Keith Eats $1200 Of Steak | Eat The Menu

Keith Eats $1200 Of Steak | Eat The Menu

– Four years ago, in the
Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, Baltaire opened its big ol’ wooden doors. Led by Executive Chef, Travis Strickland, they serve premium, high-grade steaks and all the fixins. Today, I will be eating all of
the beef at this steakhouse. We’re upping the cost
and raising the stakes. (upbeat rock and roll music) – Hey guys, Chef Travis
Strickland from Baltaire in Brentwood, Los Angeles. High-end, luxury steakhouse. We’re coming up on year five
and welcome to our place. – Thanks for having me. I’m very excited. Normally when I eat
everything in a restaurant, it’s very low-quality food. This is very high-quality food. – Of course. The quality of the meat
is allowed to shine, so I like that. You go out and find the best that you can and serve it simply. – Can you tell me what
steaks I’ll be eating today? – So, you’re going to start with raw, so you’re going to start with
filet mignon beef tartare, filet mignon trio with
jumbo shrimp and crab, veal chop, rib chop, prime 22-ounce ribeye, a 45-day-aged Kansas City strip, some braised beef short rib, a four-and-a-half pound Tomahawk steak, a 40-ounce Porterhouse, Snake River ribeye filets, 16-ounce New York strip, Wyoming Bison strip, and some very intensely-marbled
Japanese Wagyu beef. – That’s a lot. – Yeah. – People order that? – Not by themselves. – I’m bringing in some reinforcements. – [Travis] Okay, good. – How much are all these steaks combined? – $1200. – [Travis] So, steak tartare. You’ve got a little bit
of filet for texture and you’ve got some New
York strip for kind of fat and marbling and
then that’s mixed with a little raw egg yolk,
shallot, cornichon caper, lemon juice, a little Tabasco, and then we do a little potato straw on top of it for some texture, and then you kind of
spoon it on crispy bread and it’s delicious. – It’s the most beautiful
raw meat I’ve ever seen. I guess I use this one? You gotta do the perfect bite, you know, where you get everything in one bite. (toast crunches) Mmm. Oh my gosh. Like a perfect Northeast,
like, roast beef sandwich. Probably the bread, let me
do it without the bread. When you’re like at a
high-end grocery store and you see the beef and
you just want to eat it. Like you don’t want to cook it, you just want to eat it. I’m doing that. What sexy bread! Do you see this mustard? It almost looks like couscous. Get on here. (toast crunches) – [Travis] You’re gonna
get a little kinda, like, Dijon mustard plus the acidity and then the fat is gonna kinda
stay with you a little bit because it doesn’t really get melted out so it’s gonna kinda stay
with you and coat the palate. – It’s like the lazy river of meat. Like, I’m just cruising. So, the filet trio. – [Travis] Yeah, so this
is opportunity for us to kind of let people try
different flavors on the filet mignon, so it’s three
four-ounce medallions. We’ll do a little jumbo grilled shrimp. We’ll do some king crab
Oscar with béarnaise sauce, a little au poivre peppercorn sauce on top so it allows us to get
a little creative and kind of do a little trio
sampler, if you will. – This shrimp is almost
as big as the steak. It’s huge! Oh, it’s so tender. Oh, wow. Ooo. It’s so sophisticated, like lots of meat flavor while being very, very tender, very, fall apart in your mouth. Now I have shrimp. I think that the idea of
surf and turf is like, “Suck it, God. “I will take a bug from the ocean floor “and I will match it with
the mighty, mighty cow.” There’s green stuff, yellow stuff, there’s a lobster claw. I’m met with such a creamy beginning. – [Travis] Super tender, moist, juicy, it’s kind of a nice way to start as you get into those
kind of fattier cuts. – The first steak I was
served was three steaks. – So, bone-in ribeye, so this is probably our
second most popular cut. It’s 22 ounces. It’s more intensely marbled. It’s wet-aged, so no oxygen for 21 days. It doesn’t lose any moisture because it’s in that kind of sealed environment. The other thing is we
like to serve it on a 500-degree sizzling plate with
a lot of aged-rendered fat and it actually kind
of gets you salivating before you actually
start to eat the steak. – It doesn’t leave like
a brand on the table? – All the time. – It’s like the cow’s last bite back. Wow, this ribeye is
enormous and beautiful. – [Travis] Mm, hmm. – As you can clearly see, I’m joined by my good
friend Hughie Stonefish, who has taken his seat at
the big boys’ steak table. Oh goodness, oh, wow. Shall we? (puckering kiss) – Mmm. Wow! – That’s so hot. – It’s crispy and creamy. – Mm, hmm. – Mm. – [Travis] It’s actually two different muscle groups on the same steak, so you’ve got the eye of the ribeye and then on the bottom you
got like the “chef-y” cut which is known as the
spinalis or the rib cap, and that’s like where all
the flavor and the marbling and all the good stuff is. – It’s much more tender. As you can see, I can
sorta just pull it apart. Oh, wow! – Wow! – [Travis] It’s going to be
tender, moist, succulent. For me, the best flavored of all the cuts. – This steak makes me
think I’m building a deck. – Yeah, in a tank top. – You know, yeah, with a
hammer, a sledgehammer. – And I’m not going to wear sunscreen. – Nuh-uh. – Nuh-uh. – Oh yeah.
