so most
of the objections are based on emotional reactions to what we believe is true and
it doesn’t have any solid foundation doesn’t have any good explanation in
physiology and the best way to judge this is try it and see how it works what
you want to understand though is along the way it’s about quality of foods is
it sustainable absolutely is it safe absolutely can it be done healthy
absolutely does everyone have to do it is it the best possible diet for
everybody not necessarily if you like it then do it if you reverse your insulin
resistance all the way then I think most people can probably not have to be in
ketosis I think you should still be at low carb because four hundred grams of
carbs a day is going to ruin your health guaranteed
but even if you start eating a little bit of potato here and there or some
some brown rice or something if you have
completely reversed your insulin resistance then that might be okay so we
don’t want to turn keto into a religion either okay the reason it is so popular
and the reason it works so well and the reason it’s a fantastic idea for most
people is that most people are insulin resistance from decades of eating
processed foods and too many carbs so what you want to do you want to listen
to people who have clinical experience who have actually worked with a lot of
people over a long period of time and who have some sort of education and some
foundation in physiology to understand insulin everyone else is pretty much
just a self-proclaimed expert in in one field or another and what they’re
throwing around our opinions and most of these opinions are based on emotions and
what we’ve been told and surely it can’t be like that
okay so this channel is all about learning as much as possible about how
the body really works so that when you see that next article or you hear that
next comment then you have enough knowledge that you can make up your own
mind and you can say yeah that makes sense
that fits about a hundred other pieces of good information I’ve heard or you
can say you know that doesn’t make sense because it’s just another piece thrown
out there so share this video with as many people as you can leave your
comments below I’ll be happy to answer as many questions as I want if you want
additional videos on different topics let me know I’m gonna try to cover as
many different topics as possible and answer as many questions as possible so
thanks for watching you

100 thoughts on “Keto Long Term? Is The Keto Diet Dangerous?”

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  2. I've proven that keto works to cure my insulin resistance. I've been on keto 4 months. Started at A1C of 11.3, new test a few days ago and it's now 6.0! I am so happy and feel so good. Got a clean bill of health, no more medication! I'm not going back!

  3. Doc you present so well.

    All make sense, but question remains why so many have constipation, insomnia, low energy. Or is the culprit IF?.

  4. I'm addicted to (good label) nut butter. Berg says I must match it with lots of veggies to prevent galbladder risks.
    1) so too much fat indeed have risks?
    2) If Berg is correct, do avo/onion/tomato/cucumber (I love this combination and eat daily) count as a good match?

  5. Dr. Ekberg, you're doing a great job! This is my first video of you that I watched, and from the tons of videos and articles on keto I have come across I can tell that you know what you are talking about. Great that another doctor is spreading the knowledge…

  6. Ive been eating low carb for about a month now but ive always had a cheat day on The weekends where i have eaten a bunch of sugar. The days after my face is so bloated and I think its hindering my weightloss, could this be True?

    Also, im on my first week of keto with intermitting fasting (and not gonna have a cheatday this weekend), but im SO tired. Ive had some issues a long time though (possibly ms or lupus or cfs) so i have a "standard" level of fatuige im on, but after starting keto again this week ive become so much more tired. My body feels so weak. Is this The keto flu? If so, how do i get rid of it, just wait? Will i go through this every time after ive had a cheatday that knocks me out of ketosis? I would very very much appropiate a reply but i understand if you too busy etc. Best wishes

