Japanese Street Food Tour in Tokyo, Japan – AMAZING Street Food + BEST BBQ Wagyu Beef Steak in Tokyo

Japanese Street Food Tour in Tokyo, Japan – AMAZING Street Food + BEST BBQ Wagyu Beef Steak in Tokyo

– Check it out guys we are
in Tokyo, Japan and I am so pumped, we’re in a little
market and today we’re gonna go for a huge street food adventure. Let’s check it out. (upbeat music) This is it, Tokyo. Coming her for the first
time is like stepping into a whole new world with new
sites, scenes, and tons of delicious street foods you can try. And today we’re eating five
amazing street foods in downtown Tokyo and a once in
a lifetime yakiniku experience with insanely perfect Wagyu
beef that’s worth flying direct to Tokyo solely to eat it for. Let’s eat. So we are in a local market
now just looking for food and I think there is a little
organ soup joint right up here with yakitori grilled skewers. Let’s go take a look. And look at this guys
I think we just found a beef organ soup…hi. Konichiwa. Oh look at this. Wow. Look what we found here. (speaking Japanese) We’re gonna get… (speaking Japanese) So that back there, oh look
at that, that is organ and tofu stew I believe. Wow. (laughing) Looks amazing. So we’re gonna get that and some yakitori. Arigato. And negi, negi greens. Yeah with negi greens on top. Wow. Look at this guys, I was
wrong but this is actually horse organ stew. That is crazy. Look at that. Horse interesting, there’s jelly in there. We’re gonna have that and
then yakitori in the back. They’re grilling up the yakitor as well. Oh and he’s just putting, a little salt on there and
we’re gonna get a teriyaki soy sauce too. Oh and there’s the
teriyaki sauce with soy. Wow. Arigato. Wow. Just look at the beautiful, classic lunch we’ve got in Tokyo. So we’ve got the heart, the
intestine and the tongue and then we’ve got a mixed
horse organ stew with a bit of tofu and we’re just gonna
add a little bit of this chili. Just a bit, there we go, and
a bit on the yakitori as well. Let’s try out the tongue. Mmmm, oh. (speaking Japanese) Wow. And it’s all about that teriyaki sauce, it’s slightly sweet, beautiful. Oh! It’s sweet, a little
tangy, a little salty. Mmmmm. And those intestines are
fantastic, slightly chewy. And then now we’re gonna try,
look at that beef organ soup. Oh yeah, stew. And there’s a bit of jelly
and tofu in there and some negi greens. Oh look at that, nice. Mmmm! Oh it’s just like a hearty,
smooth bowl of organ stew. And you get a bit of that
negi green, a little bit of onion and chili flavor in there as well. Classic. Arigato, thank you, bye bye, thank you. Next up, just a couple steps
down in the market we found some insanely plump oysters you can eat right there on the spot. Look at this guys, right up
here I think there’s some fresh oysters. Oh fresh oyster, raw oyster. Oh look at this guys, we’re
getting fresh oysters. In the markets of Japan, wow. Oh beautiful. Okay. Nice. Okay arigato. Oh it’s purely loose. Look at that beautiful
oyster we got there. Oh and it’s just ready to slide. It’s just ready to slide
in your mouth and she just put a little lemon on
it and they’ve also got, as you can see, lots of
different don bowls to try here. You can get salmon egg,
you can get uni sea urchin, you can get tons of different
types of raw sashimi, but we just saw these oysters,
we’re gonna try it out. Mmmmm! Oh! It’s just so soft and
full of oyster juice. We’re gonna have to get one more. We can have with lemon,
it’s a little lemon right? – Lemon
– Oh nice. Arigato. They’re just so plump and juicy. And they just fill your mouth
with this burst of oyster goodness, we had to get another. Mmmm! Oh! What an awesome start to the day. Great food and we’re gonna go for more. We’re gonna take the
subway here and explore. After a quick ride on the
subway we made our way to the ultimate grilled eel
joint downtown Tokyo. Where you can order an entire
unagi grilled eel over rice, sweet and heavenly. Look at this guys we are at
