Japanese Chinese Delivery Food

Japanese Chinese Delivery Food

what’s up guys I’m she G I’m Sachi and today we got some Chinese food delivered to our home so guys this is the first time we’ve ever ordered Chinese food I don’t know why we’ve never done this before we have a pizza delivery we have uh also to deliver sushi delivery and recently we got this a flyer in our mailbox and it’s Chinese delivery I don’t know why we’ve never done this before why I don’t know we always go to Chinese or vasila there are some restaurants near our house so this particular restaurant is called nail Osaka or sha and all soccer also is actually a chain of restaurants so they actually have a nice variety of items and today we decided to choose these today we order the sixth item is spring rolls attention don’t change our laws ooo Sebata – so bob and Gotha oh how exciting I am excited let’s get started with the spring rolls yes let’s eat spring rolls okay the spring roll price is five hundred to 20 yen for four pieces okay that’s not too bad alright and this also came with um like soy sauce like a salsa sauce and mustard sauce hmm nice and crispy the outside really crispy mmm yes inside toll ood it’s okay keep you gotta Japanese are lucky yeah it’s not the best spring roll I’ve had in my life but I guess it’s not too bad for delivery I think the feeling consists of um ground pork and some vegetables I definitely taste some onions in here it’s not bad it’s not bad so let’s go on to the sweets a poke sweet sour pork okay so sweet sour pork is called sympathy in Japanese the 1028 inside this suta it’s pork lotus root gradually a mushroom better PayPass okay so let’s eat this I am like so looking forward to this yours you are so soup that up I love sweet I love sweet and sour pork you always you always order sweets a book I do whether it’s Japanese style or Chinese style or American style Chinese food always get sweet and sour pork love love love hey Doc mom that’s actually not bad I like this you know it’s not too sweet that sometimes students are can be very sweet but this is not too sweet not too sour either yeah I think so mm-hmm good meaty flavor mm-hmm yes yes it’s very very fresh I want to try this is lotus root hmm oh that’s nice vegetables are also crispy who’s knew crispy mm-hmm I actually like the lotus we’re better than the pork right mmm is it good so good mmm yeah so good can I say in English I don’t even know what so good to me soon is texture a little bit too farmer butts all totally comfortably firm and softened that’s a new word so good dough so what’s next okay now I’m gonna try the gills up because this restaurant after all is famous for their gills Alice do you like so I’m gonna try this one out yeah at the restaurant they always recommend you order the gills up because once again they really are famous for this gills up when you order shu mai and the gaza they do come with this sauce I think it’s like a soy sauce vinegar chili oil mixture and this dosa price is the 390 yen 390 mm for six pieces for six pieces that’s actually not too bad Najma psyche moss I like that you can taste the meat you can taste the garlic in taste of scallions first I taste it duh juice of meat mm-hmm no hmm no this is pretty good goes up you know the only thing is that because it’s delivery it’s no longer crispy but that’s okay I feel like this Gaza is still delicious I think so mm-hmm so much flavor super flavorful Gaza I had in Osaka also this restaurant mm-hmm deep fried dumpling is also good Wow the deep-fried one oh we should have ordered that it’s time next time next time okay I think I would like to try their yaki soba soba yeah Wow the price is 990 m 990-n okay that’s not too bad now in American Chinese restaurants you would have something coming but here in Japan we don’t have tell me and we have something on yakisoba and this is um I believe this said it’s a Osaka style yakisoba Japanese yakisoba you always have a side of red ginger beni shoga and this one has the clouds with mushrooms again there is cabbage or bean sprouts there’s pieces of pork and this one definitely has carrots as well oh oh they’re on bite-sized pieces of meat yes yes it’s pork right come on mmm I was not expecting it to taste like this I was expecting to taste like um you know the yakisoba sauce like okonomiyaki sauce but no no no this is completely different this is very similar to chow mein to be honest with you little bit the child redo the flavor mm-hmm hungry the sauce pretty sauce yakitori sauce kind of I guess like a subtle yakitori sauce mm-hmm I’m surprised at how good this is mmm your vegetables are crispy yeah you know what I don’t know after eating all all the other dishes even the spring roll is starting to appeal to me mm-hmm next one poor couch in jello soo hmm right the price is it once I was under 20 yen okay and this is another typical dish that you find a Chinese restaurant here in Japan it’s everyone’s favorite why should my mother used to make this for me all the naughty yeah yeah this is one thing that my mother makes really well but instead of pork cheeses beef mm-hmm yeah but it’s delicious and it’s actually pretty easy to make next time when your mother come to you – mm-hmm shall I ask I’ve got yes make this yeah she might make it I hope she remembers how mmm this looks amazing oh this is fun I love ordering delivery this ginger doll so it’s shining all right dr. oz mm-hmm I need some rice with this one is this umami or a mommy taste it I don’t know what’s your sauce mm-hmm the sauce is really good you know it’s not that strong of a taste which is actually good because a lot of times in Chinese food I think the taste is very strong that I like the crispness of the bell peppers and I also like the crunchiness of the bamboo shoots this dish has a much more pork than I expected Miko mmm-hmm I totally agree all right guys we got one last thing to try and this is something called tension hunt this is definitely something you don’t see in Chinese restaurants in other countries reading yeah I mean I yeah I just bunny it’s all I think so we can really this is something I’ve only eaten in Japan and basically it is a rice bowl and it’s topped off with an egg and it’s a smother it and then it’s topped off with this um thick gravy rice oh nice but it’s completely different though the taste is different doesn’t taste like what I see this is what this looks like we go right into it with our spoon and you can see how fluffy that egg is and there’s a steamed rice on the inside and it’s gravy you gotta get this gravy you gotta eat it with this gravy thank you mom sorry mom mmm Oh God the egg it’s melting in my mouth mmm it’s so fluffy it’s so well and it’s not just egg you know it’s actually seasoned really well well this gravy also good mm-hmm yes the gravy is actually kind of subtle if you just eat the gravy which means that egg is well seasoned let me just try the egg up by itself it got a house it did hmm yeah the egg is well seasoned yeah yeah and it’s super fluffy okay I can’t get over this can you tell I’m enjoying this guys I’m really dying to know this dancing don’t tension rice ball mmm it’s so good I don’t know why I really order this fine Chinese restaurant how come I don’t know very very older really really i order III have ordered this before I goes on the OL show which is a totally different restaurant but some people get mixed up with that restaurant in this restaurant but I do like their tension on – it’s delicious but they’re testing on their gravy is very different their gravy is sort of like sweet and sour sauce Oh whereas this one it’s more like a dashi based sauce so it’s more Japanese I think all right guys so we have finished trying out six dishes from this delivery Chinese place have we chosen our favorites favorite yes just one we have to choose one okay of six we have okay wine tasting don’t really really the tension go why is that why did you choose that one the fluffiness of the neg nuns that disgrace gravy sauce mmm-hmm eating much cheese and it’s I would shock him very very shocked it really and how good it was really well my favorite after after careful consideration because it was close call I almost chose the yakisoba because this yakisoba was actually pretty stunning mm-hmm I choose a casa oh yeah no wonder they are famous for the goes up because your kills are I mean this is already cold guys it’s not even crispy but it tastes so good it tastes so good just like this just like this it’s not even hot and it’s still good it’s all also the signature soon hmm video dies oh yes signature delicious thank you so much for watching guys as always please leave your thoughts in the comments down below and if this is your first time don’t forget to subscribe thank you for watching see you next delicious video bye [Music]

