How To Make Hand Ripped Noodles with Xi’an Famous Foods

How To Make Hand Ripped Noodles with Xi’an Famous Foods

can you ask your dad how much better is he Hacha neater than you would come in haughty bit about 20 times only yeah yeah of course I I thought it was be like 50 years hi my name is Jason I’m Derry and we’re from Shaam famous foods today we’re gonna show you how to make our hot little seared downtown style noodles so if fathers weren’t making yours ever since I was you know kid in China I would say decades my father making noodles from my grandfather my dad likes to make noodles as a snack I get sick of it a little bit when I was a kid but now it’s a it’s very delicious to me so the first portion of this recipe is gonna involve making our signature hand rip noodles which also known as bamm-bamm noodles so right now we’re gonna show you how to make our noodles from scratch this is just plain wheat flour with just plain tap water mixing it up you could also use a blender for this but fathers gonna demonstrate how to just mix it by hand you know this is what we used to do when we only have one store add the water bit by bit because it’s hard to work with too much water and become a slush so right now the dough is at the right consistency as you can see it’s there’s no stuck pieces on the sides it’s pretty cohesive so we’re gonna cover it up with you know you can use clear wrap you can use a wet paper towel just to make sure the dough doesn’t get dry from the resting we’re gonna let it rest for about 20 minutes so after the goats rested for a while we’re gonna it should have a better texture smoother and easier to work with I’m gonna take it out and knead it a few more times for consistency we want dough to look like this from that so we shape it into a longer piece so that we can cut them into these type of pieces so we could pull the noodles with so we have these pieces of dough that we’ve made to the right consistency so when we’re holding the dough we’re holding it with our thumbs and the rest of our hand at the ends but we’re not pinching too hard it’s it takes a little bit of finesse to make sure that as you’re pulling this is not go to rip the pieces right off of there and then you could lose your grip so you’re gonna pull a little bit as far as I’ll go with to the right amount of resistance it’s kind of like stretching at the gym you don’t want to hurt yourself so we’re gonna pull it slap it a few times it kind of loosens the tension of the dull if you’re just pulling it straight out force of poly noodles more likely it’s gonna break our noodles always have to be pulled to order because there’s no other way to deal with this type of dough now we’re going to rip the noodles in the middle so we got our name handgrip noodles kind of like string cheese you know pulling it apart and you slap it like that if you want to have some fun and put it in the to a pot of boiling water the water has to be boiling and the noodle has to go right into the pot this is why we don’t actually do delivery in any of our 15 locations the noodle has to be the right texture it has to be made fresh it has to be consumed right away delivery just messes that up so now the noodles are in the pot it’s cooking we typically add our cut cabbage in here so the noodles take a couple minutes cabbage take a lot less time so you drop the cabbage in a little bit later and fish them out together the pulled noodles weren’t really the main thing when we’re back in Flushing it was actually lamb burger which was may pop up by the late aboard gang back then they just came one day and with the whole crew so I asked my friends like I don’t really watch TV so who-who is he he’s famous apparently right and I know what do you try well we see him on TV all the time you never saw him we watch the show all the time and then I was like yeah well he looks vaguely familiar but you know mostly it propelled our name to foodies I did a lot for us it really helped you know get our name out there you don’t have to use tongs to fish and noodle is out you can use a spider or any sort of strainer this is just quicker for him we’re gonna add our seasoning for this dish so we’re gonna add the the sauce for it which is mainly a soy sauce and black vinegar mix of course with our proprietary spices a little bit of salt for flavor we’re going to lay a few aromatic ingredients on top of the dish to get it ready for searing with the hot oil scallions and lay it as tightly as possible in and then on the top of the dish chopped garlic and Freshlyground red chili powder which is similar to cayenne pepper as much as we need to taste the hot oil we need to heat it up almost to smoking point and just be careful the hot oil don’t burn yourselves and all this handle with care’ if the oil light’s on fire don’t throw water at it throw salt added or fire extinguisher if you have to but don’t throw water so the hot whoa is ready and my father’s gonna bring it over and he’s going to sear the noodles around top yeah so as you see it’s sizzling it’s sizzling and all this flavors coming out let it sizzle for a second and mix up the ingredients you smell the flavors coming out coming alive from that dish the car like the scallions and the Chili Peppers that’s really what the dish is about so this is our hot oil seared hand ripped noodles a signature of our hometown of my childhood of our family and of our business just look good it actually tastes good thanks our noodle is really chewy the sauce is very special very fiery but not in an overbearing way where you can’t taste anything else it may look scary but it’s actually really approachable when I was a kid I was around 3 or 4 I don’t really remember the incident but I just remember him being the hospital for being having burnt legs and it was from making this dish what happened was he was heating up the pot kind of like outside the balcony to make for me but then it tipped over and fell over his legs so he had to go to the hospital and he still has scars on his legs from that it’s so good that you you’re gonna burn your legs and you’re gonna still want to have it again for the recipe please click on the description below [Music]

