How to Make Porgy Sushi & Sashimi | ( 鲷鱼寿司)

How to Make Porgy Sushi & Sashimi | ( 鲷鱼寿司)

Hey Sushi Lovers, thanks for checking back for another video. And if this is your first time on this channel, please hit that subscribe button for more upcoming new videos So a couple of weeks ago, I got myself some porgies out of the Gulf. These guys are some of the best eating fish, the meat is white, almost like a Hog fish thats probably because they also feed heavily on shellfish My theory is, any fish that eats mostly on crustaceans are destined to be delicious Personally, I think porgies taste better than some of the other snappers like Lane or Beeliners. You can fry, bake, steam, or eat it raw, it doesn’t matter, this fish is good anyway So if you never seen what really fresh fish looks like, this is it This fish was less than 24 hours old and its the perfect example to showcase The eyes should be clear like this, and the meat should be firm and bounces back when its pressed and the gills should be deep red like the color of blood Lastly fresh fish will have a clear glossy glow on the surface. Another words, it should be shiny All 4 factors are important, and should be thought about when buying But to me, having a shiny skin is almost always a guaranteed that its a fresh fish Sometimes checking the eyes and gills aren’t always a sure bet, depending on how the fish was handled by the supplier Alright, for this fish, I’m scaling it Some people think it’s a waste of time, I say they probably never made sushi from a whole fish before You can certainly skip this part, and just wash your filet in water after you’re done filleting it but that’ll ruin the color and offset the taste Find out for yourself. Just keep in mind that a skilled sushi chef never rinse the meat in water if its going to be served as sushi So, to remove the head, score both side of the head behind the fin, and then cut on the bottom and really care to not cut inside the belly If you’re not comfortable with this, cut it flat on the board But I find I’m less likely to gut the guts because gravity is pulling it down And since I’m not rinsing this, I don’t want to cut into the stomach and ruin the meat So if you did this right, everything inside the cavity will come out clean like this Once the head is removed, it’ll be much easier to fillet Just score the back side first and slowly work your way along the bone So I’ve had a few people ask me what knives I use in my videos I use a few different ones, but I would say 90% of the time I’m using a Japanese style knife called a Deba It’s not flexible like your typical Western fillet knives, but the extra weight of the steel makes cutting thru bones a breeze its very versatile for home use. I can cut fish, pork, and even chicken if I want But I usually advocate people to use whatever knife they are comfortable with, as long as they know how to use it There’s no rule on a style of knife you have to use to make sushi, the only rule is to have a sharp knife Even a regular chef knife will do the job, as long as its sharp But if you want to make sushi every weekend, then yea, invest in a mid-level knife because it’ll make the job easier and a good knife will last for a lifetime Depending on the type of fish you’re working with, you can eat it with the skin on or off For this one, I’m going to make the nigiri sushi without the skin and I’m going to sear the skin for sashimi Sometimes with smaller fish, you can leave the skin on but you gotta torch it or flash it with boiling water or else its going to be like chewing gum The trick is to torch it before you fillet it, so the meat doesn’t roll up, or else this will happen So this is the side I previously torched on If you’ll notice the filet sits nice and flat on the board It doesn’t roll up like the previous one you saw Alright guys, I’m going to stop talking and let the rest of the video play out As always thanks for watching, If this is your first time seeing one of my videos I hope you enjoyed it and please subscribe for more!

100 thoughts on “How to Make Porgy Sushi & Sashimi | ( 鲷鱼寿司)”

  1. I always thought sushi grade fish need special handling procedure after caught to prevent worms migrating from stomach to fresh. Do you ever worry about worms in fish?

  2. How many hours can a fish be good for sashimi if it is placed on a coleman box with ice.. And not really frozen hard.?

  3. To elaborate on his Deba, from what I can see (probably the same with his Yanagiba) they're Shuns, not what I would personally choose. I have personally gone the more traditional way and gotten White steel and traditional handles with my Deba and Yanagiba (Which are Hideo Kitaoka and Mac)

  4. Awesome videos mate, just wondering is it better to let the fish rest in the fridge overnight before using it for sashimi or no different if used on the same day?

  5. One added technique is to slice belly along to anus about 1cm to 4 cm from anus, then to make a nick inside near anus to release entrails connected to anus.
    This step helps later step to remove head with heart guts and so on.

    When to choose scaling with knife vs scaling with scaler, assuming objective is not to damage the flesh under ? You know this from experience or hearsay ?

    Thanks !

  6. I just started looking into making sushi for myself and my daughters. (All of us a huge fans of it) Thank you for this video it was really amazing and definitely useful. I loved the presentation of the sashimi. I'm definitely subscribing.

  7. It looks so good until you put the fish head on the bowl. That kills it for me. I like to eat steak too but the chef doesn’t put the cow’s head on steak. From yum to yuk.

  8. Finally someone that works with fish that has pretty hands. Usually the fingernails be yellow and mangled. Not to appetizing

  9. A kid watches how his mother and father continue to argue.
    Mom to dad: "You are selfish!!"

    Dad: "No I am not."

    Son: "Mom dad is not a fish!"

    Dad: "Thank you son! One person that sees the human in me."

  10. Wow…great video. Fine technique, and presentation!Thanks. I will be trying this… come Summer. I'm in New York. Do you suppose our porgy would be as good? All the best. Ed

  11. Are the porgies in the Northeast, such as Long Island sound and Cape Cod good for sushi? I have always wanted to try to make sushi but have always been afraid of getting sick/parasites. My friends have a house on the beach so I could literally catch one and prepare it immediately.

  12. Hey great videos! I’ve watched almost every video you got and was wondering if the wasabi you used is grated fresh or did you buy it in a tube?

  13. If you want to learn more, I have a very comprehensive sushi course on UDEMY with 40+ video lectures. Use this link for DISCOUNTED price:

  14. Amazing Video! I am looking forward to trying this out, but I have 3 questions:
    1)Is this the same type of porgy that you can find in New England?
    2)How long is this fish?(Head to tail)
    3)How long would you recommend freezing it(If at all)?

  15. I know sheepshead eat a lot of crustaceans and I've always fried them up but can you use them for sushi? I went through your videos and checked the site and didn't see any so I'm guessing no.

  16. Next episode: Porgy heads three ways! 😉 great vid, I liked that the sushi and sashimi cuts were spot on

  17. Is it safe to eat fresh porgy? Or left in freezer for 7 days then to eat as sashimi? I just caught some fresh porgy don’t know if safe to eat raw fresh?

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