Keith’s 400 Chicken McNugget Challenge ft. The Food Babies

Keith’s 400 Chicken McNugget Challenge ft. The Food Babies

– I feel like I can’t hear right now. – It’s hot in here. (groans) – [Eugene] That’s a big nugget. Bet you wanna get your mouth
around that big nugget. – [Ned] You can do it! (Alex exhales) – In 2019, there were two ladies at Try Guys who started out eating Keith’s leftovers. They were known as many things. – [Alex] The Dumpster Divas. – [YB] Garbage Gals. – [Alex] The Leftover Ladies. – We are the Food Babies. – And today, we are eating 400 chicken nuggets from McDonald’s. (YB laughs)
(all laugh) (upbeat music) – (both) Hey guys! – It’s YB.
– And Alex. And welcome to the first
official episode of – (both) Food Babies! – Yes, it’s finally official. We are on the channel. (laughs) So you might have seen us on Keith’s Eat the Menu series, eating his leftovers and on Patreon. – But now, Keith has challenged us to eat 400 chicken nuggets. – Yup, it’s not leftovers anymore. – Fresh nuggets.
– It’s fresh food. – [Alex] So the guys tried
to eat 400 dumplings, so we have to try to eat 400 chicken nuggets, between the two of us. – Yeah, well the guys had five people. They ate 400 dumplings
between five people. We’re two people eating four hundred also, so I guess, this is
– It’s the same. – Yeah (laughs)
– Yeah, it’s fine. – Just like the dumpling video, we’re gonna divide this up to two parts. This is four, two parts.
(Alex laughs) – [YB] Part one’s gonna be a speed round where we try to eat 50 nuggets each as fast as possible. – [Alex] And then after that, we’re gonna be doing
an endurance challenge; eat until you don’t die. – [YB] Yeah. I think it’s time to prove ourselves as the true Food Babies. – So does that mean if we don’t finish we’re no the food babies anymore? – No, we are. – [Cashier] Hi, good morning,
may I take your order? – Hi, um, can I get 20 orders of the 20 piece chicken nuggets? – [Cashier] How many? – 20… I’m sorry. – [Cashier] Okay… Uh, that’s a big order so you come in. – Okay
– Okay – [Cashier] Okay.
(dramatic music) – The hard part is done. – No it’s not!
(both laugh) The hard part is eating it. – That was the hard part for me. Ordering. (dramatic violin music) – So we’re starting off
with our speed challenge. We each have five boxes. Each box has 10 nuggets total. For every 25 nuggets we finish, we are awarded with a chicken nugget fact. My goal is to match you. – Okay.
– So whatever you eat, that’s my goal because I know you can eat more than me. – I think my personal goal is I wanna try to get to a hundred because I think even that’s pretty hard, and a hundred would make me feel good that I did it (laughs).
– A hundred McNuggets will make you feel so good. – Three, two, one, go! – Oh my god. This is a lot. (clock ticking) – Mm
– Mm – It’s so dry.
– I know. (laughs) – They have really good signature sauce. – Yeah me too. I actually like all of them. They’re really good. Just really dry, so I think `trying to eat a lot at
once will be impossible. – Should we dunk them in the tea? – No.
(both laugh) – I’m switching every nugget to a different sauce so it looks like
– hm – I’m eating different food. Dunk it in the tea it helps. – Oh you did it? – Uh huh.
(YB laughs) – Like they’re nuggets used to be mini. These are big. – I feel like I used to be
able to eat it in one bite. – Yeah. Tenth one. – Aw man! I’m gonna choke. – Don’t choke, I’m, I’m chewing. (clock ticks) Okay, first box done. `Alright, oh my god. These nuggets look bigger
and bigger as I open them. (clock ticking) – Okay.
– Yayy. – One box. – Should drink some liquid. Wash this down. – [Miles] Do you guys
have a favorite shape? – They don’t have any shapes. – Yeah there’s four shapes. – There are?
