I BOOKED A SUSHI CLASS IN TOKYO (at a local’s home)

I BOOKED A SUSHI CLASS IN TOKYO (at a local’s home)

yo natalia natchan here omg guys i feel so gyaru today look at this makeup its kinda gyaru and and so is my room… cus its… messy aka a gyaru room today I’m going to be doing something called air kitchen and well you know of air bnb right? but this one is called air kitchen and its for people for want to cook Japanese food it probably doesn’t matter if you live here or if you’re just coming on vacation but lets say you WANT TO COOK JAPANESE FOOD but.. there are no chefs for Japanese food in Missouri… so when you come to Japan you can use this “air kitchen” and they have profiles of people and on their profile it says what kind of food they can teach you and a little bit about who they are so you can choose from that, and then take a class from them and so today I’m going to be taking a Japanese cooking class! what will i cook? you ask I’ll tell youw when I get there so here we are I wonder if anybody is here~ hello! nice to meet you mikako-san! mikako-san: go ahead thank you! what is that called again? tonic water! I made it for you, natchan! aw thank you! wow you’re amazing ;-; and today’s menu is.. sushi! nigiri sushi, sushi rice gunkan sushi and sushi rolls 4 types well actually 3 types of sushi we make the rice, and then 3 types of sushi yay I’m excited! okay time to be like Mikako-san and put on my apron omg you look so pretty and nice and standing next to you I look so crazy wOW OK RED okay guys nice to meet you im an apple so first, we cook the rice but because that takes such a long time, I’ve already cooked it so the second step is the sushi vinegar lets make that first so sushi rice has sugar, salt, vinegar so please put this in the pan does the sushi rice always have this much salt? well this is my special recipe so you’re free to change it as you like but I think this is I’m so excited to eat.. but omg my hair is completely covering Mikako-sans face next we put the rice in here what do you call this in Japanese? handai or a sushi-oke handai try breaking the shape of the rice and spread it out apparently after spreading the rice you put vinegar on, but there’s a special way of doing it after mixing the vinegar with the rice you’re supposed to fan it to cool it down, this makes the rice look nice and shiny its actually kind of sparkling the rice so now we’re gonna make 3 types of sushi but I’m wondering what is always the hardest for foreigners to make? I think the roll type rolling it with seaweed i thought it would be the nigiri well the way that the pro sushi chef makes the nigiri sushi is difficult but here, I teach it in a way that you can do it at home, so it’s easier. So you can definitely do it too! i wonder if i can do it with these though.. So we’ll start with the roll we’ll use this how do you think we use it? please place it the right way wow the PRESSURE oh i was close yeah! i took the regular nori (seaweed) and cut it in half because today we’ll do a thin roll we’re making thin roll sushi. so it’s like the cucumber roll or nattou roll you usually find at a sushi place? okayy now lets try to not tear a hole in the gloves… well it’s a pretty big glove so.. its perfect wow so super mario you already have it the right way but make sure that the shiny side of the nori is up. and the other side is down it’s good you told me cus I thought it was the opposite so just take a bit with your hands are you gonna be able to do it with the nails? ughhhh they’re not making it easy its ok okay now spread the rice a bit make sure not to smash it but just spread it little by little oh wait i think my nails are actually helping with this part and 2 centimeters here or should i say one inch? 2 centimeters? when i lived here I used centimeters and when i moved back to America I’m using inches again but… now i’m just all mixed up so im just gonna go with the flow the rice smells so heavenly lol heavenly (I’m trying to watch my mouth and speak in polite Japanese lol) so my nails are definitely making this harder but i wanna make a statement that even gyaru can cook wowthisishard so you can use the cucumber and I’ll use the tuna are you ready? yeah thats right can you do it? i think you can? i can wrap it up to the end of the rice here like this omg my gloves.. might fall off thats right! ok you can let go now but im scared is it ok? and when you open it there you did it! i mean.. its a little flat but omg yours is round and this is what a pro sushi roll looks like now we cut it you’re supposed to wipe the knife with a wet towel while cutting the sushi so the rice doesn’t stick now time to mold the nigiri sushi lets make it first we start with the rice you have to measure it first make sure it’s at 20 g I know its a bit picky but, theres a bit much so I’ll take a little out wow it is picky okay guys so make sure you dont go over 20 g when you’re making this so this is the “at home” type of molding nigiri sushi now put it down oh it looks nice! WOW IM SO TIRED isn’t it fun though? yeah it is! now we have 5 more left we’re doing 6 in total 6!! i think that if you brought this sushi to a party in America… you’d look so cool yeah so actually what I’ve been thinking is that I want students that are going abroad to study, to learn how to do this i think it’s a good idea so first off put the fish on your hand and then take the rice and put it on top and when you do that use your two fingers it’s way harder than i thought you get used to it! you’re doing better now! seee? and the next two are gonna be “gunkan sushi” salmon roe?! yes! salmon roe! you like it? i love it! I’m like the daughter of salmon roe is that… so?? and there’s my love time to do it please put the rice here we want the seaweed to stick so so take a piece of rice and put it here oh i think i already had one sticking on accident oh that works perfect so the reason i chose your sushi class is because I wanted a challenge but it really IS difficult really? yeah and next we can put the salmon roe and other stuff on top this one is tuna wow yours looks so nice it looks so goood it does! if you really like salmon roe, you can put more on top if you want okay im ready for more they kinda look like a dragon ball.. really? now we’re gonna make it cute and decorative look can u believe i made this? crazy huh this American girl with claws did all of this like woah you can place them however you like the chopstick holder is so cute! I guess ill just do all red cus i recently learned this word “yaba ringo park” (it means omg) since I already went with the red apron..and hair ill just do red (i actually dont really like the color red oops) this is where you’re supposed to put the chopsticks she said that she has either beer, tea, or sake for the people who come to cook but i love the taste of sake with sushi so I want to drink a bit of sake with my food I feel like I’m at a sushi place now… cheers! thank you! its so good! Mikakosan: really? thats great because it’s not that cheap american stuff i guess I’ll try the roll here i go wait why is this regular roll sushi so good!? probably because the rice was made well so i’ve been to coveyorbelt sushi 3 times since I’ve been here but this is completely different it wasn’t that hard right? it wasn’t, and i think that if i didnt have fake nails it’d be even easier here i go its gooood so I noticed that in America we cut the piece in half with our teeth but it looks kinda gross.. so recently I don’t wanna do that (and now im trying really hard to abide by what i just said lmao) and Mikako-san made matcha purin for me today so I’m going to try it its sweet its so good.. I never really eat dessert anymore so now when i actually do eat them its soooo sweet. its really good omg i really am an apple maybe i shouldn’t have gone so red today I’m gonna regret this while editing I know it so RED thank you so much Mikako-san for bringing me to your kitchen today! it was really fun americans especially suck at cooking so I’d be happy if you guys could come here and learn some things and maybe open a good restaurant back home (please) so if you type in Air Kitchen you can find the website but where can i search for your class? by name? you should search by “sushi” so if you search by sushi you can find Mikako-san’s profile with her picture! so make sure to pick her if you decide to do a class well then if you enjoyed this video, make sure to like and subscribe, please! this was Natalia Natchan and Mikako!

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  1. なっちゃんのいいところは、見た目からは想像できない「礼儀正しい」ところが大好きです。

  2. この動画もまったりしてて特に好き

  3. 美味しそうなお寿司が出来て良かったね。
    御淑やかな ナッちゃんも、元気なナッちゃんも可愛い❗

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    惚れ直した ほんわか見てしまいました 爪はずして行っていたらはなまるやったな

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