100 thoughts on “I Challenged My Friend To Finish A 76-Ounce Steak • Giant Food Time”

  1. 76 oz thats a light lunch for mikey chen or matt stonie and then goku is sitting at his own giant table asking if thers more food after eating 100 of these steaks

  2. What do you get for making the challenge? I never thought they'd do it, as the plate is enough for five. by the end I had to reconsider.

  3. Omg Jasmine is so right I'm happy that Alvin's having his favorite food after making tons of food for literally everyone

  4. she loves alot of meat because she is juicing hahaha.. Can you take me out next time because i love big and juicy meat hahaha..

  5. My caption english auto generate and when she yell it's giant food time my caption show it's giant poop time. Well still acurate tho

  6. Just another trend on YouTube of who can eat the most of this or most of that. Big portion sizes to get our attention. Nothing new. YouTube is getting stale. But thanks to channels like "The Try Guys" I still watch.

  7. medium rare/well done should be a crime =_= everyone knows that a amazingly cooked wellseasond steak is done with a core temp of 130-135F so you can seak the juices flow out when you cut in to it.

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