– Mhm. – Mine all look like blobs. – No, no, no. Boot.
(YB laughing) – [Miles] The boot. – There’s a circle. – [Crew Member] The ball. – The ball. What’s this one? – [Crew Member] Bow tie I think? – How is that supposed to be… – Bow tie.
(all laugh) – [Crew Member] There should be a bell. – A bell.
– So it looks more like a pear I think. – This? (crew member laughs)
They all look like blobs. I don’t know.
(both laugh) This is my… 20th! (chime) – I feel like this is a treat that you meant to maybe have a few of. I feel like this is all nugget like I’m just pure nugget inside. 20. – We can do it. – Oh my god, we’re not
even halfway through. (YB laughs) – I feel okay so far but, obviously after this box it’ll be pretty hard. – I like the boot the best. – And I’ll rate the ball smallest I guess. (clock ticking)
– Okay. (chime) 25. (dramatic music) (chimes)
– Whoa! Hey guys! – What’s up Zach? – Congrats on your first milestone 25 nuggets! Did you know that in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Usain Bolt reportedly ate over 1000 McNuggets in the 10 days that he was there? Huh, nuts right? – Oh my god. – Thousand?
– A thousand over 10 days so a hundred a day. If all we were eating was nuggets we could do a hundred a day. – You’d be so tired of it at the end. – I think you could do it in 10 days. I believe in you. You’re my best friends. This is my favorite show on the channel. (YB laughs)
Well, I’ve got to get going. There’s a pool of ketchup calling for me. Good luck!
– Bye Zach. – Thank you. All right, now we can start back up. I got some barbecue sauce. Boom! Tiny nugget. This nugget should be what it is, usually. But usually, it’s this big. (laughs) So it’s not fair. – Wait what? – Yeah. (Alex exhales) – (YB laughs) How you feeling? – Not good. – Not good? – Um um.
– Already? – Um hmm.
– Noo – 30th nugget. – Did I beat you? – Yeah. – I’m finally half a nugget ahead of you. – Yeah.
– I finally understand why Ned was like just screaming during
the dumpling challenge. (YB laughs) You just have to.
– Yeah You know what? I think this is harder than dumplings. Dumplings, you can eat in one bite. – They’re also slippery. – Yeah.
– You could swallow it whole if you wanted to.
– You can swallow it. That’s what Eugene was
doing, he just swallowed it. – Cheaters
You can’t swallow it. – I really thought I could clear a hundred but I’m really doubting myself right now. I love chicken nuggets so I feel like the first ten were delicious. – They’re just so big. – That’s what she said? – I guess this wouldn’t be
that big then. (laughs). Well this is my 39th. Or is it 40? (both laugh) Wait do I start at nine or ten? – I feel like I can’t hear right now. – This is my 40th bite. – My 38… (chime)
th, bite. – [YB] Whoop. – 40. (exhales) (chime) – All right, this is our 50th box, no, no
(both laugh) – 5th box.
– 5th box. – When we finish this we’ll be at 50. – Yes. (forlorn music) (Alex exhales)
(clock ticking) – I think we could do it. – Yeah?
– Yeah. – We’ve been training for this. I really wanna reach a hundred. I think it’s doable. It’s a nice round number. (Alex exhales deeply) – [Miles] You sound like
you were revving up. (both laugh) – Oh my god. I’ve really never felt worse in my life. One time I had pneumonia. That’s, that’s when I felt worse. – This is no longer a speed test, this is just eating. – I’m sorry I’m really
struggling right now. – Don’t be sorry, it’s normal. – How do you feel?
