Kereta Sushi

Kereta Sushi

What are you waiting for Cin? ACIN: waiting for a car (sushi train) DIDI (DAD): waiting for a car? is there any cars passing by? ACIN: yes, there is Where? ACIN: there. there it is ACAN: but it hasn’t passed this way C’mon. order first Cin MIMI (MOM): here DIDI: order first ACIN: where’s the doughnut? MIMI: eat first, then you eat the doughnut There’s no doughnut here Only these Rice and fish MIMI: which one do you want? You drink like a cat Wow MIMI: go get it Can MIMI: Later, Acan. You can press this one first MIMI: let’s go eat it MIMI: here comes another one DIDI: wow here comes another one MIMI: the right one hmm delicious MIMI: now, this time Acin press the button DIDI: Edamame beans ACIN: Edamame Edamame again I want to use this one (the soy sauce) DIDI: there ACIN: it’s hot DIDI: no DIDI: try it first Isn’t it delicious? Drown Delicious? Delicious DIDI: delicious? So we can order online what do you want to order? For example Order that one. It’s in It’s in Then we touch confirm Then it’s served Here, it is. What we ordered ACAN: that one DIDI: through the tab Press it Can! Acin’s favorite Edamame with soy sauce Oh my Acan’s favorite eat the soy sauce only Oh my There’s a train coming Wow It’s not ours It’s for other people There’s another one coming For who is this? Wow. What’s this? Octopus Mimi is eating octopus Baby octopus Wow Acin, do you want some? This is delicious. Baby octopus That’s not chili sauce Look at mimi Acin just eat the edamame There’s another one coming. This is Acan’s Acan’s food Be careful. Udon Enjoy! Acan’s favorite Eating udon Go ahead ACAN: it’s still hot! DIDI: Is it still hot? It’s arrived Where do I press? The one that is on (the lamp) The newest Cican book Don’t forget to subscribe. Watch other videos! What is the title Cin? It’s called Cican Oh my It’s called “maaf” (sorry)

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  1. Bagi yang blm tau..
    itu di restoran Genki sushi… tersedia di surabaya,jajarta dan kota lainnya kecual jogja…

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