98 thoughts on “How to Make A Potato Salad Worthy Of The Cookout • Tasty”

  1. Facts!!! If its not good, the family will roast you! You will be banned from bringing dishes! Everything has to be tasty at a cookout! You want nothing left at the end of the day! 😉

  2. Love the black history month vibes, but this what starts out the diabetes and heart disease of the family. Let's get our health back and eat plant based. Better for our health and the animals!

  3. Now who is putting raisins in their potato salad? Never heard of that till today. Only time raisins go into a 'cookout salad' is apple salad or carrot salad. I found this to be very stereotypical.

  4. I like my potato salad a little chunky and Southern style. Your recipe looks great. I like Miracle Whip and mustard.
    Who puts raisins in potato salad? Yuck.

  5. "Worst case scenario, you'll need to put hot sauce in it 'cause you know, most people got it in their bag" I'm dying… that's TRUE.

  6. Yes people do put raisins in potato salad and it's a no no! My mom taught me to add a few caps of vinegar and the bowl is completely empty at the end of the night🤤

  7. I love the way you made it! My grandma's Moroccan way is almost the same, no mayo…" olive oil, salt, cumin, black pepper , onion, parsley, cilantro" 😍

  8. Why are white people obsessed with being invited to the black cookout? Makes no sense. The white cookout is objectively superior. Less chance of getting shot and the food is better.

  9. white people potato salad:
    canned whole potatoes(never have tried fresh potatoes)
    whole water chestnuts(because diced is too small)
    dill pickle spears(easier to chop)
    thousand island dressing
    hard boiled eggs

  10. I thought the “raisin” thing was a joke until last year when Jen from accounting actually put raisins in the potato salad for the office potluck 🤣

  11. No, we're not giving anymore invitations to the cookout. No raisins, olives, no cheese, tomatoes…..The list goes on.

  12. This is cookout worthy 👍🏾😊 However every Black family has variations to this recipe but he definitely has the basics down. For instance some Black families would never use Miracle Whip or stone ground mustard. Some prefer Dukes or Hellmann's mayo, and for mustard Goldens Spicy Brown Mustard. Some only use sweet relish and not dill. Every Black family is different but I applaud the fact that Tasty has decided to set the record straight regarding potato salad that will get you in at the cook out.👍🏾😊💗

  13. Raisins? This is the first time I've ever heard of that. Thank you for giving me the heads up, if I ever come across that in the potato salad that I'm about to eat… Lol rock on

  14. I like him however never in my life have I seen Dijon mustard or hot sauce in potato salad ever ! I’m side eyeing him a bit lol

  15. I won't lie I was a little shook when he said a lot of black people don't eat pork because greens and ham hocks are a southern classic. But then I remembered a lot of black people are Muslim. 😅 Also who the hell puts raisins in a damn potato salad?

  16. There’s two things that make potato salad yummy and that’s Caraway seed and celery seeds. Yumm so delicious in potato salad… and real mayonnaise not the miracle whip stuff 🤮.. Caraway seed adds a good flavor.. so don’t skip them in the salad.
    You need a bigger bowl btw 😬

  17. COLLARD GREENS! The Black half of family doesn't do potato salad at cookouts, they do collard greens! And my Aunts all have this "private" competition over whose collard greens are best.

    Aunt Samantha makes hers with bacon, garlic, and chives.

    Aunt Elisabeth makes hers with boneless rib slices.

    Aunt Cathrynne makes hers with candied yams.

    They try to guilt trip people into voting for the best greens! XD

    I learned quickly that praising them all equally, but away from the ears of each other, gets me extra dessert from all of them plus greens to take home.

  18. Thank u ..must try…from a crazy family they like a lil sugar in theirs too 😜 the fam like crab salad watcha got..👍?

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