  7. after 29 years of all sorts of health problems I developed type 2 diabetes and decided I would have a look online to see if I could get some ideas. I first stumbled on Dr Eric Berg, I was truly fascinated, Then my search engine threw up your videos. I began the Keto diet the next day, it has proved perfect for me. After a hysterectomy, I developed SLE , Scleroderma and reynauds, later I was diagnosed with Sjogrins syndrome, enlarged fatty liver, enlarged spleen, I had never heard of any of those illnesses, was scared of them and had never taken any pills or potions in my life. Suddenly I was on steroids and a bucketful of other stuff. that was 29 years ago. I have taken steroids {reducing dose but hiked up anytime I got something.} My Platelets dropped to less than ten on 3 occasions. 3 strokes, 2 heart episodes then diabetes 2. The first thing I noticed when I began Keto was my bad reflux just left and has not come back which means I now get some sleep I still need more sleep but its a good start and at least I am comfortable in bed. My diabetes is gone and I feel full, since taking steroids I was always hungry and as I am thin by nature but had developed a little belly (three month pregnant size} I am much better, belly has reduced but I dont fast as I need to gain about 7 pounds. 3 up_ 4 to go. I am so happy that I am reducing steroids further, my lupus pains and aches are minimal, my aim is to get off all medication in a couple of years. I can't thank you and Dr Berg enough for posting those Videos and I have told family, friends, and even doctors about them. Thank you so much for giving me my life back. Margaret {Ireland}

  8. And what about vitamins – where should I get them from on keto? Some vegetables are "safe" on keto, but is it enough for proper vitamins intake… (?)

  9. Hey Dr. Ekberg! Just found you doing my research on Keto and subbed immediately! Along with Dr. Berg and Thomas DeLauer, high quality content and very valuable information! Thank you for that!
    I have decided to turn on Keto just out of curiosity, I´m 25 and I´ve been going to the gym for almost a decade. I´m really curious about how I will feel using fats as fuel instead of carbs, what would my energy levels be compared to being on carbs and especially if I´m gonna be able to continue gaining muscles and stay on my hard core gym workouts and keep lower fat percentage!
    It´s my 4th since I cut of carbs and right on my second day I went with 17 hours fast, first 2 days were tough, but now I feel pretty good, is that even possible for the body to adapt so quickly?

  10. Hi doctor. .I want to start keto but keto flu such as headache scares me a lot… kindly help how to start keto without having headache …

  11. I don't believe "fat phobia" should be the main reason for doubting keto as a "healthy" diet doing long term straight but rather it is the missing out on other important nutrients. By avoiding every food because of carb content such as fruits and vegetables we are also avoiding some essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc.

  12. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.. But keto completely disregards thats even other commonly eaten fruits

  13. For less than 2 months on keto + 18/6 fasting + 45 minutes a day intensive evening walking, l have already lost 40 pounds from my previous weight of 230 pounds…!!!
    I'm a man, 61 years old, my height is 6'00"…😊💪

  14. My only concern about eating more saturated animal fats is that most people don't have access to, or $$$ to purchase QUALITY meats. Organic pasture raised meats are 2-3 x the cost of cheap factory farmed. Grain fed animal meats are dangerous because of the toxic grains they're fed. So I'd like to hear all Keto gurus always emphasize to eat "organic pastured" meats and eggs, preferably from local farmers.

  15. When watching Dr Ekbergs 'tutorials ' I feel as though he is talking exclusively to me. I am absorbing every word and learning. Absolutely spot on with his delivery of knowledge. Thank you thank you thank you.

  16. Great video! Been on Keto for 3 months now feel great! Didn't do it for weight loss did loose 7 lbs, but my body has leaned out like crazy! This is a way of life for me now!


  18. i'd like it explained whether fat globules coursing through the arteries and veins, particularly the smaller ones (capillaries), are likely to be deposited on imperfections in the artery walls and on fatty deposits already attached to the walls increasing the size scope and danger of those fatty deposits.

