Is this the Best Beef Rib in London?

Is this the Best Beef Rib in London?

your a restaurateur, you’ve always been in restaurants. Why BBQ? I think the term BBQ is very general Is Thai BBQ, Japanese BBQ, Amercian BBQ? For me what I was always inspired by was charring meat I grew up with a grill, a BBQ Was very much about finishing meat on the grill Fat drips on the coals, the coals smoke, that infuses the meat and its charred. So when ever we did ribs… we do now. We finish them on the grill In Texas you get shot for that. Their purists they it smoke, straight to table and there nothing wrong with that approach, I just find… I prefer Finished over coals? Finished over coals, completely! and thats a Barbadon thing? Would you say that Smokestak is a fusion of those two styles Yes. I’d say its an evolution of what I grew up with. Forget what were trying to do here. You do, what represents you. a restaurant is a reflection of the creativity the person has Cooking and working in restaurants is so emotional It’s particularly hard work! Isnt it, its like real graft and so theres go to be a strong emotional pay off, in why do you do it? Yea, I love it, you know what I mean! For some sickening reason, god knows why! i LOVE it Where do you get the beef from? Its all based down in Cornwall Hereford and Galloway. Yep! so its cooked for, 6 – 7 hours at what temperature ? around 250 round 250 and the its got another hour to go, you take it out so you get the bark not the crust Yes the smoke penetrates the meat…taste that. You see its cooked through, but its not soft any further more and you’d get the bark would become a crust what we’ll do, is we always lay it the fat side down and we just wanna leave that one to do its thing theres a lot of fat in the meat and when that hits the charcoal, smoke comes back on top of it and it caramelises, the fat caramelises the meat its a bit angry now, thats because, fats dripping, thats coming up Ribs we actually, slice, beef fat, on the grill caramelise maybe four or five times praise be! yes! IDIOT No its not !

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  1. Chef, those ribs look immense. Love how he just grabbed them bare hand straight out of the smoker lol. Food porn at its best! I sent you a message on Facebook too John if you get a minute to read it. Great video as always mate 👍

  2. You can recreate this on simple bbq kettle with some charcoal and a lump of fruit wood or oak. If you cant find a good butcher to get the ribs from Waitrose sell pretty good beef ribs. Sooo moreish..well worth the wait.

  3. Good idea in general on the beef fat basting—probably a fair few other things you could apply that concept to, same as pork with pork fat, lamb with lamb fat, and so on. No such thing as a type of ribs that doesn't have ample range for experimentation to good ends.

  4. John, I am loving the new "Best" videos, the audio needs work while you are talking to the chef. Keep doing what you do!!!

  5. Hey Food Busker (or whoever reads the comments)
    Who else is part of the team for this channel?
    Would be nice to know the unsung heroes of this awesome channel
    And hopefully make a video(possibly a funny one) to introduce the team

  6. I'd definitely recommend Smokestak too. Had the pork belly rib there a while back and it was delicious, I'll have to go back for the beef rib! The portions are a bit small for the price, but definitely some of the tastiest BBQ I've had in London.

    You should get a couple of clip on mics for these sort of "on location" recordings, or even a handheld mic. There's always going to be a lot of ambient noise in those environments, difficult to pick up your voices with one omni-directional mic.

    Loving the the best in London videos JQ, I'm going to have to pay them all a visit!

  7. Looks good. Makes me want to travel to Kansas just to eat… best steak I've ever eaten in my life was in Kansas… Poor cows. So cute, and yet so tasty.

  8. Nice haircut Food Busker, but stop brushing your hair in the wrong direction me old son, its not what the hairdresser intended, trust me on that. Brush it forward on the right side, all will be well with your barnet.

  9. My dad makes giant beef ribs. The ones in the video are a little bigger than what he makes, but i'm fortunate to have been able to grow up with them. I'll start making them some day as well. Keep up the awesome work Food Busker

  10. An almost orgasmic fingerlickin love-in featuring The Food Busker, the Smokstak proprietor and the best beef rib in London.

  11. I've noticed that ALOT of restaurants get their beef from Cornwall. Love Cornwall, I live in Devon, both beautiful in different ways.

  12. [offtopic] instead of using an Lavalier, use the Rode Videomic pro 🙂
    I use it on my 80d and its perfect in near all situations [/offtopic]

  13. Ace looking kitchen. Like the graffiti round there. You gotta know your lucky to have this in your neighbourhood. Those ribs look like they get more tender through the process, not surprised you forgot to press record. When I was on holiday in Italy recently I had a hazelnut expresso, best coffee I've had. I was wondering how I could make one myself if I can't find one. Thankyou John.

  14. I lost track of my thoughts with the image of the beef dripping on the grill. Soon realized I was neck deep in my own drool!
    God, John, this is delightful..

    How do we do something like that at home? Perhaps a series about how to…?

  15. That's one helluva smoker/cooker he has there and interesting techniques with the paper and beef fat! I'd love to sink my choppers into one of those (or a stack!). Thumb's up, Chef. 🙂

  16. Dukes Brew & Que in Haggerston used have the best beef ribs (closed down now sadly), Smokestak kills the brisket though. First tried it when they were at dinerama. F*cking immense!

  17. No joke drooled watching this. Only a tiny little drop but… yeah. I was captivated by this. Excellent work as always, amigo. You inspire me to get into the kitchen and have fun again.

  18. Smokestack the best travel from Brum just for a Brisket at street feast but not so sure on the other random stuff at restaurant.

  19. I’ve done beef short ribs on my Weber smoky mountain. They turned out fantastic. Way better than braising or any other method.

  20. Been there lika a year ago, we basically ordered everything on the menu, shared it and everything was amazing. One of the best restaurants I ever have been to!

  21. Tough luck about the mic (I've been there…), but fantastic save with the subtitles (the ribs also look amazing!)!

  22. Man, you're just making me stack up on places to visit next time I'm in London! Will have to start detoxing already to binge-prepare myself 😂

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