How to Handle Alcohol Poisoning

How to Handle Alcohol Poisoning

How to Handle Alcohol Poisoning. Alcohol poisoning
can be fatal if left untreated. Find out what to do if you suspect someone has alcohol poisoning.
You will need Emergency help Company Posture Loose clothing Unobstructed airways and cpr.
Don’t drink unless you’re of legal age. Drink responsibly, and never drink and drive. Step
1. Call 911 immediately if you suspect someone is suffering from alcohol poisoning. Alcohol
depresses the central nervous system. If someone has been drinking heavily and loses consciousness,
get emergency help. Alcohol poisoning symptoms include slow and shallow breathing, a slow
pulse rate, and cold, clammy skin that appears pale or bluish. Step 2. Stay with the person.
Never leave an unconscious person suffering from alcohol poisoning alone. Alcohol poisoning
impairs a person’s gag reflex and they could choke on their own vomit or inhale vomit into
their lungs. Step 3. Roll or push the sufferer onto their side and bend their knees. This
posture can help prevent choking, which is of special concern if the person vomits. Step
4. Loosen the clothing around the person’s neck and chest to allow them to breathe freely.
Closely monitor the person’s breathing. Step 5. Check the person’s mouth for potential
obstructions to easy breathing. People suffering from alcohol poisoning already have difficulty
breathing, and further complications can result in death. Step 6. Perform CPR on the victim
if their breathing stops or you can’t find a pulse. Always drink in moderation so you
don’t suffer alcohol poisoning. Did you know Prohibition in the United States began at
midnight on January 16, 1920.

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  1. Should ALWAYS Check the airway first and then do a finger sweep of their throat. Careful not to push anything there further down. All the posturing in the world still won't help if they have a chicken bone in their throat!

  2. @peaceluvcats Serious question? Alcohol is a poison to the body, and when consumed the body starts to break the alcohol down into safer chemicals. If you have alcohol poisoning you have consumed so much alcohol your body can't process it and your alcohol levels become to high…

  3. @peaceluvcats When one gets an alcohol poisoning, his blood contains a really huge amount of alcohol, which may hamstring his lungs, stop his heart or cause him to suffocate to his own vomit.

  4. @RandomAldoPipson there is a difference between getting drunk, wasted and alcohol poisoning.. you can get on a coma for alcohol poisoning and theres a chance you can die too..

  5. People who can actually hold their liquor and drink an outrageous amount can get alcohol poisoning because there body won't be able to process all of the alcohol that it has already consumed. eventually it may affect ur brain so much as well that it will forget to do basic things like breathe.

  6. @peaceluvcats Poor you. I am not at legal age either, but I know veeery well. It's like when you throw up at least 10 times, you cannot stand at all. I once cut my hand on glass and I felt nothing. You can barely watch. It's ugly experience but luckily you wont remember a lot of things. Not recommended. xD Drink beer and do not drink anything that has over 30% of alcohol (I usually drink something around 40%). But I still recommend beer for newbies. xD

  7. @peaceluvcats Well, people DO get drunk and pass out, but if they drink too much(Around a liter and a half) They can be Poisoned.

  8. @peaceluvcats if you drink too much, eventually you liver would give up (your liver helps process a short amount of alcohol every hour) so if you drink to much or an excessive drinker, you can end up with a bad liver and the fact your liver contains poisons and…
    ya know what… go google it… why use a computer when you don't use it for tons of informations in a click of a button?

  9. Alcohol poisoning is the worst. I just got back from the hospital from it. Past out into a coma watching TV and woke up with a tube in my dick. Ain't drinking ever again.

  10. ffs I drank over a litre of vodka last night and I never felt this bad and weird before. I hope I dont have poisoning :I

  11. I stayed up all night taking care of a friend with alcohol poisoning. I kept him on his side, lifted his head when he vomited, wiped his face because long, thick lines of snot kept shooting out when he puked. This went on for about 5 hours. I flushed the toilet literally dozens of times, & used 6 plastic bags to hold all his vomit.

    When he finally became coherent (he couldn't move/speak the whole time), he couldn't remember a thing. He thinks he just passed out. I got no sleep, & no thanks 😐

  12. I drink till I passout almost everyday. I wonder if iv ever been close to death. I wish I could stop but it's so hard it's a routine now. Wakeup drink work get off drink sleep repeat..

  13. did you also know that the feds were poisoning alcohol in the depression with rubbing alcohol, paint thinner and many other disturbing chemicals….

  14. you know what, let darwinism take its course, let the stupids die out. let the stupids die, and the will smart ones live on. We get a more smarter America

  15. Right now my dad has drank three bud lights…. I'm kinda scared cuz I'm a minor and him and achohal don't mix well because he has had a brain injury and I've seen him have a seizure before.

  16. ▬▬► Hi friends. If уou or а lоvеd onеe nееds hеlр with drugs оr alсohоol addiсtiоn CALL ►►► 1-888-966-2616 (Toll-Free)
    Dоn't wаaаait until its too lаtе where thеre is life therе is hоре реаce аnd blessings!

  17. my girlfriend got alcohol poisoning last night and is currently in the hospital, i was drunk but i helped and i stayed by her side. she was puking everywhere and wouldn't answer to anything, it was a disaster. dont drink underage

  18. my friend is doing this rn he threw up in his sleep and im away and my other friend is to drunk to do anything

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