Is There A Better Way To Breathe? (EXPERIMENT)

Is There A Better Way To Breathe? (EXPERIMENT)

Is there a better way
to breathe? Let’s talk about that.( music playing )Good Mythical morning. We got so much
show coming at you that it’s literally
coming out of our ears. Or that might
just be ear wax. Either way, today we’ll be
seeing if your dogs can learn some new tricks and then we’re
playing with toys and deciding if they’re
for babies or for pets. But first, we got
some breathing to do. Sure, you think you know
how to breathe using your nose and your mouth,
but what if we told you there’s a better way
to breathe? It’s time for… All right, here’s how
this is gonna work. We’re gonna be trying out some
different breathing techniques. Different! But before we do that, we’re gonna try to
create a condition where the specific
breathing technique would be helpful and then we’ll see if
they are actually helpful. Now, we want to point out
that you should
check with your doctor before trying any of
these breathing techniques
for yourself.( music playing )Okay, this first exercise
is designed for couples who are having
trouble connecting, and who better to teach
a breathing technique
on connecting than a guy all alone
with his camera? The male takes the breath in. ( inhales ) Goes all the way down
to the lingam or the penis and hold. And you want to squeeze
your pelvic floor muscles as well while you’re holding. So you wanna hold
for four seconds. So…
( inhales deeply ) – Mm.
– And then you want to
breathe it out into the other person
and achieve intimacy. Yeah, if I had told you that
today we were gonna be breathing
into each other’s penises… Well, you breathe into
your own penis. But eventually it’ll get
to your penis. – Okay.
– I’m sorry, that’s just the way
that it works. Before we can test
the intimacy breathing, we’ve got to establish that
our relationship is broken, and I actually think I can.
I have evidence that– well, you hurt
my feelings recently when I was trying to identify
which famous celebrity ironed his balls. What you said about me
afterward hurt my feelings. Take a look. All I’m saying
is sometimes I make indirect
eye contact and you could use
some ironing, so… ( laughter ) It still resonates
in my dreams, man. I don’t know
what to do with myself. I can’t iron those things. Okay, well, you know what? You’ve also hurt my feelings. Recently we were
playing that “Southern slang
you should know” game. You were really, really, really,
really, really, really, really, really, really, bad at it. In case you forgot
how bad you were at it, take a look. Just say ’em back to me. Knee, grasshopper, shorter. – Stevie:Five, four…
– Knee-high… Knee-high grasshopper.…one, time.Knee-high to a grasshopper! Knee-high to–
I said “Knee-high grasshopper” a second ago. Now, that was not my fault. Now, see? You really hurt
my feelings there. All right, so we’ve got
some relational disconnect. – This is good…
– Yeah. …because now we have
the breathing technique… – Right.
– …into our “lingus” that is going to help us
get it right. And we have watched
the entire video, it’s riveting. You just saw a piece of it.
We watched the entire – intimacy breathing
technique video.
– Mm-hmm. So we can start,
and I can breathe into you and you could do whatever
you want to with the breath, but you’re supposed to
take it into your penis. And then… hold it
for four seconds, then send it back to me and
I’ll hold it in my penis, okay? Oh… I’m just following
directions, man. Man, it was him
and a door. It’s more awkward
when it’s your friend. – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Okay, you’re breathing out. I’m supposed to breathe in
your breath, too. What’d you have
for breakfast? – Don’t answer that.
– Okay. I’m sure I’ll be
able to tell. I’m breathing in first and then get ready
to receive, okay? Hold it for four seconds.( music playing )( inhales sharply ) Oop. I’m tightening
the pelvic floor. I’m holding, and now I’m giving it
back to you. ( exhales slowly ) ( holding breath )
Give it back to me. ( inhales sharply ) ( groans ) Wow. Little awkward. I gotta say… I feel very connected
to you right now. Yeah, that recycled air
came from deep. You wanna shake my hand? All right, let’s just shake
hands and never speak again. – I think that was success.
– Yes. – Yeah, let’s never
talk about it.
– Totally worked.( music playing )Okay, this technique
