INDIA Joins PAKISTAN |  Street Food Tour | Food without Borders | Delhi Karachi Food Street

INDIA Joins PAKISTAN | Street Food Tour | Food without Borders | Delhi Karachi Food Street

In 1947 when India and Pakistan gained independence then the founding fathers who came to karachi from Delhi started their businesses with the name of 'Delhi' and this practice still exists Delhi's food is famous around the world today we will show you some Pakistani food & restaurants that are owned by people originating from Delhi.. and we will go to Old Delhi Jama Masjid from where it all started where we have our friend Anubhav and his youtube channel is 'DelhiFoodWalks' His channel's link is in my video description too so lets go to Anubhav and see what he has to show us in old delhi… Lets go !! Thank you Zia for connecting with us Zia is running a very famous Youtube channel in Pakistan with the name 'StreetFoodPK' Right now we are at Jama Masjid and this place is called Old Delhi, walled city and Shah jahan abad too Its like India's Food Capital Infront of us is a long row which is called Matia Mahal here you can find so many variety of food let us take you to the journey of taste… its really hot… Here wherever you'll go you will find delicious food Here we have hot Jalebis, Gulab Jamun and Dahi Bhallay In old Delhi each shop has its own unique taste this gulab jamun and jalebi is quite different from others what is special in this Jalebi? it is Mawa Jalebi its also called Balanpur's Jalebi He is making everything fresh here Yes Anubhav there you are having Jalebi and Gulab Jamun and here we are having this Amazing Lassi from Javed bhai This is Hussainabad, karachi and its food street is amazing and you must try this Lassi whenever you come to Karachi. in sha Allah although Karachi has many small and big food streets But Burns road and Hussainabad's food streets are very old and famous This Masala Chargha at Ghousia Food is just mouthwatering and when you are here so you must try this Shawarma too so this was Hussainabad… Now lets go back to Delhi Right now i am at Haji Hussain Shop This shop is famous for its fried chicken infact it is the oldest friend chicken shop of Delhi I have named it JFC 'Jama Masjid Fried Chicken' So now we have with us is Asif bhai you see this shop is named as 'Kallan Bawarchi' He is mainly famous for the Mughali and Local dishes So do you have any realtives in Pakistan? Yes we have alot of relatives in Karachi There is a place called Bunder Road… there we have… and in Lalu Khet and in Nazimabad Nannay Bawarchi Jumma Bawarchi we have a lot of brothers there in Pakistan Okkk Yes We are here in Old Delhi Jama Masjid and his family members are living in Pakistan we are just divided by the border but the people here and there are same and may our relation keeps like this we live in harmony with each other may we get more closer to eachother… and may we easily visit each other… I really wish to visit Pakistan Meet people and enjoy its taste.. Yeah Anubhav bhai you will see a lot of new things there You have already seen alot here… but you will be surprised to see new cuts and dishes there Pakistan's food is also very famous… yeah yeah definately but we have Zia bhai with us from Pakistan He was telling me that they have Nihari Shop with the name of Dilli Nihari…. They have Kababs with name 'Dehli Kabab' Chaat with the name dilli chaat so they have alot with name of Dilli means those people who migrated after partition… They are all from here, they are the same… So yeah ! we cannot go there but but we can exchange food and taste through this video sure sure… Yeah Anubhav bhai… you are absolutely right we have a lot of food shops named from Delhi right behind me is Delhi Kabab House and next to this is Delhi Islam restaurant and just ahead is Shandar Delhi Haleem and just opposite to that is… the most famous shop of Karachi Javed Delhi Nihari lets check out how we can see the taste of Delhi in Karachi we have with us is Yaseen bhai He is the owner of Delhi Kabab House Tell us why have you named this shop 'Delhi' Kabab House My father is from Delhi I was born in Pakistan but my father was from Delhi where in delhi? Old Delhi ! Laal kuwan laal kuwan, jama masjid these are "Dhaga(thread) Kabab" you put the mince on Skewe and binding it with the thread is also an art very delicious ! so this was delhi kabab house lets move forward to Javed Delhi Nihari and this Nihari is just ultimate Anubhav bhai whenever you come to karachi, you are invited on Javed Nihari… this is Delhi Madina pakwan centre and next to is Delhi Islam restaurant This is Delohi Mamo Fish fry Saleem Bhai why is Delhi in your shop's name? This name is written by our ancestors They were from Delhi thats why we have named it tell us about your fish we are selling it since 40 years People come from faraway to try this because it has Delhi name as you said… Delhi's food is most delicious, their spices etc… right behind me is Karachi's famous Javed dehli nihari lets see whats going on here , lets go ! Javed Saab please tell us that You have named your shop Javed Delhi Nihari So why Delhi ! because we used to live in India ! and when Pakistan came into existence ,we migrated here So thats why we named it that… where were you living in Delhi? barandurra is it near Jama Masjid? Yes were you born in India? No i was born in Pakistan, Your father migrated from Delhi… Yes So he had a food shop there too? No My uncle has a food business Was it also a Nihari Shop? yes it was also a Nihari Shop It means its been more than 100 years now… Yeah, i have been on this shop since 40 years… Do you still have any relatives in India? My nephews are there and some other cousin too Do they also work in food