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  1. Basically make the dough to the "right" consistency, you might slap it who knows, and my dad's gonna do some stuff, then boil it for some time, put some of our secret ingredients on it, and then throw oil on it so hot it's possible you might burn down the kitchen. These are the kinds of recipes that makes my wife crazy 😛

  2. Wow you guys did a great job. I used to travel so many places in China but I love Xian best. Recently I’m making aerial drone videos and food videos about Xian Shaanxi.
    Xian bell tower and Muslim street drone+ dji osmo pocket shoots-2019 has been uploaded

  3. I gotta get watching these vids at 2am with only PBJ in the house and no milk !!!. Great Vid-out standing job !

  4. Looks good but it leaves me more confused than other videos… 1: how to they get those squares of dough so perfect, doesn't show that bit 2: why do other recipes involve more (inconvenient) timings with resting, sealing up the end of the dough balls (where it was cut) by nipping and rubbing on a surface and other more fussy things? Is this video ignorantly simple or do other recipes have an overly-complex method?

  5. wait, you skipped the part where you cut the dough into those shapes… Heloo?? is this part a secret??

  6. It doesn’t taste the same anymore. I literally couldn’t eat the noodles I got at the green point location. The noodles have just really lost their flavor at all their locations m. It’s so sad

  7. You Americans try to master our asians food legacy? You need to learn it in space vacuum chamber for 30 years lmao

  8. You can see his dad dying inside every time he's explaining the background of each segment of cooking/prep. "Please just let me finish this dish the way I have done 150,000 times before in front of the camera, no cuts."

  9. Yes,the most famous food in this city is pasta. I went to Xi'an and I also recorded a lot of delicious local noodles in my YouTube channel LETSLOCALS, thick or fine noodles, and all that are delicious.

  10. Ate there twice last month, times square while on vacation … My husband loved it so much he craved to go back. Loved the ox tails. Delicious! And the Apple pop! Mmmmm

  11. R.I.P. Anthony Bourdain. Every now and then one of his shows will be on and I'll feel sad and pissed off all over again at how he left us.

  12. They obviously machine/pasta roll because they didn't show that process, they might even use refrigerated dough. So its not fresh or really fully hand made.

  13. If you were to substitute dried noodles while still doing the hot oil/raw veg concert, what would be best? Super wide Egg noodles,rice noodles, or some kind of lasagna type noodle?

  14. The recipe:1. Make the dough the right consistency.2. Cut the dought to the right shape.3. Stretch the dough the right way.4. Cook the noodles the right way.5. Enjoy!

  15. i appreciate the fact that dad when mental on the noodles. he didn't care that they were filming. he said, "i made some damn good noodles," and went for them.

  16. i love how the dad just continues to devour the noodle he made that he probably ate thousands of times. that just shows how good it is

  17. I know jason when he started from the bottom ! One small place down in basement ! Now it’s everywhere in New York ! Great humble guy ! Good job .

  18. i order from this place regularly at work and it's as delicious as it looks. Full flavor, fresh noodles, spicy but not overly harsh. it's really good

  19. Lol, don't you mean that it's so good your dad is just fucking eating as much as he can before you finish talking and notice it all gone? XD

  20. …I am eating this everyday. Just buy some wide noodle from your local Asian store. For Chilli power, u can ask for something not that spicy but flavorful. Add whatever vaggie u want. Breakfast ready in 5min.

  21. "it's so approachable, i remember when i was young, and my dad had to go to the hospital burning his legs making this dish"

    g-got it, approachable

  22. Imagine a fun little first date making homemade noodles until its table slapping time and go cyborg mode slappin the noodles on the dry spices instantly blinding her and as shes going for the sink she puts her hands in the hot oil and all the skin comes off nah bitch we going to ihop

  23. 这个面非常不皿煮,美国人民千万不要品尝我们长安人民的美食,踏马我还想多吃点呢,上次排队一个小时,别跟劳资抢地盘

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