How to Protect Baby from Lead Poisoning | Baby Development

How to Protect Baby from Lead Poisoning | Baby Development

I’m a practitioner in New York City where
lead poisoning is quite a hot topic. We have a lot of pre-war buildings in New
York City, and a lot of old houses that have old lead paint. Now when you move into a home with your child,
you must have documentation that it’s a lead free house. That means that either the lead paint was
removed, or there was never lead paint in the house. If it’s a new construction, there might not
be lead paint. The reason that lead paint is a problem is
because lead is damaging to children in the developmental stages of their brain. Lead can be in the form of paint dust, or
paint chips, and it cognitively impairs a child if the lead is ingested. You often see a picture of a little child
or a toddler standing by a window ledge, and biting on the edge of the window ledge. In the old days, those ledges were made of
lead based paint, and the child would ingest those lead chips, and become lead poisoned. We routinely check a child in New York City
between nine and twelve months, and again at two years for lead in the blood. Every city and every state has different guidelines
for lead poisoning, but all paint in the United States should be lead free. We also have to be careful of lead in paint
that’s used to paint toys. Often cheap toys that are coming from abroad,
the factories are using lead based paint. Those are supposed to have been eliminated
in the United States. There are a lot of toys that come from abroad,
from Asia, and you really want to make sure that the paint is not chipping, and that your
child’s not putting that toy in their mouth, and then notice it, and you notice that the
paint is chipped off. Lead poisoning can cause cognitive impairment,
and it can cause a form of anemia. It’s very important that you make sure that
your child is lead screened at age one year and at age two years. We check lead in two ways. You can do a finger stick, which is a capillary
blood test that’s a screening test. If that test is okay, then we don’t do another
test like a venipuncture. Your doctor might chose just to take blood
from the vein at age one and age two to make sure there is no lead poisoning. You should discuss this with your pediatrician. If you see peeling paint in your apartment,
please notify your landlord, or if you’re the owners please take care of it because
peeling paint is a source for the children to go peel it off, and put it in their mouths. Peeling paint is also a sign of lead based
paint, so if you go into a house, an old apartment either that your grandmother lived in, or
that’s an estate sale, old apartment. You’ll go in and you’ll see, it’s just millions
of cracks in the paint, and the ceiling and they’re all chipping down. That’s really a red flag, and a clue that
the paint has lead in it. Just make sure that this is a discussion in
your household, and that you’ve documented lead free paint in your building.

10 thoughts on “How to Protect Baby from Lead Poisoning | Baby Development”

  1. "How to protect your baby from lead poisoning"
    Don't let your baby eat your house…

    And I'm sorry… If lead was really that bad and caused brain problems, then why are so many people from the previous generations so smart?
    I've noticed that there are more problems in the recent generations than there are with the generations that used lead paint.

    Honestly, I think the reasons they don't want us to have lead paint is because lead paint can't be x-rayed through.

  2. Yes I have.
    But that's usually in high doses.

    The first part of the comment was a joke.
    You know… 'Don't let your baby eat you out of house and home'.

    The second part was completely true. Look at how many past generations were perfectly fine growing up in homes with lead paint. There are more people in the current generation with problems than there have ever been previously.

    And the last part of the comment was something my dad wanted me to add. Wouldn't leave me alone until I added it.

  3. @Kelsie Lecrone You and your father are simply wrong. Does he think people go around x-raying houses? Any ingestion of lead is highly dangerous as it interferes with nerve functioning. It's the same reason we don't use leaded gas anymore. Please, please, please do your own research before you say this kind of silliness in the future.

  4. @Kelsie Lecrone Oh, and the reason babies eat lead paint is because lead tastes SWEET. The ancient Romans actually used it to season their food, as they had no idea about its extreme toxicity. And it also explains why Boston city water tastes so good: all of the lead pipes.

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