  19. I really appreciate your videos. Will be digging up all your videos and try to digest the precious info in them. Just ditch sugar and carbs but still afraid to eat so much animal fats. Not eating white rice for a Chinese is absurd and I have not touch rice for a month now. Just had eggs, chicken and pork with lots of cooked vegetables. Lost 7kg in 1.5 months with a 5 days water fasting followed by another 7 days water fasting within the 1.5 months. Eyesight has amazing improvements. But I am still worried I may be ruining my organs by forcing the body to burn fats. As I still have excess fats for burning, is it ok not to increase fat intake? Avocado, leaving the skin and fats on chicken and pork are the extra fats that I am consuming in comparison to my old eating habits. Is it possible for you to do a video to incorporate water fasting and intermittent fasting? Fats melts fast in water fasting and that is very encouraging for heavyweights like me. And water fasting is easier after you have done intermittent fasting. Just not sure if we should be doing water fasting to see faster result on weight loss. High blood pressure is also normal without medication in this period. Again thank you very much for all your videos and I will recommend them to all my relatives and friends

  20. I was just over at Harvard's website, looking for strategies on Keto Constipation. They offered none. (and all the "experts" here on YouTube, who had videos on the subject, looked like prostitutes with room temperature IQs – all "personality" and no empirical knowledge base – so, I didn't click on those). However, while on their website, I DID get a dose of Harvard's orthodoxy regarding diets, including Keto. Harvard's saying what you're saying the conventional experts are saying. I was upset, at first, and then remembered that Harvard grads are running the world – running it OVER THE EDGE OF A CLIFF. So, frankly, just because something is Harvard's orthodoxy, does not mean it's true or wise or best.

    So, which of your videos deals with Keto Constipation?

  21. All that fat is proven not healthy. Keto hasn’t been studied long enough In my opinion to say all that high fat is ok for my heart ❤️ and clog my arteries and so ….

  22. Doc I’m in best shape in my life thanks 🙏 for keto diet my sugar levels are 70 to 92 when I check after eat but before I had the surer level after eating 130 now it’s turns in to 70 to 92even I eat little bit brown rice when I go to gym

  23. love your explanations. please, please, enlight me with one answer. i do IT combined with keto diet. lost almost all my fat storage, while eating ENOUGH calories . now i am a little concerned. lost so much weight while eating that makes me wonder… what now? will the body stick only with the meals i eat (since it hasn´t so much fat stored left)? burned all body fat plus meals and now that is left only with the food… i am concerned with not giving it enough fuel. i mention i do a lot of sport, getting from 91 kg to 80 (since my concern about keep going on). Thank you very, very much

  24. I love being on keto, feel super clean and light. I always get bloated from eating carbs especially bread and other wheat products, eating just veggies and some meat feels really great.

    But I run into really extreme hormone problems every time, I get spotting between periods and that kind of forces me to get back on carbs. I really hope someone can give an explanation for this and give me a solution. I don't enjoy eating bread, pasta or rice at all, I just force myself to eat them now to hope for a regular menstrual cycle… Man it really sucks to be a female

  25. What study are you talking about in your video ?
    PS : you are a former athlete who have made chiropractic study what gets you here to talk about nutrition and keto diet ?

  26. Bacon sausages both carcinogenic !!!!! A SIMPLE blot paper test purple = carcinogenic means cancerous All fish contains plastics!!!Or you can eat organic vegan diet&keto 🙄

  27. Thanks for being such a great teacher. Wish we had such an intelligent, measured and composed person like this running our country. It’s a sad state of affairs every where you look. Luckily we can still control what we eat and how we treat our bodies.

  28. Once again Dr, thank you so much for all you’re valuable information, it’s a true pleasure to listen to all you’re knowledge.
    You make my Keto& intermitting fasting so much easier!

  29. Is there a video about fiber intake while live a keto lifestyle. In Holland they recommend 30 to 40 grams of fiber.

  30. Thank you for this video! The beet stalks got me because I always throw it away. You are a gem.

  31. Another great video, awsome!
    I would like to know what you can tell us about healing from (chronic) diseases with the keto-diet (like MS, EBV etc.)
    A video for this would be so great!
    Thank you so much for sharing all this things with us!

  32. Well they say that if you don't have a gall bladder you can't do on the keto diet but I lost weight on it fast and I don't have a gallbladder. If you have trouble with losing weight without a gallbladder see a specialiast.

