How to Make Tofu Taste like Meat

How to Make Tofu Taste like Meat

How to Make Tofu Taste like Meat. If you miss meat, use these simple tips to
trick your carnivorous side. You will need Spices Marinade and barbecue
sauce. Step 1. Choose tofu marked firm or extra firm. This will give you a more meat-like texture. Freezing tofu will give it a firmer but chewier
texture. Step 2. Press the tofu and drain it of excess water
by wrapping it in a towel and placing a heavy weight on top of it. This will allow it to crumble more easily. Step 3. Season the tofu with your favorite spice blend,
or marinate it in your favorite dressing or barbecue sauce. Tofu is naturally bland and will absorb any
added flavoring from seasoning and sauces. Step 4. Replace the meat in spaghetti sauce, stroganoff,
tacos, or stews with crumbled tofu. Step 5. Grill or pan-fry the tofu for a great charred
flavor and crunchy texture – your family will never know the difference. Did you know Did you know? The world consumes about 280 million tons
of meat per year.

100 thoughts on “How to Make Tofu Taste like Meat”

  1. This didn't help worth a damn. It's really easy to make tofu taste like bacon….Why did I even watch this video? Howcast needs to stop huffing paint fumes.

  2. you will need spices, marinade and bbq sauce. but the title says how to make tofu taste like meat.. i cant make tofu out of spices, marinade and bbq sauce

  3. Good info…. That is if you know how to cook and have some imagination. If not then you prob should just stick to what you know. Why are so many people getting upset with vegans and vegetarians? Have you seen all the crap they have been doing to our meat? Irradiation, hormones and antibiotics just to name a few of the big problems.

  4. Debatable. Some people have allergies so all they can eat is meat. Like Vampires or Lions.

    But seriously, I was being sarcastic. It's pretty obvious why people who don't eat meat but secretly want to eat it flavour their tofu that way. It's like being a closet pedo and only going for very young looking girls. Hey, it's still legal!

    Why bother try making it taste like meat? Embrace the unique qualities of the medium. Trying to make it taste like meat is backwards thinking I reckon.

  5. I personally find the meat industry to be very wasteful and cruel, as well as excessive. Oils from meat also causes my skin to break out. When they say you are what you eat, they mean it. I actually like meat, but I prefer clear skin and not providing to an industry who only uses flesh, overbreeds and stores animals like cans on shelvs.

  6. Any food waste is unfortunate and unnecessary. I'm not so sure about the meat industry wasting though. I'm pretty sure all the nasty stuff like innards, ligaments and bumholes gets used to make chicken nuggets and stuff like that, that they then sell in fast food chains. The beauty of the moden age is the amount of choice we have when it comes to food.

  7. I find their lack of use of the skins a bit wasteful. Unless they sell it to the clothing industry, or something. In that case, it's not as wasteful as I knew it to be.

  8. Why you would want tofu to taste like anything else is beyond me. I'm no vegetarian, far from it, but I fucking love tofu. Little bit of soy sauce dressing over it after lightly boiling/frying it, stir fry with kimchi and pork or some kind of asian style soup. Possibly the best thing ever.

  9. freeze, press, add chicken broth( real or artificial) . egg batter, dust with flour, repeat twice and deep fry. closest to chicken nuggets.

  10. ….You cannot just replace ground meat with tofu. You must crumble the tofu, season it, and pan fry it a little before putting it into a sauce. Otherwise it will be a mushy disgusting mess.

  11. this is crap she doesnt even explain what spices or what marinade. so if I marinade it in my cats piss its still gonna taste like meat?

  12. 280 million ton, man, Thats an awful lot of suffering … On both sides of the equation … Support the Animal Liberation Front !

  13. 0:34 Season tofu with your favorite spice blend or marinade it with your favorite dressing or bbq sauce………Don't blame the video for your awful hearing or lack of ability to pay attention…..

  14. Smh… honestly,some people are just too busy looking for faults to even pay attention. They mess things up for folks like you and I who are actually trying to learn something. Have you tried the recipe for yourself yet? It looks good to me.

  15. I have tried it and it is very good! I used a panda express orange chicken marinade for my tofu and still can't believe how well it absorbed the flavor!!!

  16. Okie dokie! I am going to make this for brunch tomorrow with a package of those Sunbird seasonings they make for Chinese food. I find them at ShopRite mostly. Thanks!

  17. Why do people keep insisting that they can make tofu taste like meat? I went to an expensive vegetarian restaurant in San Francisco (one of the people I was with was vegetarian) and they had all this "fake" meat shaped like real meat. Didn't taste even a little bit like meat. Tofu tastes good enough without you pretending it's meat. If you're a vegetarian and you miss meat, tough. You are never going to find anything to replace it.

  18. Vegans/vegeterians trying to convince others to stop eating meat by lying, or they never tried real meat in their lives. This will not taste like meat.
    You can make Tofu "taste" like meat, just cut thin slices of tofu and meat, stack them in layers and cook together. The texture will be completely different, but the taste will at least be closer meat.
    Not a choice for veggies though.
    If you are against the killing, wait for lab grown beef to commercialize.

  19. really? how hard is it to get off your ass and go to the store and pick up a pre-made marinade? what your that lazy and helpless that you need someone to tell you how to mix oil, vinegar, and seasonings together?

  20. Interesting, I might try this out on some relatives and see what they think.  I usually like meals with more black beans as tofu can be a pain, but I think I'll give this a shot and see what happens. Don't know about the spaghetti part, though– I just use TVP for that usually. 

  21. Freezing the tofu in the original package isn't good. Take it out and drain the excess water, then freeze in a plastic Ziploc bag. Personally, I first cut mine into cubes. Then I press all the water out. And after that I put the cubes in a bag and freeze. 

  22. Your family will never know the difference.

    I know howcast is known to make a lot of stupid accusations on how to do things but come on, that's just stupid. Meat and Tofu texture is always way too different for people to not know the difference. The only way that would work on are those who never eaten meat before and never knew how meat tastes like.

  23. Throw it in a low degrees (32 Celsius) fan oven for 2-5 hours. This reduces the water content as well as helps the texture.

  24. LOL Have you ever seen somebody cook a whole block of tofu!? Whoever made this video has literally never seen or eaten tofu in their life!

  25. Normally I don’t like to leave negative comments but has this person cooked any tofu? I mean simple but I feel bad for however followed this and expected something super yummy and meat like

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