– I’m stronger. – Oh, and the cauliflower! – Oh!
– The cauliflower! – There’s raisins in this cauliflower. – They’re raising the stakes (laughs). – (laughs loudly) – [Travis] So, 16-ounce New York strip, this is kind of an easier-to-manage cut, no bone on it. Also good marbling, so
you get a nice balance between fat and kind of texture. – Outback Steakhouse
uses this kind of steak to advertise its steaks. It definitely is a tougher cut, but it’s beautiful. Look at it. Aw! It’s so beautiful. It’s like coming down the
stairs and it’s prom night and nobody knew how
beautiful it really was, and then like, “Oh my
gosh, you’re beautiful.” It’s definitely got a stronger chew. It reminds me of my dad. He’s like me, but older, tougher, he’s seen more years. Shout out to Donald Habersberger. That was the best bite so far. That sauce is nuts. That’s like Donald Habersberger
in a silk robe (laughs). Big glass of cognac, sexy as ever. Oh God, that was so good! I’m going back in. I’m coming, Dad! (offscreen laughs) – Okay, so we talked about New York strip, and so when you add the
bone onto the New York strip it becomes a Kansas City. So, this is actually a
California grass-fed, dry-aged steak. Dry-aging is the complete opposite. It’s really kind of almost
a controlled rotting of the meat. Exactly. It sounds grotesque and disgusting, but when you evaporate moisture, you concentrate flavor, so that’s why the true,
kind of, steak eaters really go for these cuts. – As you can see, I’m joined by Hughie’s goddaughter, the eldest, Jaclyn. – Hi! – How are you? – Good, how are you? – Oh, oh my gosh, here it comes. Wow, look. So this has got the bone, get right in here. Wow, it’s so crispy. Like, I’m cutting through the steak and it’s like crunching
as I go through it. It’s just unbelievable. Oh, it’s so hot. – Wow. It tastes buttery. – Yeah, and it tastes very– – So good. – Buttery. – [Travis] And anytime you
cook steak with a bone, you’re already adding
additional flavor to it because there’s proteins
that kinda run along where the bone and the meat connect, and then you get this kinda mushroom-y, blue cheese-y kinda funk to the meat and it really adds an additional depth of flavor to it. The steak sauce has actually
taken us about five years to really perfect and we’re actually going to bring it to market and
bottle it and sell it. – Maybe I’ll do the commercials? – There you go. – Maybe you’ll have me. – Perfect. – I’ll be the face of the sauce. Holy cow! So, that blows the previous
sauce’s dick right off. – (laughs) – It’s, wow. This is my grandpa in
full military uniform just like looking proud, coming back and getting medals. Oh! Oh, it’s like tart and it’s savory and it’s like lemony and, oh my gosh! Oh my God! Close your eyes. – Okay. – What do you see? – A very fancy restaurant. – Mmm, I think your eyes are open. (All laugh) – [Travis] The veal chop. So, this is baby cow. They don’t really move around a whole lot, so again, kinda similar to the tenderloin where they don’t develop a lot of texture and we pair it with an olive sauce. It really goes well with it. – [Keith] Black olives? I’ve never had olives on a steak. – No, never. – There’s your wine. – Now we have wine. – Well, I thought if
we have Daddy Ned here, we should have some wine and celebrate. – A wine with Daddy Ned. – [Both] Cheers! – So, this is technically beef, but it’s not steak because it’s younger. – It’s baby cows. – Baby cow. – We are eating their parents. – We’re eating their parents. – It’s alright. – So, where do you draw the line? – [Keith] It looks like pork! – [Ned] Oh, it’s white! – [Keith] It’s like chicken! – [Ned] Get some sauce, get some jus. – Jus. – Jus. – Jus. – Jus. Oh! – Oh my goodness! It melts in your mouth. It’s like eating a pad of meat butter. – [Travis] So, it’s super
palatable and soft and really kind of delicate. – Falling back and sinking
into fresh-laundered sheets and then being slathered