  33. I can this ha 2 strokes due to hb and been a diabetic I can tell since starred the keto lifestyle I'm no longer diabetic my A1C is at 4.8 snd feel amazing when I posted on fb 1 friend told me that her Dr and dietician told her that keto was dangerous because makes your body insulin resistance 😂

  34. Its 2019 and Iam in my 30s and I just found out about keto even though I kinda did keto without knowing about it. It really started with me going gluten free but keto opened the door wide on eating healthy.

  35. I’m 54 my wife 50 years old. Both on keto for a year. Off all meds. Lean and healthy. Feel great and no more naps. The biggest thing I saw was my skin. My skin just looks like new. Very incredible. I had a ugly mole that just came off and cleared up completely. It’s been a great year. Thanks.

  36. I think a low carb high fat diet in general is healthy but a few healthy carbs are necessary: fruits, some vegetables, some whole cereals products. Fat is the fuel that we are made to consume. Too much carbs cause diabetes, cancer, chronic inflammation and hypertension.
    I think there are a few things we need to take care of on a high fat diet: physical activity, acidity in the blood (fatty acids and uric acid especially), cholesterol.

  37. I have been reading or watching a lot of Keto food stuff and I can only say I find more conflicting in how you all select what is more or less healthy or is good or not good especially for food that are not of carbo type or sweets or sugar but actual food stuff, meat…etc What I take from all this is either you guys do not know and guess or you are playing too safe or really is how it WORK FOR YOU and you are telling people what work for you Should work for other's type of body…etc

    We have been mislead by the best and doctors for decades aND NOW i FEEL when what you have to offer to us, I have to really question ifyou got it wrong partially or entirely. I think we all watching need to take everyone's claim in the real world or youtube with a pinch of salt. No pun intended. There is too much noise out there and it is not like we have a lot of scientific proof but PERSONAL FEELINGS about it and unscientific observations that is not measure properly and documented.

  38. My friend is a chiro and says he sees people loosing hair and having negative effects perhaps due to gut bacteria, he argues keto for short periods, like half a year to a year… how to maintain healthy micronutrients?

  39. But isn't butter and even more so bacon processed food? (I LOVE the keto diet! And I do eat both butter and bacon – but I am still a bit afraid of the processed, diary and saturated. And as far as I can tell bacon, butter and cheese fall into all of these categories. But it would make my ketogenic lifestyle both easier and more comfortable if I can just keep eating that stuff!)

  40. The not sustainable criticism is the most frustrating for me for Keto. I've done EVERY diet under the sun. When I say diet even eating any food I want within my calories is still a DIET. Being hungry all the time on a caloric deficit is NOT sustainable that's why most people aren't successful losing weight. Keto is the only way of eating that allowed me to eat a caloric deficit and not be miserable or hungry all the time. It's the only sustainable way for me to eat a deficit. I don't care if I can't have cupcakes at a birthday party if I am not miserable and guilty all the time from messing up "my diet". How is that not sustainable?!

  41. As a medical consultant, I strongly recommend these videos from dr Ekberg and I recommend not to listen to the medical mainstream such as May clinic

  42. I have been doing keto and intermittent fasting and recently I experienced having an intense. itchy skin has anyone experienced that?

  43. My mother takes medication for high blood pressure, type2 diabetes and high cholesterol. Having that said, what should her diet be?

  44. Sten Ekbeg is one of the best! Full of key facts without any padding — excellent presenter with great visuals and puts across complex information in a clearly understood way for his audience. Great synthesis of most recent and comprehensive research findings.

  45. People get confused with natural fat vs the fat you get from processed food, that's why the keto diet gets the rep that it does from the general public that aren't educated in this subject.

  46. Thank you for this video, it is so well explained! We received a lot of comments regarding our experimenting with IF, OMAD and Keto diet. Since we got great showing results for it in our family regardless of age, lifestyle or health conditions ; it is helpful to get video of this quality to explain the basic of poor health society choice's over time combine to myth of how the humain body work.

