Japan convenience store breakfast, Harajuku & SUSHI TRAIN Tokyo, Japan

Japan convenience store breakfast, Harajuku & SUSHI TRAIN Tokyo, Japan

We’re in Tokyo, Japan. Konnichiwa! Konnichiwa! We
are so excited to be here it’s a gorgeous day and it’s time for breakfast
we are pretty obsessed with Asian convenience stores so today we’re going
to go to the 7-eleven and see what we can pick up to break our fast 7-elevens and Family Marts in Japan
are awesome because there is such a range of food there’s hot food, there’s onigiri
which are rice balls which we just bought there’s just honestly baked goods
completely different to what we’re used to at home. So we got a number of things we got two teas each and also some onigiri which are rice balls. There’s instructions on how to
open these so let’s see. One- so you pull that down and then two- slip that out and
then slip out that sleeve- genius so we’ve basically got a sheet of nori or seaweed
wrapped around a triangle piece of rice that’s got a load of filling in it I’ve
no idea what flavor mine is but I’m going to give it a go and find out hmm inside there appears to be like a
shrimp and mayonnaise type mixture and it’s really tasty
the rice is really soft and the mixture is really creamy. I’m starting with this
little one I don’t know if called onigiri but it’s just rice actually with
some sort of brown sauce and it’s been like blow-torched. Blow torched rice! For breakfast in Japan I’ve dreamed about this 7-eleven Japanese breakfast for so long.I think
it’s a miso. It’s a really good denseness, great weight it’s like a sweet miso soaked rice, it’s
the perfect stickiness- what a way to start the Japanese eating there’s three weeks
of this in our future and I’m so excited and it’s so fun in Japan because everything
is in Japanese everything, everywhere you look so you never know what you’re
buying or what you’re doing so it’s a real adventure eating here everything is
a bit of a surprise. So I have got for my second roll, some sort of sushi roll
I think it says chicken like fried chicken so let’s find out. I just love the way- wait can you
read Japanese? I did learn Japanese in school but I’ve completely
forgotten it but I can still read a little bit of the hirigana so that’s
helpful … what’s the hiragana? Hirigana is like the type of script so that says
tori karaage which is fried chicken so we’ll see if I’m right. We’ll keep you on! Okay number two- look this is just ingenious and then where’s number three? Oooo I might have stuffed it up here. Oh no there we go and then you wrap that back up some sort
of mayonnaise-y protein filling Mmmmm that’s so good and I was right, it’s fried
chicken covered in a mayonnaise sauce that is oh good I’m so happy to be in
Japan. Each rice ball or rice roll was about $1USD so really really
affordable and so tasty. Fueled up ready to roll. We’re now going to go check out one of the famous places in Tokyo which you may
know- Harajuku! Tokyo subway has this awesome app so you type in the
station where you’re at, where you want to go and then it tells you which line to
catch and how much it costs. Perfect! it works off line. Perfect! Filming with a brand new camera set up
today so if things look a little bit different that’s why and I’m still
learning to use it because I have not read a single line of the manual so
hopefully it looks okay let us know in the comments below. We’re exploring Harajuku’s lanes- Harajuku is really well-known for people dressed up in crazy fashion as
anime characters we haven’t really seen too many of those types of people but
I’m on the lookout I love their costumes. Super touristy on the main strip of Harajuku but it’s also really fun, there’s loads of people, all these different shops,
crazy people dressed up in crazy outfits it’s really really stimulating for
senses but if you branch off into some of the little lanes that veer off the main
strip there’s some great little cafes and little boutiques to explore. so we had a walk around Harajuku and we
started to get hungry so we figure it’s Japan so it’s time for conveyor belt sushi. We’re just in line at Katsu MIdori shouldn’t be too long. This is so exciting we’ve sat down at our table we’ve got an iPad which is in English to choose what we
want off the menu and there’s also stuff going past on the conveyor belt so we can whip off any plates that we like the look of from there too This so cool so you can just help yourself to matcha or green tea. So there’s some matcha powder here and then there’s your own little hot water tap! Our eel sushi just arrived on a
little train! I have been dreaming about eating uni or sea urchin since- for months, for months so I am going to try the uni nigiri first. I’m just
going to go naked not even put soy sauce or wasabi and just see what it tastes like.
The sea urchin is really creamy and really almost sweet, it’s so rich and works perfectly with the
rice- it is so so good this is young sardine I’m going to pop a
little bit of wasabi on the top there and just a little bit of soy sauce on
top there’s about 10 little young, oh no this is not the young sardines, this is whitebait sorry, this is whitebait I’m going to go for it, they look quite squishy Mmm, quite a strong fishy flavor, almost a little bit crunchy the spring onion is really good with it because it’s really fresh and cuts through the fishiness. Nice but not my favourite. One of my favorite things in Japanese cuisine is
how they use eel all the time I love eel I think it’s such a tasty
protein this one’s like a seared eel it’s just slightly cooked and it looks like it’s got a
little bit of a glaze on top. I’m not going to add any wasabi or anything like
that it’s so light, so fresh, so soft, a tiny bit
of sweetness from the glaze, it’s just heaven it’s so healthy feeling you feel good eating
it you feel happy eating it ohhhhh yum This is the scallop and it should be pretty sweet the flavour is really delicate, it’s not a really strong flavour quite creamy, really good texture, just nice and light. That’s really good. so Katsu Midori is like a budget
sushi conveyer belt restaurant they’re known for having really good
quality fish despite the really cheap price, so plates range from about $1USD, that’s the cheapest plate up to about $5 and there’s just
so much variety there’s even things going past like fruit salad and rice cakes and
what else have we seen, wedges even but the fish is definitely stand out. In the past I’ve
totally being guilty of grabbing wasabi and mixing it in with the soy sauce and
then dipping my sushi in that way but apparently the correct way to do it is
to put wasabi on the fish and then you dip the fish side into the soy if
you’re wanting it rather than dipping the rice into the soy and swirling it about and it’s also perfectly acceptable to eat nigiri with your hands so I’m going to do that. Salmon looks amazing and tastes incredible. It had a bit of spring onion and a little bit of umm pickled ginger? fresh ginger on the top. It’s really clean and really simple, that fish though, so good. final plates, raw my
favorite and pretty much like half a glazed eel It’s massive and it looks really really delicious That was Shibuya crossing the world’s biggest crossing it’s so insane so many people Katsu Midori for lunch was really great really worth a visit, we had 8 plates of sushi and it worked out to be about $12USD so super affordable. Bargain! They have a few shops around the city so we’ll pop details in the description below. If you liked this video we’re in Japan for 3 more weeks so please subscribe and follow along on our adventures and if you loved this video we’d love a comment or a thumbs up. We hope we’ve inspired you to eat and explore like a traveler with this video , not a tourist. Sayonnara!

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  1. I apologise in advance guys. but I LOVE JAPAN SO MUCH ARGHHHHHH. you are bringing it all back to me. everyday my breakfast was from 7/11, family Mart or Lawson. CONBINIS for life!

    Have to say family Mart was my fave.

    I used that app for the subway. BEYOND PERFECT!

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  12. Hi guys, we hope you enjoy our first day in Tokyo! If you're enjoying our food and travel videos we'd love you to subscribe: https://goo.gl/9rfeRS and if you want more Japan content check out some more videos here: https://goo.gl/RhrJu1 Thanks for watching guys! Thomas & Sheena

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