in barbecue sauce. – Disgusting. – (laughs) I kinda get like I can smell that guy who’s mowing his lawn a little too early and you’re like waking up, like, “What’s that guy doing
mowing his lawn this early?” But then you step outside and you smell it and you’re like, “Yeah. It’s summertime, baby.” I’m not seeing any of
my paternal relatives when I eat this, you know?
– You know what? I’m seeing my Italian grandma. – How’s she doing? – She’s dead (laughs)! – She’s dead. – Mm. – (laughs) – How was she doing? – (laughs) – [Travis] Wyoming bison. So, this is water buffalo from Wyoming, so kind of a free-range animal. So, it’s going to be a
boneless New York strip cut. It’s a completely grass-fed animal, so it doesn’t receive any
grain to kinda plump it up because it’s already such a large animal. – Look, they already cut
it for me like I’m a baby. I’m starting to get a little
bit of the meat fatigue, but it’s so delicious that who cares what my body is telling me. Mm, oh wow! So, he said it was grass-fed. – [Travis] Gives it kind of a gamey, grassy kind of flavor to it. Super delicious. – And I can kinda taste like a different quality to this meat. Rich. I, I, I dunno, it’s all,
I don’t know what I’m, what am I gonna say? It’s different, but it’s similar, but it’s different. Let’s try it with the chimichurri. It’s like if I’m rolling around
in the dish of olive oil. This place has sauces down. You’d think those bisons, you’d think they’d be doing so much work with the big muscles, but it’s so tender and sweet. Ned left his wine here, so
that means I got two wines. – [Travis] So, braised beef shortribs. So, this is completely different. So, we’re not gonna grill this, we’re not gonna broil this. This has been cooking for hours. This is one of the cuts on the animal that requires a little different preparation. So, it’s a moist heat cooking preparation, so when you hear “braised,” you’re cooking in a liquid. – As you can see, I’m once again joined by another of Hughie’s goddaughters. This time, Jayda. Welcome Jayda. – Hi! – So this is great because I don’t think we’re gonna need to use our knife. Yeah, wow! Let’s try it. Oh, it has that homey, pot roast feel. – Mm, hmm. – It’s got these rich,
caramelized flavors. Why does it have so much flavor? – Because of that connective tissue and the collagen in it. When that breaks down, that’s where all the flavor is. – It’s like December 27th, Christmas has come and gone. The winter’s been harsh and suddenly your mother
walks to the table and she says, “Family, I’ve one last
Christmas surprise.” And then she opens up the crockpot and it’s full of this
delicious, fatty shortrib. – Mm, yeah. That’s what I was thinking too. (offscreen laughs) – [Travis] Porterhouse for two. This is kind of like
tying it all together. You’re gonna get filet mignon, you’re gonna get cooking on the bone, you’re gonna get New York strip or a Kansas City on the other side. – It’s kinda like the most
perfect, romantic date steak. – Very perfect. – [Keith] For two! – [Zach] Oh, for two! – [Keith] For you and me! – [Zach] Aw, you and me… – [Female Server] Here
we have béarnaise sauce. – Oh! – Oh my God! This plate has a boner. – (Laughs) It looks like Florida is sticking out of the plate. – Are you a steak or are
you excited to see me? – Look at, ow! Fuck! – Don’t! It’s a 500-degree plate! – So hot! – You gotta use your– – I was gonna turn it
to show them the thing. Ow! – [Keith] That’s why you
gotta use your utensils. – [Zach] I might get a blister. – [Keith] Oh, no. – [Zach] Can you kiss the booboo? (puckering kiss sound) Thank you. – Oh my God! The first little bit
that touches your tongue is this soft, moist fat, and then as you go through, there’s like a gradient in one bite. – Put it in the sauce that she, she said. – Béarnaise. – Béarnaise. I was gonna say “bouillabaisse.” – (laughs) What’s going on? Are you doing okay, man? – I’m always doing okay, man. We gotta try the other meat. – There’s other meat?! – Well, look at it. It’s beautiful. ♪ You look sweet eating meat ♪ ♪ on a Porterhouse made for two. ♪ – [Travis] Well, this