You seem fine. – I’m full but, I react slowly to everything so, it’ll probably hit me
like 10 minutes later. – Okay, ready? Number 50. – Cheers. (dramatic music) – Oh my god this is terrible. Sam, what’s our time? – [Sam] You guys are at 40… five
(chime rings) – Are you…
– 45 minutes? (both laugh) Oh my god. – That long? Oh my god, we should’ve just done like nugget power hour, that
would’ve been the same thing. (dramatic music) (chimes)
– Hey girls! – Oh, hi Ned. – Welcome to the second milestone, 50 nuggets! Nugget fact; the McRib was created because the McNugget was in such high demand. – Oh. – Huh. – Those people must not
have eaten 50 nuggets cause they wouldn’t want anymore. – I know they sure beat us on that. Well, thank you Ned for your facts. – You’re welcome. You’re halfway to a hundred! Keep up the good work! – Well bye Ned.
– Bye. – Alex is dying so, I’ll say bye for you. – We’ve done it. 45 minutes.
(both laugh) But I think we need like a little break before the endurance. – Yeah just a just a quick break. (laughs) – Just a quick break. Maybe some Red Bull break. – (YB laughing) Hey Alex. All right we’re back from out break. – From now we’re gonna go
on to the endurance round. Our previous goal was to hit a hundred. I don’t think that’s realistic anymore. So we’re just gonna see how
much we can comfortably eat without feeling terrible. – So there’s three hundred nuggets left. – Yes.
(YB laughs) – That’s funny. – So food babies endurance round in three, two, one. (chimes) – (gasps) Oh my god. – This is a lot of food. – This is. Ooh, I like the color of their spicy buffalo. Very neon. – It’s like a liquid Cheeto. – Yeah. I’m just hoping we make any
kind of dent to this pile. Got more tea. – (Alex exhales) Oh gosh. So YB and I didn’t know each other until – [YB] We met here.
– We both started working here and then she came into work one day for her first day and I was like hey you wanna go to lunch? Now we’re friends. (laughs) – That was really nice. So it was my first day and I was like hmm, who do I eat lunch with? It’s like your first day of school. And there’s only like
12 people in here so, (both laugh)
– Options are very limited. – But then, Alex was like, oh you wanna go to lunch? And I was like, wow that’s so nice. (both laugh) It’s almost been, or it has been half the year already right? I’ve moved up a lot from
you know, editing to this. (both laugh) – ( Alex groans) I’m starting to taste some of the chemicals in it. (Alex groans) This is a lot of food. (chimes)
– Hey girls. (Alex gasps)
– Oh my god. (both laugh) Eugene! (laughs) – Are ya’ll already full? I thought you were Korean. Dishonor on you. Dishonor on your chicken nugget. Dishonor on your Asian family. (both laugh)
Everyone be so mad at you. (dramatic music) The world’s biggest chicken
nugget ever produced was made by Empire Kosher Poultry, which weighed 51 pounds, and was cooked in a 500 gallon fryer. That’s a big ass nugget! – 500 gallon fryer! – That’s a lot. That’s like a pool. – Mmm that’s a big nugget. Bet you wanna get your mouth
around that big nugget. (YB laughs) Okay (speaks foreign language). You’re too skinny. You’re both too skinny, finish the nugget. Too skinny.
– Bye Eugene. (both laugh) – Uh, that came out of nowhere. – Okay so, we’re really slowing down. And we’re really not feeling like people anymore. (YB laughs)
– So, I’m at about 62 right now. YB what’re you at? – Mm, this is my 65th. Doesn’t that sound weird? 65th. – [Miles] 65th. – Do you guys say fifth or fith? – [Crew Member] Fifth.
– Fith. – Fith.
[Miles] Fith. – Fith?
– Oh, not fifth? – Do you say the second F? Do you go, fifth?
– I do. (laughs) – Or do you go fith? [Crew Member] Sixty fith. – Oh you say fith? – [Crew Member] I woudn’t say F, the second F. – Oh.
– You wouldn’t… So it’s not fifth. – Sixty fith.
– [Crew Member] Fith. – Fith. Sixty fith, that sounds weird. – I feel like your Korean accent is coming out.
– I know, I (laughs) How do you guys says fifth? – [Miles] Comment below. – I’m gonna try to
finish five more nuggets for today.
