Japanese Millennials Try Drugstore Sushi

Japanese Millennials Try Drugstore Sushi

hi I’m hito me and I’m akka hi my name is Keenan oh hi my name is Aoi takea today we’re gonna try some drugstore sushi my experience with jokes or sushi to be honest I don’t recall the last time I had jokes or sushi but I’m assuming last time I had it probably had a few drinks or something right they have but only when I’m drunk I think my experience definitely during times of desperation my friends got food poisoning from it you know we’ll see but we’re trying it for you guys [Applause] – Bob the rice looks knit nasty to be honest like if this is surd I’d like something I don’t like a lower-end Raja or whatever I would yeah I could see this fish looks very kind of dry maybe with a little email but erm pleading those issues Pema oh yeah it looks a little tired a little bit visually I feel like it’s not it’s selling us what it’s telling us you know I’m gonna start this guy because I feel like this is a safe one right I am a salmon girls I’m talk perfect I’m tuna so all right I will try the same one okay it’s very orange I wonder if it’s naturally this color or maybe it’s tuna it’s just at this point in their tuna I’m talking about [Music] nobody not as bad as it looks it’s not a bad like mine that beneath this well I mean I told you this is this is my first time like eating this sushi when I’m sober it’s not that bad nothing about the rice though it’s like oh the race is chewy it’s very but it’s cold the sushi is cold and one of the worst things about the drugstore sushi is when it gets warm oh yeah I’m not sure if this was like I was in college and I just needed to treat myself and this is all I could do this is all right let’s go back I don’t any so this is some enjoyment but inside it’s like there’s like spicy tuna well cucumber avocado oh yeah the rice is really not there’s not doing it for me but it’s got a nice kick to it am I done I feel like I just had it like same one I don’t really taste like saman you can’t taste a fish like I could taste the umber yeah that’s just like tuna in tuna yeah the tuna ception this is like same things on the inside another cucumber tuna avocado all right back and that’s that [Music] punishment I like that I like this tuna better than like the one that’s just like the Tino you know I think the spicy tuna is the saving grace yeah yeah there yeah it’s color can I stick to would fish no I don’t know Gary it looks the most personally it looks the most not the one that I want to eat you’re like salmon or tuna is your Mesabi under here yeah nope perfect little square square meat this is I don’t know when I go to like a George store you got shushing now I think the ones that actually had like a fish on top and then like the like a little bit more of like tuna or whatever I think has to go to I think by having that like spicy mayo sauce and eel sauce it masks everything else that doesn’t have much flavor it’s definitely something you would eat in secret or I would even secret I wouldn’t want anyone else to know okay I feel like if it was cheap enough I will get full after eating all that so good if it okay but if it was in Japan I’ll be like oh that’s four times calls for desperate measures I think this is like a quick easy bite they can get other to explore so oh I’m like really really hungry I don’t know if I’m gonna eat drug sushi a gay [Music]

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  1. did the sushi come from rite aid because the last time I checked, they had makeup at drugstores not sushi. supermarket sushi yes. 99 cent sushi next.

  2. Which drugstore? I’m not familiar with drugstore sushi. At our markets here I. Texas though, they have people making it fresh everyday, albeit most have lame imitation crab (wtf, why do people accept not having real crab?? Why use imitation crab??) or ones like the spicy cracker roll (basically hot Cheeto powder on top) and cream cheese… *hurk*, give me authentic sushi any day

  3. Fact: Sushi was actually from Norway or Canada I think, before it started in Japan

    Her hair almost dipped into soy sauce 2:35 the girl on the left

  4. They might be Japanese but they dip the sushi in the soy sauce like Western people (rice in soy instead of the fish)

  5. Sushi sucks from like the super market because it’s always frozen I’ve had sushi like real sushi once or twice but that’s in s buffet in New York that’s so unauthentic but In the mean time to get the essence of sushi I eat frozen crap. Rip
    Me I am making my own sushi soon.

  6. The guy has such a hot ‘full mouth talking voice’ which is not only odd I know but also a rarity to find in people.

  7. People forget that drugstores in the US are often hybridized with convenience stores because that may be the only option in the area.

  8. Everyone is surprised of having sushi in a drugstore
    I though it was normal lol
    We have it in every Walgreens here in Chicago
    Not the greatest but like they said when you drunk is not bad

  9. Is it sexist for everybody on here to say just the guy is a total snack or the guy is so cute and so sexy and so damn fine? What about everybody else's feelings? Now they just got hurt

  10. ok ya'll, I’m australian so the whole “drugstore” concept is new to me, what doesn’t a drugstore sell?

  11. I've been wondering for forever how "Aoi" is pronounced, so this was a true blessing (in more ways than one) 😂

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