the Sensoji Temple in Asakusa and on the hunt for more food. I think up ahead there’s a
famous eel rice, unagi rice. This is awesome. It feel so good to be in Japan. Awesome. Wow. I think this is it right
here and there’s a big lineup so we’re gonna wait for it and try it out. Oh fresh unagi. Ohh! (speaking Japanese) It looks awesome, and you
can see they’re getting that black charryness to it. And look at all the unagi here. Wow. We’re gonna order up one of those. Just look at that, right over top of rice. That is unbelievable. That is incredible. Double unagi action. We’ve been waiting for an hour and the smell is intoxicating. Arigato, wow! Arigato. Wow what a beauty. It’s an entire eel, grilled with a…oh! It smells like it has a really
sweet, sweet glaze on it. Oh and look at all of the charry, smokey goodness underneath. It looks like it’s the
perfect texture, fatty, juicy, succulent and that glaze is on top. This is what I dream about. Let’s just cut a big piece off. Isn’t that insane? There’s also a bit of soy
sauce, a bit of chili, a bit of pepper, their specialty
sweet soy sauce, and then I believe also some pickled cucumber. Mmmm! Oh it’s all about the texture. The eel is such a unique
texture, it’s almost like a little gooey. It has a gooey, stickiness to
it almost like a gooey butter that melts in your mouth. And the flavor is sweet and smokey. Oh just perfect, sweetness. It is the ultimate tender,
fatty piece of meat. What an awesome unagi rice and we got lots more to eat today. After that amazingly sweet
and smoky and fatty eel, we went for one more snack before going for Wagyu beef heaven. A nice big bowl of ramen. Look at this guys we are
right in the back streets of Tokyo now, hunting for ramen. It’s gonna be really good
and I think right up here there’s a famous beef ramen. Look at this guys, so we’ve
got this is specialty beef ramen and they’ve got a
few different specialties but I think we’re just gonna
choose the one with roast beef slices and I think you
gotta put the cash in. 1,000. So we’re gonna choose this one here. Awesome. Let’s try it out. Arigato. Wow look at that. Arigato, wow. Look what we got here, we’ve
got four slices of roast beef. Looks delicious. Green onions and a little
but of bamboo here. And then, it looks like the
most rich bowl of beef stock. Wow look at that beef ramen. Local. It’s actually rare to have a
beef stock for ramen it’s most commonly pork. Mmm! Oh! (speaking Japanese) Wow it’s a super rich roast
beef flavor, it’s all about that roast beef, really tender. It’s just the roast beef
and the beef bone aroma is in there. Very nice, very soothing and
you see them just putting up bowl after bowl, mmmm. After that insanely
delicious bowl of ramen, we made our way to have the
most incredible beef experience. Wagyu beef cooked yakuniku
style over premium coals in downtown Tokyo. The ultimate meat experience. Alright guys right up here is
something I’ve been looking forward to trying for so
long, Wagyu beef yakuniku. And we have a reservation,
we got it through Pocket Concierge, I’m gonna leave a link in the description below. Thank you to them for
helping us get a reservation. Before we knew it we were
sitting down directly in front of Chef Nakahara, as he began
explaining the beauty of Wagyu beef to us. – Whole Wagyu. – The whole Wagyu. – It’s a very high quality by auction. Every while you have an auction. – Each one is custom. – All they have name, each name. – Really?
– Yes. – All the cows? – And all they licensed too. When they born, what the
eat, who farm, which farm, how long they, all the
version, we have number. Each Wagyu has number.
– Wow. – To start we had the most
amazing Wagyu tartar raw beef sashimi with a raw egg, sesame
and a signature sweet glaze. Just look at this we’ve got
the Wagyu tartar to start covered in sesame, a
little bit of light soy, there’s an egg yolk in there. Mmmm. Oh, oh man. Oh it’s just bursting. Wow. – Very natural. Very soft. The part is serve the Wagyu topside. – Topside.
