How To Make Smart Baby While Pregnant|Healthy Foods to Eat During Pregnancy|Sandhy’s beauty hub

How To Make Smart Baby While Pregnant|Healthy Foods to Eat During Pregnancy|Sandhy’s beauty hub

Welcome to sandhy’s beauty hub. Hello beautiful, how are you? today’s topic is on super foods to eat during
pregnancy for baby’s (fetal) brain development. Eat these nutritious super foods while pregnant
to boost your growing baby’s brain. These healthy eating ideas taste great too! Your fetus’s brain starts forming just three
weeks after conception and the food you eat play a vital role in its development. Yogurt is a great source of iodine and protein. Yogurt prevents low birth weight. It’s essential for fetusbaby’s brain growth. Pregnant women are advised to consume at least
two portions of oily fish per week. Rich source of DHA is important for helping
the brain and central nervous system mature of fetus. Eggs are a great source of protein and iron
and vital for baby’s brain development. Egg contains choline which is essential in
developing memory and a life-long ability to learn. Your baby requires the naturally occurring
folate in spinach for the production of new DNA and to regulate cell metabolism. Its antioxidants also protect the baby’s brain
tissue from damage.Sweet potatoes contain Beta-carotene which is required for development
of the baby’s central nervous system. Peanut are a great snack food during pregnancy,
being rich in protein, niacin, mono-saturated fats and folate. Their high vitamin E content supports DHA
and also protects brain cell membranes. Bananas are rich in Carbohydrate content. This means that you will not feel weak and
that your body will get adequate energy to help you as well as your baby. Milk and saffron are rich in protein and other
vitamins. It helps to boost up your unborn baby’s brain. A selenium deficiency can alter brain development
in your body. Mixed nuts are an excellent source of selenium
and are also rich in mono saturated fats. Pumpkin seeds are an excellent natural source
of zinc which is vital for building the structure of the brain and also activating the areas
of it that receive and process information. Lentil is a rich source of iron and protein
which are key ingredients to boost up your unborn baby’s brain. Keep eating this powerful healthy super pregnancy
foods during pregnancy. Please consult a good physician prior to follow. Please like, comment and pass it on if you think it is informative. Please Don’t forget to subscribe for more
videos. Thanks for watching. Stay healthy and Beautiful.

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  1. Yoghurt
    Sweet potatoes
    Milk and saffron
    Mixed nuts
    Pumpkin seeds

    Your welcome

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