– Five more? – Yeah. I feel like you could
eat 50 more right now. – No, I wouldn’t say 50. Let’s
– You seem fine. – I’m okay. Let’s just say I’ll do ten more. And then I’ll see if I
can eat more than that. – Okay. I didn’t try the ranch
yet, I’ll try the ranch. (Alex exhales) (light piano music) It doesn’t taste like food anymore. Tastes like we’re eating a toy. Oh my god, don’t add the ranch. (exhales loudly) Oh my god. Oh my god, okay. – Oh my god my butt is so sweaty, I’m like sliding off the chair. (both laugh) It’s hot in here. (Alex exhales)
With all the, all the nuggets inside.
(Alex laughs) – I have three more to go to reach. I was gonna do 75. You know what, I’m gonna do 80. (chime) (YB laughs) (Alex exhales) – It’s so hot. – We are each gonna eat 200 hundred nuggets. – I think we could do it. (exhales loudly) (suspenseful music) This is my last nugget. It’s number 67. – Go Alex Yayy. (dramatic music) – Um
(YB laughing) (Alex exhales loudly)
(YB laughing) (loud rock music) All right, last bite. (bell ringing)
– [Voice] Game over. – So proud of you. So I have five nuggets left to 80 and I’m going to dedicate each one to make it very special. This one is for… Zach. For… I haven’t worked with him that much. (both laugh) – I’ll dedicate it for you. – Okay, okay. This one is for Zach. – For all the great times
we had in Catallena. Oh, one bite. This is nugget number two. – No! (laughs) – We dedicate it to Keith – No! (laughs)
– Cause he’s a big boy. – Thank you Keith for hiring me. I appreciate it. (Alex laughs) (exclaims) That’s not too bad. (Alex mumbles) This is for Ned. – Because you have a cute baby. I think I got a pimple today. – You did? It’s already (laughs). – Right, that’s a pimple right? Like right here.
– Oh it’s like a tiny one. (chimes) – All right. This edgy one is for Eugene. – Because you’re Korean. And we’re Korean. – [YB] Yeah. (electronic music) Umm. (YB exhales) (Alex exhales) – I feel like every bite you’re taking, I’m still taking those bites. – Lastly, (clears throat) Lastly, this very special ball nugget is for my best friend, coworker, beautiful, Food Baby, – Alex. (laughs) – I dedicate this to you for being the other half of Food Babies, and asking me for lunch on my first day. – Feels like you’re gonna propose. – I know, I am. (laughs) Here we go. 80. (soft piano music) – [Miles] You have to chew it YB. (both laugh) – Are you gonna cry. You could do it. (dramatic music) (bell ringing)
– All right, Keith, please give us our last fact. (dramatic music) (Keith exclaiming) – Finally I have been summoned. Hello Garbage Ga… Food Babies. – Oh hello. (both laugh) Did you know that executive chef Rene Arend, who once cooked for the Queen of England, made the signature dipping
sauces of barbecue, swee and sour, and hot mustard? – Oh. So we ate something that
was made for the Queen. – I don’t think that’s
how that fact works. (both laugh) You know you may not have
reached your goal but you still did a pretty good job. Congratulations ladies. – Thanks Keith. – Thanks Keith. – Oh, well. That’s my time. The nuggets are calling me back. Farewell Food Babies! – All right guys, so that was our total. I did 80. – I did 67. We didn’t reach a hundred, but our goal is to finish
all 400 of these nuggets. We’re gonna finish all 400 over the next couple days. – Yes. These will not go to
waste I can promise you. Hey Alex? – Hmm? – You wanna go out tonight? – All right. (dramatic violin music) – All right so, this is our very last nugget. We’re doing this in this
beautiful background to commemorate our moments
with all these nuggets. – [Both] Cheers. (dramatic violin music) (upbeat rock music) (Alex groans loudly) (Alex groans loudly)

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