How to make SUSHI | Fiona’s Food For Life

How to make SUSHI | Fiona’s Food For Life

In today’s video, I’m going to show you
how to make sushi from scratch. I’m Fiona.
Welcome to “Fiona’s Food For Life” The first thing about making sushi
is cooking the rice. So I’m using sushi rice which you buy in
the supermarket. It’s a short grain white rice. I tend to cook it in the rice cooker with one
cup of water to one cup of rice But first of all, you wash it about
three times really well. Then we’re going to cure the rice as such.
So we pop it into a nice large glass bowl like this. And then we’re going to put some rice
vinegar and a little bit of sugar on top. So for the two cups of rice that I’ve cooked here I have 100ml of rice vinegar and
I have 1tbsp of the sugar. So you just dissolve it in there… And then pour it over the rice. Now what you’re going to try and do
is just gently stir around the rice Japanese tradition:
you don’t want to break the grains. So you’re just trying to gently
work that vinegar and sugar solution around each of the grains. This is going to cure it! So you do this step first of all, and then
you’re going to leave it to cool. I usually pop it on the windowsill And then you’ll be ready to work on it. And that rice that’s cured will stay
fresh for about 24 hours. You don’t keep it in the fridge,
in the traditional way. So you keep stirring Like this gently, without breaking the rice.
Until each of the grains are nice and shiny. So to make the sushi roll, we have the rice
which we’ve cooked and covered in the vinegar and sugar. You can leave it with a wet kitchen paper,
or a wet tea towel like this. And it’ll keep fresh for 24 hours. So we’re going to put the rice onto here.
We’re going to cover about three quarters of the sheet with the rice. I find this is a great snack
for the lunchbox Now you don’t have to use raw fish
when you’re making this. I use smoked salmon and I use tinned tuna So you don’t have to use raw fish! So the first one I’m going to make,
I will make it with smoked salmon and avocado. So we have our rice placed here
about three-quarters of the way. Then we have a row of
smoked salmon Then I have some cucumber
that I’ve cut up I’m going to lay that across And then… What you do need is one of these little bamboo mats! You can actually buy it in the supermarket
generally in the Asian aisle where they have all the different
Asian products It just really helps with rolling the sushi! so what you’re going to do is
you’re going to hold the sheet and the roll, you’re going to roll it up
tightly around the food and tuck up right in. You really want to get that first one
nicely tucked in. Then lift your mat Continue rolling and you’re holding a bit of pressure with
the mat and it helps you get it into a nice neat roll. Okay… And then you can leave that
stand for a few minutes. The second roll I’m going to make
you get your nori sheet which again you can get in the
Asian aisle at the supermarket You place the shiny side down on your mat And then you put your rice that has been cooked and
then stirred through with the rice vinegar Spread it out nice and thin My kids love actually making this themselves! Okay, so we’re going to put the tuna with just a
little bit of mayonnaise and seasoning And then I’ll put some avocado at this one. Okay… so you hold on to the edge of the
mat and the sheet Turn it over and tuck that first
one in nice and tight. Lift it up, use some pressure of the
mat to roll it through Gather it all nice and tight And there you have your second roll So to serve with the sushi… …some wasabi is lovely and You can buy the wasabi in the little tubes.
But to make really nice and pungent like you would have in the Japanese restaurants In the health food section,
you can buy this wasabi powder. so you mix one part… …wasabi powder to the two parts of water warm water. And there you have some really nice
pungent wasabi that you can use Sometimes I will put it into the sushi.
It depends if it’s for me. I’ll put it into the sushi Sometimes the kids put a little bit on top
or sometimes they don’t like it at all! And then I’ll get a nice good quality soy sauce Like the one by… “Fused”
by Fiona Uyema. And some pickled ginger. So they are the three things
that I would serve with the sushi And when you have your rolls here like this,
you can serve them in large pieces Sometimes I find the larger pieces
work better in the lunchbox Or you just get a nice sharp knife
and cut them into pieces My kids usually fight for the ends! So as soon as I cut the rolls, they
want to eat the ends there and then And there you have your two different
types of sushi roll, ideal for a lunchbox! I hope you enjoyed the video! Make sure you check out how to make
“Seed crackers” and “Toasted seeds”. Click on the link below to subscribe
and please like and comment! I’d love to hear what you think! Thanks for watching.
See you soon!

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