– Topside. To serve it we need a license. – You need a license? – Yes. For raw. This part, here’s the tongue. It’s most inside part. – Okay.
– Thick one. This one is a tip of the tongue. This one, underneath.
– Oh underneath the tongue. – Yes so three part. Each part has each flavor. Each different texture. – Wow that looks incredible. Oh that’s the Wagyu tongue, wow. Look at that. That just looks insane. (meat crackling) Oh it looks incredibly tender. – I’m using the bincho tongue. There the bincho charcoal. – Oh okay. – So this one’s the most
expensive charcoal in Japan so every good yakittori restaurant. Also allow chef use this one. – Oh okay, best charcoal and
that gives it a better flavor. – Best in the world yes. – Wow. So there’s only 10 of these everyday here. 100 in Tokyo.
– Tongue? – Yeah.
– From Tokyo. – From Tokyo. – Well we can get from other places. – Other places, yeah. Wow. Oh it’s just looking incredible. Thank you. Oh you can just see all of
the juices bursting out of it and it’s perfectly grilled. Oh. Ohhhh! (laughing) Oh wow. It’s the texture is perfect,
it’s just slightly springy. Oh! After that amazing Wagyu tongue
we got right into business and began grilling more and more beef. This is when you can start
to feast on all the different cuts of the beef, all so
extremely tender and marbled with the fat just bursting into your mouth. – It’s like meat, but
it’s like better meat. – Yeah. – I don’t know how to say,
it’s something like better than meat.
– Yeah. Next up is the skirt. – The Wagyu skirt. – Wow. just look at that perfectly cooked skirt. A little bit rare on the inside. Oh looks just amazing. Oh it’s just so juicy. – Skirt. That’s why I use charcoal. Only charcoal can do it. – It’s so juicy. Wow and it gets better and better. Each bite has more and more juice. Look at the marbling on this. That is incredible, sirloin. – Very thin, right? – Wow. Very thin. – Sirloin.
– Oh sirloin. Look at the detail of all that marbling. Oh it looks so fatty. Wow. Oh that…that’s fast. That is fast. Wow. – Sirloin.
– Thank you. Look at that. Oh it’s just so quick, you
just did it so quickly there. Oh and the marbling in there. That looks insane, just go right for it. Oh! Oh! Wow! Oh! That is just perfect. That is unlike anything you’ll ever eat. Oh it’s just like, it’s almost
just, it’s just melting. – Not too strong the fat,
fat is real light right? – Very light. It just melts.
– That’s why I have to go to auction and buy it, like bigger. – It’s just like butter. – But not fatty right? – No not fatty, it’s just
melting in your mouth. And slightly sweet too. That is, that right
there is life changing. So this is the specialty. – Wagyu cutlet. Wagyu tenderloin cutlet sandwich. – Wow! Wagyu cutlet tenderloin, wow! Look at that. That is insane, look at the color. Oh! – With a pairing.
– Beautiful. Oh with a pairing. Beer. – Have a beer. – Okay thank you. Oh you put a little… – Sauce.
– Sauce. – Tomato puree.
– Tomato puree. Oh the bread. Look at that, toasted. Whoo! That is so perfect. Unlike anything you will
ever taste, incredibly soft. The bread, oh it is
toasted just perfectly. There’s a slight, that tomato puree, oh. Really gives it a nice,
almost slight tanginess. But it is just unbelievably
soft, you don’t need your teeth. It just melts. (speaking Japanese) – Balance. – Yeah.
– Balance. – It’s perfect. – Thank you very much
Chef Nakahara, thank you. – Arigato. – Thank you so much. That beef was absolutely
insane, life changing. And we are barely scratching
the surface here in Tokyo. There is such a huge food
scene, everything we’ve had has just been incredible. I would love to know what
you thought about this video in the comments below and
please subscribe to this channel if you haven’t already. Leave me a comment and click
the little bell button as well. Thank you so much for watching.

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