business? Yes there was one of my cousin who has died but now his children are doing it.. His name was Nisar Ahmed They have a SheerMal (A kind of bread) shop there I have been to Delhi twice Their Nihari is black like Qorma… Its not similar to our Nihari… They dont have The Nihari like we do have? NO they dont have it… I have a tin pack too You can send it to them They will eat and understand that ours is better… haha… yeah yeah… Do you have any message for our friend Anubhav! Just remember Pakistanis in your prayers… Now we are eating Javed Nihari Untill we enjoy the Nihari… Lets see what Anubhav has to show us… We are now at Aslam Chicken Corner, Jama Masjid and you'll be happy to know that Aslam bhai is married in Pakistan Arbaz bhai's grand parents are in Pakistan lets talk to them… we are with Arbaz bhai and Sultan bhai Your mother's parents are in Pakistan Tell us, have you been to Pakistan? yes i have gone there thrice I felt very good there People are really nice My grand parents and other cousin live there We have a restaurant there too where? its name is Al haaj Bundo Khan Restaurant You will be happy to know that the other youtuber connected with us in Pakistan… his name is Zia Tabarak and he runs a… youtube channel called StreetFoodPK which is about Karachi's food… He would definately know about it Which name? Bundo Khan? Yes, Al haaj Bundo Khan Zia bhai please go there to taste and let us know how is it ! I 100% guarantee he has already been there… its really very famous… Yes Arbaz and Anubhav bhai right now I am with Maqsood Bundo Khan who is Arbaz's cousin and Arbaz bhai is absolutely right Not only Karachi but Bundo Khan is famous all over Pakistan.. and it is a great coincidence that we met each other through YouTube Aslam chicken you told me about is Bundo Khan's cousin Come with me i will show you around… please come.. You also have family members in Pakistan? Yes i also have family members there… actually this was a one country, one people… then they separated but… the blood relations still exists.. love is still there and above all our food and tastes are same The food in India and Pakistan has exactly the same taste You will find love and unity in the food Its not like we are different from each other… Our flag is tricolor… their flag is star and cresent… so what !! … we are all the same… Absolutely, in the end we are all same human beings… This is the message we want to convey through this video… Over to you Zia ! Ok, Anubhav bhai, now we are in the restaurant Its a really cool restaurant Let me tell you a little We belong to Meerut and Delhi My Grand Father came from Meerut to Karachi He was a friend of Liaquat Ali Khan (Pakistan's First Prime Minister ) So when he came to Karachi with Liaquat Ali Khan Then they thought we have now come here so now what to do ! So with a small cart my father Mehmmod bundo khan and my grand father AlHaaj Bundoo Khan started this work and the first one who tasted two Kababs on the cart was Liaquat Ali Khan himself I was around the end of 1947… today whatever rush you looking at is their hard work they planted a tree and we are giving it water and benefiting from its fruits Did Bundo Khan had a food shop in India too? No in India he was a goldsmith Oh, he left the gold business and migrated to Pakistan? yes yes… Our half relatives are still living in India In Meerut and Delhi We also wish and feel happy to go there and meet our relatives these things cannot be left behind… they have red blood and so do we have… We also wish that may we can easily visit each other… My younger brother visits Delhi every year in Novemeber for the festival In Palgazi ground, 14th to 28th November a festival will be held in which there will be a Bundo Khan's stall too Anubhav bhai, you have to go there and specially must try Bundo Khan's mutton kababs because we will also be tasting the mutton kababs in just a while… I have been doing food tours in old delhi since 8 years and if you ask me one place or one recommendation in Delhi then i would tell you Aslam Chicken Corner their chicken is really different and delicious you see this is chicken along with butter yogurt, cream and other combination of ingredients it is said that the chicken is made by Aslam bhai… but he learnt it from Pakistan… is it true? No it is not true… its made in Pakistan too so you can say we just consult with each other… Aslam bhai's special butter chicken tikka it will melt in your mouth mind blowing Zia bhai tell us if Karachi, Pakistan also has this kind of chicken… tell us about Karachi's food and taste Lets try the mutton kababs… Wow… amazing… Maqsood bhai you have outdone yourself… so delicious, soft and juicy… tell us something about the recipe… these are special ingredients and we dont share our recipe… thats true, recipe should be a secret… i have eaten at bundo khan alot of times but today… Maqsood bhai is with me, and Anubhav and Arbaz bhai… and the joy of eating with all of you has no comparision Thank you Anubhav and Arbaz bhai for providing us the opportunity to eat with Maqsood bhai here in Karachi… and with this our old Delhi taste journey has come to an end we just showed you some glimpses, old delhi has alot more tastes.. and in sh Allah in next episode we'll show you some more places… Over to you Zia… Thank you Anubhav bhai You really helped me in making this video and as you said I also wish to visit old delhi, and to eat at the mohammad ali road of mumbai and visit my ancestors city Lucknow ! but for the time being we can only spread the message of love and peace through this video and pray that May we can easily visit each other…. and with this note, takecare of yourself… Allah Hafiz…

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