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  1. Hi guys..looks delish! Satoshi, I think 'sakuto' would translate to 'al dente' in Italian. Cooked but still with texture 🙂

  2. The 1 thought running through my mind, besides 'I wish I was I was there tasting everything, was that Justin just might snatch a nibble!

  3. The food looked sooo good. Question, can you only get Tien Shinhan in Chinese restaurant? I will be traveling to Tokyo next month and I would like to try this dish.

  4. So interesting to see Chinese food in Japan. It's so different from what we can get in a Chinese restaurant or as a take a way here in the Netherlands. with the main dishes you always get either rice, or nasi (rice with some meat and vegetables) or bami (noodles with some meat and vegetables) for free. We don't really have something like the yaki soba, perhaps a bami or mihoen special is closest to it. And the dishes are complete different, only the sping rolls are familiar, yet diffferent. If you come here and you have the time try out Dutch Chinese food it's a common take a way in many households 🙂 Though the taste can vary greatly from restaurant to restaurant. And almost always you can get Indonesian dishes as well at the Chinese restaurant/take out.

  5. The egg dish looks like egg foo young I used to get it from this Chinese restaurant here in Colorado and it was delicious but it had chunks of vegetables and Chicken in it

  6. These dishes all looked over the top delicious. From the Spring Rolls to the Tien Shinhan I was so happy to see both enjoy these so much. I would order it all again especially the Yakisoba and Gyoza. Nom's all around. Thanks for sharing Brothers.

