How To Make Sweet Shortcrust Pastry | Jamie Oliver

How To Make Sweet Shortcrust Pastry | Jamie Oliver

*Intro music* JAMIE>>Hello lovely people! Let’s make the beautiful thing that is homemade short crust sweet pastry. So good, so much better than anything you could buy. So, the basis of this recipe starts with half fat to flour. And that’s a principle that’s been used for hundreds of years. We’re going to use a little sieve to put 250g of flour. Then we have the butter and I’m just going to rub the butter and flour together but, before I do that I’m going to add some sugar That’s 100g of icing sugar. So, then I’ve got a vanilla pod here. The classic flavor. I’m just gonna squeeze this. You can always tell a good vanilla pod by it being sticky and sort of soft and gentle. [shouting] Hello Buds! That’s my little boy, Buddy. uhm, you alright mate? I’m making pastry, do you wanna help me? Cool, wash your hands. So I’m just going to run my knife down the pod like this. Scrape the inside out And there are literally thousands of little seeds. There, right? And it’s incredible. Look at this. Smell that. Guess what that is. Vuh! Vuh! BUDDY>>Vanilla! YAY! So if you can just get little knobs of butter and just squash it into the flour. Get a little handful. This is called rubbing. This is a rubbing method, ok? So Buds is the king of that. He’s going to do that. Add a little sea salt ok?Just a pinch. The salt is good to season the flour. And then what you can do is just a tiny gesture of lemon zest or any citrus. So, we don’t want to over-touch the pastry because the temperature of our hands is melting the butter. So we can stop now Buds, ok? Now I’m going to add a little swig of milk and I’m going to use the yolk of two eggs. The yolk is going to give you a richer, finer pastry. So I just use a fork now. You all right Buds? You watchin’ and learnin’? Kay, can you just move that around – keep it in the bowl. So Buddy, we’re going to make this pastry, to bake it blind. So look, I brought this pastry together I’m going to wrap this up in cling film So that goes in the fridge, about half an hour to an hour. Let it relax, let it chill. And then I’ll show ya how to roll it out. Ok, so, eh, the pastry has rested. Uhm, and it literally does rest. It allows the gluten in the flour to relax and become more flexible. And in that time, if you feel it Buds, it gets firmer. So this is all about lining the pastry mold. Dust a clean surface [with flour] You wanna get the pastry to a temperature that is kind of malleable. Get a rolling pin and give it a little whack. You’re just kind of extending it. You’re doing that initial bit of hard work. Give it an even push. And of course you can choose the thickness that you want. I’m gonna go about half a centimeter. Roll this up like that. Then I’m going to put the pastry down like this. Let that sag in, like that. We need to now bake this pastry shell blind. Just use this – if you just push this across Buds. Right, it’ll naturally cut the pastry. Good lad, we got there. So what we’ve got there is a really easy natural ending right? And it’s looking kinda pretty. This is a twelve inch mold. It’s got a removable bottom. BUDDY>>Giggles JAMIE>>Did I say bottom? BUDDY>>Yes JAMIE>>Oh God! I can’t believe I just said bottom! Should I say sorry? BUDDY>>No. JAMIE>>Ok, fair enough. Then what I’m gonna do is get this fork. Can you poke little holes like that? Around the bottom – not up the sides though. If you don’t do this, then sometimes the heat from the bottom of the oven can make the inside of the pastry case arc up. I’ll have him working in the restaurant soon. That is your prepared pastry case. You could freeze it. I’m going to use quality cling film that is heat proof. And what I use, is instead of baking beans I’m going to use baking rice. So I’m going to pour that in. Pat that down dude and let that go all the way up the side of the pastry. Really press it down. I’m just going to bring the sides in like that and we’re gonna bake this for about ten minutes. So baking blind means essentially cooking the pastry without color. Ok, so that’s going to go in the oven now for ten minutes. Let’s take it out. Now what’s happened here guys is, as you can see The pastry is in perfect condition. We just pop that back in for five minutes so the pastry is cooked, but it’s not gonna move and it’s not gonna shrink. Ok, so we’ve had five minutes and here is our pastry case. So there you go guys, that is the basic beautiful pastry case. WOO HOO! Look at that, absolutely fantastic although a little bit hot! There’s so much you can do with that. Hopefully you’ve got some good ideas of a good solid recipe. If you wanna see me cook an incredible dessert I’m gonna do a Maple Pecan Pie Click the “i” button up there..*snaps* Thank you buddy, say goodbye to the lovely people. BUDDY>>Bye. JAMIE>>Buh-bye.

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  1. The recipe on the website says 1 large egg instead of 2 egg yolks, is there some kind of mistake or either way is fine?

  2. Jamie the one thing that's not clear in this vid is what it's suitable for? Like can it be used just cold as it is without further cooking or does it need to be filled then baked again? Or both? Looks great though and the videos are always funnier with Buddy in them. You should do another taste test with Gennaro DJ BBQ but have Buddy do it as well lol.

  3. You're son is adorable i'd love to see more video's of kids helping out! Surely if the kids can do it I can do it too haha

  4. Hi Jamie! I don't know if this will get any response, but I was just wondering, can this be baked later along with the fillings?

  5. That looks scrummy. Also you are both adorable together. Thanks for sharing the video and I intend to give it a go in my cornflake tart I’m making with one of my sons 😊

  6. Oh lord! Isnt that kid adorableeee!!! God bless him he is so cute😍😍 i didnt even pay attention to the recipe😂😂😂 sorry…. 😅

  7. Minor point jamie…at what stage do you add the milk? Breadcrumb or pea sizes crumb….boring but I've tried this 4 times now and all different results….thanks ….amateur baker

  8. You said it wouldn't shrink. When you took it out of the oven you could see it had shrunk. Then, through the magic of editing, you presented another pastry case which hadn't shrunk, and pretended it was the original one. What a shitty thing to do.

  9. 😍انا من العراق 😍😍
    I love you 😍😍😍😍

  10. My little girl said Buds face is cute!
    Q. Surely I don't need to prebake the pastry if I am making little Mince Pies, do I, with the rice/beans and all?

  11. You know, it's an absolute joy to see parenting skills like Jamie and Jools – used so naturally and effectively. Wonderful!

  12. Really like Jamie but this is not crusty pastry this turns into more of a puff pastry was really disappointed.

  13. What a sweet son you have love this recipe
    I never knew you could put cling film in the oven wow you learn new things every day

  14. I used this recipe but for little tart tins. The pastry shrunk 😔. Used rice and grease proof paper to weight them and pricked the bottoms (ooeerr) what am I doing wrong?

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