How to Slice Sashimi | Sushi Lessons

How to Slice Sashimi | Sushi Lessons

I’m going to show you how to slice sashimi. This is a beautiful tuna right here. When you slice for sashimi you need a little
thicker, so the knife you want to use is a nice and sharp knife. This is a fish knife, very narrow and long. So I don’t have to do like this. I just pull one time and I can cut it nicely. I’m going to cut in from my right hand side
and holding the fish lightly with my left. Starting using the knife from the bottom,
so coming from right. When you cut it you need to hold the fish
so it doesn’t move around. You don’t want to push too much to damage
the fish, but you kind of hold it a little bit. Then, just pull gently. You don’t want to do like this. That means if you miss you cut your finger. So, you carve it, the fingers a little bit,
and just do this. That’s for your sashimi.

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  1. Meta for Nigiri is cut thin to allow for proper ratio to the rice. Sashimi is more experimental. You can mzks belly of salmon in cubes for a rich filling taste, or you can slice it thin for a buttery soft texture. Mackeral or bass you can cut a 1/4 inch thich slice after cross checking a pattern in it to increase surface area for differsnt textures. Neta for nigiri is much more precise and strict than sashimi, sashimi is for when the chef wishes to showcase the fish at its purest.

  2. Very bad explanation she doesn't mention which is the front side of the fish, how to cut it from scratch,  I'll give her a 1 of 10.

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