27 thoughts on “I’m At A Healthy Weight, Can I Still Have An Eating Disorder? Facebook Friday! #katifaq”

  1. Thank you for the journal topic! I've been interested in journaling lately, but I've had a hard time writing anything positive. I think having a prompt like this will really help 🙂

  2. Kati gave me the same advice in person about being an eating disorder therapist and internships. Please listen to her advice. You will be a better therapist if you open yourself up to all the experiences that grad school can offer you.

  3. I wish more people knew that you can be at a healthy weight and still have an eating disorder. I have an ED. I use to be really skinny apparently, but at hospital i had to gain and now i am apparently healthy weight. I sometimes question whether i still have an ED cause so many say you can't any more, but i still have all the same thoughts and a lot of the same behaviours…it is harder to ask for help now though cause no one will think i am sick enough. Anyway love the journal idea!

  4. DEFINITELY continue the journal topic idea, I've kinda stopped because I've ran out of things to do and I do tend to rely on YouTube videos to come up with them, so if nothing jumps out I struggle! I know I should be doing it though, even when I'm well because then it might stop things from going downhill 🙂

  5. Journal topics! YES! I've been unable to write and this is absolutely perfect!! 🙂 Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  6. Yay! Journal topics! Btw I think my favorite part of Fridays is coming to these Q&As and hearing that little Friday song. lol It's adorable!

  7. Seems like I'm not the only one who is excited about journal topics… I've had such a hard time getting my thoughts out lately and having difficulty sharing things. I'm really looking forward to this. Thank you, Kati and to whoever suggested it. <3

  8. Thank you so much for speaking about stress & ED, and how it can eventually become a real ED… I left you a message on the "journal" of your website about "odd ED" because I was always overly anxious in my life in general, but also circumstances made that people around me have ALWAYS made fun about me being to thin… yes, it is weird, because I eat relatively properly, I don't purge or restrict. But now I'm overly anxious around food and I'm obsessed w/ gaining weight at the same time…

  9. Thank you SO MUCH for the journal topics!!! I don't have a therapist or anything so it will be so great to have little assignments to push me along. And it will force me to actually start journaling (you seem to be in love with it so I guess it's pretty important 🙂 Thank you for all of your videos, they play a huge part in my recovery <3

  10. Hi, Kati! Im just asking because I'm curious. How's the law regarding being diagnozed with an eating disorder in the US? I'm from Norway and when I had an BMI on 18,7 I was to heavy to get the diagnosis (if I remember it right). And if I wanted a diagnosis on it, I had to be so skinny that they would place me in their care at a local treatment center and I would have to be there for weeks until I gained. I cheated when they weighed me 😛

  11. AGHHHHHH I absolutely hate being weight restored but still having the same thoughts. People think that since the outside is better, the inside is too, but really, being weight restored is harder than not being restored.

  12. Awe I miss these days, when Kati posted these types of videos! I mean I still like Kati Morton, she is so AWESOME, but it just felt more personal for me anyway. It really felt like she was talking to us and not just another face on the internet!  Like I say, I still like her, I just missed these days when I felt closer to her, and I waited and had to watch  every signal video of hers. I understand totally why she moved to 2 days a week, but I wish she still had 1 day out of the 2 where she did this type of video instead! It felt like she was a friend and connecting with us by answering our questions! It made me feel very close to her.

  13. My psychiatrist said I don't have an eating disorder because I'm a healthy weight and I'm in recovery (my restricting and binging are mostly very minimal now – after lots of effort and work). Is she right or should I ask for a second opinion? She told me that I have eating disorder "traits". I also have Borderline Personality Disorder.

  14. Very important topic! I was normal weight even while I had bulimia so I definitely was disordered and needed recovery. I remember thinking "maybe im not sick enough to need recovery" but im glad i realised i was and go out of this hell! love your videos!

  15. i was had anorexia but when i know about bmi for healthy weight so… i deal with myself and now my bmi index 19.75😀😊 .. 1 year ago my bmi index was 16.60 so thin.. now i have to control everything😊😊😊😊

  16. Kati, I often restrict & normally eat one meal a day. Other days, even though I don't want to eat, I do if there's people around at meal times. I don't purge & I rarely binge. I have also maintained a healthy weight. I believe that this means I have an ED, but I don't want to self-diagnose & I couldn't tell if it was some form of anorexia or EDNOS. I was wondering if you would be able to help me understand what I have, if I even have anything at all.

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