  7. Chinese New Year video…Nice. 2019 year of the oink oink. There’s a dim sum festival I wanna go too but rain chances are high🧧🎊🎉🐷🎈😅😂🤣

  8. Hi guys!
    I live in Portugal and we have that style of yakisoba, with udon noodles!
    I love it but can't replicate in my home…
    Could you guys do a video teaching how to do it???? Thank you, so much!!!
    Love your videos! Wishes a lots of success!

  9. Thats nuts that you guys never order chinese when its probably the second most popular thing to order in the US, and almost always disgusting in quality and nowhere near actual chinese dishes. I still eat it cause no other options, and im not a picky or snooty person, i like greasy food, but the chinese commonly found here are that awful. Everything you guys ordered i know is way better than any chinese ive had delivered. Even the dumplings are awful balls of dough. I just want good wonton soup and dumplings, just decent stuff, its not asking much.

  10. I love your new Logo .It's adorable 😊 who did it ? I'm an Artist actually I was the girl for the longest time wanted to draw u to with Justin .

  11. I remember going to osaka osho with my wife and just ordering like 7 orders of gyoza….I could live on gyoza, and yes deep fried are awesoooome.

  12. Oh my god I LOVE Tenshinhan! A Japanese place here in San Diego used to sell it but I don't know if they do anymore. It's so good though!

  13. Great video- love Chinese takeaway. On another note -Trying to book accomodation in Tokyo for April, but fewer Air BnB listings and more expensive since regulations came in!😕

  14. I startet to learn japanese about a month ago… Can someone tell me what word Satoshi uses at 3:06… Is it そっくと?I tried to google it but couldn't find it….

  15. I really wish restaurants took in consideration what the hot stream does to the food when trapped inside a container. Anything that should be crunchy, punch some holes in the lids, that allows the stream to escape, food maybe slightly cooler but retains most of the crunch.

  16. my takoyaki pan arrived today and I went to Uwajimaya and gathered all the ingredients. They came out perfect and are really fun to make. I made one batch with octopus and the second batch with shrimp. I will also make some smoked salmon and cream cheese as well as pepperoni and cheese with tomato sauce for the superbowl game. Thank you for all your videos

  17. Love your food videos! Would you guys consider filming a Japanese department store food video? Living in America, going to department stores to eat is a foreign concept for us.

  18. Sry late! The egg thing at end looks like American Mashed potatoes. Wish you would do a recipie video of that dish. Please! 😚

  19. Great food video guys. How long did the delivery take? Maybe if you can order somethings from your neighborhood Chibea Restaurant to see how much hotter/warmer the food is. And see if the flavors are the same as when you dine in the restaurant? How long before your mother visits Shininchi? She looks almost back to "normal" on your sister's channel, Nikki Nkki. Cannot wait to see the two of you, oh and Satoshi, together. Lots of Love to both of you, stay healthy. Here in San Francisco it is really really cold, even with the rain we had recently.

  20. That egg dish reminds me of Egg Foo Young. Although it usually has cabbage and sprouts in the egg omelette and the gravy contains your choice of meat with peas and carrots.

  21. wow servings so much smaller than chinese takeout in canada! they give you enough to feed a family… ahaha … i wish they had yakisoba here too.. ramen is most popular here! we have a few japanese bakery which are So Good. a couple who moved here from japan make really nice melonpan and karepan

  22. We have something similar to tenshindon in Chinese-Filipino cuisine! It's called egg/crab foo yong in restaurants 🙂 I think it's from Chinese-American cuisine, actually!

  23. How strange I didn't recognise any of those dishes as typical Chinese! I suppose in every country they have to adapt 'foreign' food to the people's taste.

  24. So cool to see the different options when you order in Japan! Quality of food looks superior to Canadian Chinese delivery. As always, great video! Much love

  25. Harumaki, yakisoba, and gyoza here in New York are all served in sushi/Japanese-takeout restaurants and never in Chinese takeout. To me they are "Japanese dishes that started out as Chinese but through variation became Japanese." So in Japan, their Chinese origin is emphasized.

    I've watched 100+ of Tabi videos, but I always end up commenting more on the Chinese-themed videos because I'm fascinated by how culture is transferred and changed during transfer (and yep, I'm Chinese).

  26. Omurice is great for a quick meal any time of the day. I especially like to make it with garlic fried rice.

  27. Again, things I thought I would never even want to taste looked so good that I would order them and gobble them down. Nice to know all the ingredients, the degree of spice, and how the dish ranks with other restaurants that sell same thing. The gravy, rice, egg bowl looked wonderful. Simple get seasoned enough to be good without being overly spiced.

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