How to Make a California Roll | Sushi Lessons

How to Make a California Roll | Sushi Lessons

Now I’m going to show you how to make California
roll. You’re going to need a cucumber. Just cutting the half first, and off, and
slice, one more time. Then you’re going to get the seeds out, then
julienne. That’s your julienne, cucumber. This is avocado. Take the stem off then go 360 degrees. Twist and then you slice. And that’s your avocado. Now we are ready to roll the California roll. Sea weed, rough side up, this is a half sea
weed with your hand. And I’m going to do it inside out. Inside the roll is, rice is outside. Regular roll is sea weed is outside. So we’re going to spread the rice on the sea
weed, cover each corner, each edge with rice then we flip over so that the rice goes outside. Now I’m going to flip over. Crab cake, avocado, cucumber. Now pick up your bamboo with your thumb. Hold the other ingredients with your other
forefingers and coming in. Make it tighter. Pick up, roll and shape. And then this is the masago. You can dress up masago on the outside. Masago is seasoned smelt roe. Again. So that’s your California roll. So now I’m going to show you how to slice. Cut in half first, coming in, cut in half
again, cut the half again, cut half again.” That’s how you make California roll.

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  1. I hate being this guy on the comments but… does anyone know the name of the song playing in the background? i really like simple melodies like this.

  2. There are A LOT of how to make sushi videos on youtube (because, youtube) and howcast videos are consistently the absolute WORST.

  3. For anyone interested in rolling sushi, here's the guide we use for our restaurant:
    It's like 3 bucks and has a dessert roll recipe that's been a HUGE hit with our customers

  4. Only I may introduce God. The stomach for the 2. Era
    Eat RAW meat or fish. Make the body destroy. Why, because you can make fire 🙂 scientist 1982 in dog year

  5. How do you know which side of the seaweed to put the rice on? I know one side is shinier than the other or something …

  6. Enjoyed you presentation. Please continue to share your recipes. I will try it and share with family and friends. Excellent Presentation.. Aloha and Mahalo from you sushi fan in Hawaii!

  7. Woah!! Thanks so much! I really love califormia roll and wanted to make one And your video is the best i saw so far!

  8. Thats ugliest suchi i have ever seen. Half of the price you pay for the sushi is for the decoration and then you get this. A sushi roll made for battlefield front line. The way she cuts avocado out of the skin. the way she cuts the roll. She doesnt even put the ugly side of the cut downside. big and uneven chunk of ingredients. wow. woman! do you even asian?

  9. I love California rolls SOOOOOOO MUCH! They're my favorite sushi ever, and sushi is my second favorite food!!

  10. When they leave the fake crab meat whole like this, the sushi bite is very dry…. Its better when they mince the fake crab meat up and add the Japanese mayonnaise to it…. It makes the roll like creamy heaven…

  11. Definitely will try this. I was looking for the mashed up version, I have no idea what's in that paste looking stuff, but it's tasty. I came across this one though, and I really just couldn't get the rolling down. It makes sense the way you did it, so I definitely will do this later. Thank you so much ma'am. 🙂

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