is called lion’s breath. It’s designed to
improve self-esteem and feelings
of empowerment. Let’s watch a clip
real quick. ( forceful exhaling ) Okay, pretty simple.
You breathe in… and then do that. Just like a lion,
just like every lion
you’ve ever seen, right? Yeah, but before we can
improve our self-esteem, we need someone to completely
destroy our self-esteem.( music playing )Wipe those stupid looks
off your faces. Son, did you hear me? Why’s there so much
grey in your hair? Son, you look like
someone that shops at an even-less-cool
version of Hot Topic. Everybody knows
those glasses are fake! Everybody knows
you can’t read. – Is that a smile, son?
– No. You eyeballing me, son? You look like a real-life
version of Groot. “I am Groot. I am Groot.” You kiss your mama
without that chin? You know what they say? The taller they are,
the dumber they are. I haven’t heard that. You just did. This show’s just a version
of Jimmy Fallon’s show for people
that don’t have TV. Is he gone? That last one
cut pretty deep. Oh, yeah. Whoo. I think the breathing,
it helped me– – I got really lightheaded.
– Yeah. – I almost fainted.
– Yeah, which somehow helps. – ( sighs )
– So maybe it helped a little? Lion’s breath boosting
the self-esteem. Yeah, kinda.( music playing )This next technique is all about
manipulating your honker. Inhale in through right nostril. ( inhales deeply ) Pause, sealing with the thumb, and exhale through
left nostril. Right, so you
block one side, breathe in through
the other side… ( sniffs ) …then block that side and breathe out
through the now-open side. – It’s so simple.
– Then reverse it. Now, one of the big
benefits of using alternate nostril breathing is it can help reduce
stress and anxiety. So we need a situation where
we can feel stress and anxiety. No. As you can see, we now
have our heads in this tank and I have a feeling that
something anxiety-inducing is about to happen. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. It’s a tarantula-freakin-cha.
It’s a… Oh, no, oh. ( both inhaling and exhaling ) Go to Rhett. Go to your right. Oh, crap. Think I can
blow her to you. – ( gasps, whimpering )
– Oh, he’s waving at you. He’s waving.
( inhales ) Are you panicking? A little bit. Link is panicking. Link is definitely
not happy– No, don’t do that,
stop it! What are you doing,
you jerk? Go towards Rhett,
you hairy monstrosity. ( laughing ) Ah, it’s working! My technique is– My breathing technique’s
really working. Oh, crap. Link is sweating a lot. I’m trying to
combine techniques, speaking in the third person and breathing
in the second nostril. I made myself very lightheaded
by trying to spider breathe. Spider breathing is tough. Audrey, why don’t you get it
over there on Rhett’s side? No! Oh, no,
no, no, no, no. He’s been over here
close to me for long enough. Yeah, go over there,
get him– – Oh, my gosh.
– Audrey: Little squeezes. Oh, my gosh.
( inhales ) It seems upset,
it seems upset. You’re such a weird person. I shouldn’t have
breathed on you. I’m sorry
I breathed on you, I’m sorry I breathed
on you. Oh. Yeah, there you go. Look at it,
look at him. Look at him. Look at him, Rhett.
Try the breathing technique. ( whistling bird calls ) It’s not a bird. – It can eat a bird.
– Exactly. ( whistling bird calls ) Keep your breathing
going, Rhett. You know, it actually
gives you something to do. It takes your mind
off of it. – ‘Cause you have to– No!
– Oh, oh, there he comes. – Sleepy, huh?
– I’m pretty calm now. Shoo him into his beard
a little bit. – No, no, no, no.
– Right into his beard. – We really gotta test this.
– No. I had a snake wrapped around
my neck in one of these things.Just inch him over here
towards Rhett.
You know, just right
there next to him. Just a little closer,
just a little closer. Yeah, come this way. Breathe, Rhett, breathe. ( inhaling, exhaling ) Keep breathing. Oh! Oh, gosh! That was
just Link grabbing… – I grabbed his hand
under there.
– You jerk, you jerk. Okay, I think it works. Alternate nostril breathing
works ’cause I’m still alive. Link thinks it’s awesome. Okay, now that we’ve tried
all these breathing techniques, we have to take a breath
from doing all this breathing. Up next, we train our dogs
to play musical instruments. Ah! Get me out of here. Rhett:
How you smell me now?
Get a bottle of
our Mythical No.9 fragrance
online now

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