is nice because you can split it with your friends or family. One guy can have the filet, one guy can have the New York, so it’s a little bit of both. – [Keith] Grub it! – Grub it. – Oh, God! Get ready. – Oh, fuck! – Mm, it’s good. It’s good! – Now I know why they give this to you ’cause it reflects what’s
going on underneath the table. – You, you lucky the table
isn’t flying over the camera. Oh my God! I’m freaking out. – [Travis] Four-and-a-half
pound Tomahawk steak. I have no idea how you’re
gonna eat this one. It’s meant for six people at least. But it’s the ribeye on steroids. It’s got a one-and-a-half
foot long tomahawk bone, so it’s the actual
entire rib of the animal and then it’s a double cut in size, so it can be anywhere from
three to four-and-a-half pounds. – [Keith] That’s huge! – [Travis] It’s huge. (light piano jazz) That’s a big bone (laughs). – Yeah. – Ladies and gentleman, please welcome to the big boys’ table, the tiniest girl, Jordynn. How’s it going? – Good. – Have you enjoyed the day so far? – Yes. – Grab that bone, just pick it up. (laughs) That’s a two-hander. Good lord. Do you ever hold it? – All the time. – And just like walk around? – People get a little
freaked out when you do that. – It’s like an ax. – [Travis] It, kind of. – Can I hold it? – Yeah. – Wow! Oh, it’s a hot bone. I shouldn’t have had you hold it. (offscreen laughing) – It’s, it’s searing hot. I’m gonna hold it because
I made you hold it. You are very polite to not say “ow.” Now I have given myself the
same pain I made you endure. Alright, let’s try this one. There you are. – Mmm. – Mmm. – It’s like sweet. – It is like sweet. – Good. – It’s really good. Close your eyes. What do you see? – Um, darkness. – Mmm. Same. Like an empty void because
the flavor’s so incredible, you can’t possibly describe it. I’m just gonna drench it in the sauce that’s in the bottom of the pan. – ‘mazing. – This is the rib cap. You can see how crazy fatty it is. Oh my God! That’s how I’m gonna look
when they cut me open someday. (both laugh) – [Travis] There’s this
really great producer called Snake River Farms in Idaho and they do what’s called a ribeye filet. So, it’s actually the cap is removed and you get the center eye, which is super heavily marbled. This is a cross-breed
between Japanese Wagyu and domestic angus beef. – It’s from the Snake River. My mind is just a river
but it’s not water, it’s just snakes. Snake River! This was the farm and I
think it was run by a lady and today is International Women’s Day. It won’t be when the video comes out, but today it is. I’m eating this steak for her and for you, if you’re a lady. The way they’ve seared this, it’s got this delightful crunch. – [Travis] So, it’s really
kind of funky, super delicious. A little more approachable on price than the Japanese would be. – I wish I could be a snake
and just swallow it whole. This just stabs you (suspenseful music)
with flavor. it’s just like, “Gotcha, gotcha. “You didn’t think it was going
to be so delicious, did you? “Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha, ah!” (inhales sharply) It’s good! The PR lady’s watching
me through the window and she’s disturbed! They’re like, “Should we have let this happen?” Mmm, Yes, they should’ve. Do you have any exceptional,
over the top, crazy steaks? – So, we have a Japanese importer that brings us our Japanese
Wagyu beef on Fridays, so we’re expecting some a little later. – Has the Japan beef arrived? – Look at that. (meat thuds) – (laughs) Oh my gosh! – There’s his nose print. – (gasps) That’s his nose! His little nosey. He’s carcass number 683. – Japanese Wagyu is a
breed of cattle that’s pre-disposed to put on tremendous amounts of intramuscular fat. So, not the fat around the muscle, but the fat in the muscle. And it’s almost kind of like beef butter where it’s actually so fatty
