Katsu Midori Sushi a SHIBUYA

Katsu Midori Sushi a SHIBUYA

Hey guys, I hope you’re fine Alex here, and today I introduce to you KATSU MIDORI, a kaiten sushi restaurant in SEIBU departement store, in Shibuya here, most of the dishes are made once you ordered it and in front of you The different places are showing you the price, starting from 108yens You’ll find various fishes as well as seafood and more as avocado or sweet potatoe for instance Sometimes, the cook are cooking some special dishes which are not included in the menu, in a limited version If you ar looking for a modern and fun place, I think GENKI SUSHI is a good choice. Yet, if you are looking for a more traditional restaurant but still cheap, then I’ll greatly recommend you to go to KATSU MIDORI. And it’s all for today, thank you for watching If you liked the video, don’t forget to subscribe See you soon, bye

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