  47. Hi.
    Is Apple Cider Vinegar (like Bragg) pushing your insuline up?

    is it good to drink one when starving?
    or can't because ACV will kick my insuline up?

  48. There are NO scientific studies about Keto long term.. so we have to me careful suggesting it is safe (maybe it is, but there are no studies proving it, same way as there are no studies suggesting it's harmful).

  49. Thanks For these informative videos.. know one explains like you 😊.. please do a video on high triglycerides during Keto and how to lower it..thank you

  50. Please do a video on what and how humans ate 100,000+ years ago, and then maybe people will fully understand that 6+ meals a day is the new fad, not keto. Human DNA or humans in general have changed very little in the last 100,000 years. There were no stores or refrigerators and humans hunted and gathered and were lucky to eat every day. "Starvation mode" doesn't even begin to happen until 3 to 4 days of no food, not 3 or 4 hours. Watch these videos and educate yourself.

  51. I recently encouraged a woman that was diagnosed with cancer to research the keto way of living, intermittent fasting and Autophagy. She said she eats a balanced diet…everything in moderation. After thinking about this for a while, I should have asked her if that included a moderate amount of arsenic and cyanide.

  52. 6.57 .'Calories are.not the enemy…for as long as life has existed every species has been looking for calories…..The reason it that it messes with us today it we have changed them and processed them, introduced processed foods and sugars and processed carbs unnatural to our bodies…… That's why we lose our ability to regulate hunger…… when your body is healthy, gets the type of food and nutrients it's designed for, the body knows how much to eat. The only reason it eats too much is you eat processed food and you are insulin resistant.'

  53. another great comment at 9.43….. ' carbs and insulin drive a fat storing mechanism that prevents us from using the fat and therefore we don't know when we are full 'cos the body tells us eat more, eat more, eat more 'cos I put all my blood sugar in fat storage through insulin and I cant get to it cos the insulin is still high and so your gotta eat something more that's the mechanism that turns off your ability to decide how much to eat.'

  54. Not true!! My grandfather eats twenty sweet chapatis during festivals and eats a kilogram of rice everyday. I can't beat him in neither sections. He has been doing it since age 20. He is neither insulin resistant nor diabetic. His FBS is in the range of 78-96 and PPBS in the range of 105-113. He is 92 and still running like a horse!!! He hasn't eaten eggs and meat at all but minimal diary, how do you solve this conundrum??

  55. I just started keto diet because nothing was helping me to loose post partume weight
    gain normally when I am not on a diet and when I workout I loose the weight but somehow after giving birth my body changed and it’s been hard. After starting keto I feel good I am not going to make it life long but I do wonna have break in between and this information was so helpful. I grew upon a country where I ate straight from trees and living in USA my health got really bad so be careful what you eat you are so right Doctor now days there is so many mixed unhealthy ingredients.

  56. Dr. Sten I do keto for 2 months now and I F for 1month i eat lots of olives and olive oil since i am from Hellas , but i cannot live without chocolate so i found out that 99% chocolate is ok (i usually eat 20grms/day), what do you think?

  57. Great video although I have regained my health and lost 90 Lbs, this is year 3 on a WFPB diet only fat from nuts and avocados my lipid panel has been perfect for the last 2 years no keto for me but apparently it works too.

  58. im a believer now after getting rid of my statin drug, doing exercise, taking supplement, and most importantly changing my diet (no more sugary food binge) although not strictly keto but low carb along with IF .. now slowly shedding weight and feeling much much better at middle age

  59. the elites are getting the full benefits from the unknowing masses , big food processor = big pharma , from cradle to the grave

  60. I'm also a doctor, and I would like to hear from you, not what you think about it, but what science has to say. All you're talking now, it's a theory that have no back ground on the literature.
    You're talking is really sentimental, but no date based.

  61. Of course you get naysayers because it makes too much sense, especially in the way you explain it. Human stupidity is infinite.

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