when you hold it in your hand, it begins to melt a little bit. So, you cook it hot and fast and then you serve it immediately, while it’s still very, very rare. – How much does it cost? – So the steak that you’re gonna get today is going to be about $200. – And now it is time for me
to receive my final steak, the A5 Wagyu strip. This has been a moment I’ve
waited for my entire life. But, I cannot appear in this suit, this drab apparel, which was fit for the
other steaks before it. No. Times are changing, and now I’m changing for the Wagyu. (dramatic Japanese orchestral music) This is the icing on the cake. Even if I love this more
than any other steak, will I ever be able to afford it? I don’t think so. Pah! Oh, fuck. Oh, wow. It almost smells like bacon. Oh my gosh. I don’t want to swallow it. (chewing sounds) I’m just gonna keep it
in my mouth forever. That’s why chipmunks do it. (swallows) Oh! I might cry. – There are a lot of kind of stories about how the animals are raised. – Lore? – Yeah, the ranchers
will massage the animals, they’ll feed them beer, they’ll play them music, they give them this very kind of– – So sexy! – idyllic life so they
don’t have any stress and all they have to do
is get fat and delicious, and so, that’s the reason
why you pay for it. – It was like a party of decadence and also like I was being
hugged inside of my mouth. Look it. It’s like a slab of bacon. It’s like meat, but mostly fat. This is the best beef I’ve
ever eaten in my life. It’s almost like I shouldn’t eat it. I shouldn’t. I can’t. It’s too good for me. And also I want to make sure everyone in this room has a bite. (gentle female opera singer) – [Keith] So, why do you
work at a steakhouse? – [Travis] This is a place
where life celebrations happen, so the anniversaries, and the
proposals, and the birthdays, it all happens here. I like that kind of convivial atmosphere that goes along with where
all of life’s moments happen. (gentle female opera singer) – [Keith] How do you think
people can look at a menu and know what it is that
they want out of a steak? – [Travis] Get something
that’s gonna be something that you can’t find anywhere else. So ask your server, “What’s the funkiest cut or “one cut that you guys have here that the “competition doesn’t have?” Try something outside
of your comfort zone. – [Keith] Why even do people eat steak? – [Travis] I like to say
that you can kinda feel the neurons firing in your head because it’s like such a primitive thing. So, when you have an amazing steak, it’s delicious and you
can’t figure out why, I think it’s because your
lizard brain is telling you, “This is amazing.” – Now it is time for the best
and not the worst but … the least best. The least best for me,
I think, was the veal, only because it’s the least steak of the things I had. It was still very good. The best is this one. Duh! But it’s not fair, so the best
of the rest of the steaks, I think was that Porterhouse for two. The perfect date. Incredibly tender, flavorful meat. A beautiful New York strip and a proud erection in
the center of the plate, standing with pride. And fuck, when that steak
sauce becomes available, you should buy it. Do we have it on the table behind me? Can I try a bite of this with that? ♪ Oh, oh, oh, it’s steak sauce! ♪ ♪ Baltaire ♪ Oh. It’s too good. It’s not fair, it’s not fair. Don’t let me eat any more of that. I’ll never enjoy food again. What a month it’s been. Our first ever season of “Eat the Menu.” What started as a simple
challenge to overtake fast food, has grown into an
appreciation and understanding of higher quality meats. And you have given me
the power and ability to be so lucky. I thank you. The menus thank you. And I’ll see you next time on Bye. (upbeat rock and roll music) In college, I used to make a sauce by combining all the
contents of my fridge. I called it “A Thousand Dream.” No one else has taken that name since. What do you think about that? – It sounds disgusting. – No, it’s “A Thousand Dream.” (laughs)

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