How to get your first real estate wholesale deal interview #58| $52,000 Cold Calling

How to get your first real estate wholesale deal interview #58| $52,000 Cold Calling

hey Joe so how much are you made on your first wholesale deal $52,000 boom that's a powerful intro what up what up low sell to man family happy Tuesday we're back with another subscriber first host Joe new interview obviously I have a special guest to share with you guys his first wholesale deal 452 gee I wish that was mine my first my first wholesale deal was for 28 K and it changed the course of my life so I can't imagine what a 250 mm would do my question to you guys that is listening its what would $52,000 would do to your life right now comment below and let me know I'm super pumped and super excited for this interview you know this massive cheques are like gosh man I like I like see the thing is that once again your first whole show deal it does not matter am am obviously the bigger obviously the better right but it does not matter like yesterday we did one with Lisa Lisa closer for 1500 but now she know the process her belief her faith her confident just skyrocket from there all right you guys the biggest thing what's that love it man love it that is correct right now because everything right now to you it's a it's like a fantasy like can I really do can I really do it like even though you see people with you like can't I really do it until you do it then become surreal that is correct bro so you guys I'm gonna be a little bit shellfish before I bring Joe on to share with us your stories and obviously the whole little Hulk in Kabuto about the whole sale deal here for those of you who don't know I'm running a 2k web class starting July 28th is for the first 20 people where we gonna spend the whole entire day together to figure out where you're adding your business whether you knew or you're looking to scale your business put helping you putting a system in place whatever the missing puzzle is I'm gonna share with you every tips tricks strategies connections companies the system that we use to actually scale or level our business up to 250 a month right now all right and we do it virtually so whether you want you or maybe you're meeting seller in person and you want to dive into another market and do it virtually I'll show you exactly how to do it from A to Z and it's not it's gonna be a web class so you don't have to buy plane ticket to fly anywhere all right we're gonna spend a whole entire day together and the tea and the price is $2,000 whether you're single or you're a couple but it's two thousand dollars and are we gonna spent the whole day together making sure that I answer any question you have you come to me what they go I'll give you an action plan to walk away with all right what like I said whether you're new or you're doing a couple deals or maybe you do you close one deals but you haven't closed another one in a couple months there is something wrong because for some reason you're not getting consistent leads consistent flow and consistent Duclos so we need to structure and give you a system to walk away with like I said the biggest thing to me when I first started man is being unorganized so for those of you who starting out right now who are writing notes on notepad we gotta get you a CRM got to put it together a CRM got to get you those car you know the call number so you can track where your leads has come whether it's bandit sign whether it's on Craigslist Direct Mail whatever that is we need to help you put a system together from the get toe because when you want to scale you've got to be organized and have a system before you scare you guys otherwise you're gonna be a mess alright so anyways the event is starting on July 28th is 28th is for a for the first 20 people that wants to take this on with me I'm gonna give you guys everything I got on that day my goal is to deliver what you guys gave me all right and we will I will not allow you to walk away until you say Kong I'm happy I'm satisfied I walk away with everything I needed and know exactly what I need to do and go execute you got put in the work but I'll give you all the knowledge all information that I require over the last eight years so you did oh so if you want to shoot me email you guys I almost forgot shoot me an email over to wholesale two million wholesale to millions at subject to K what class and then Keith will send you over a link to PayPal to make the payment and then we'll lock you in the spot remember again you guys it's only for the first 20 people I want it to be small but I want to be powerful giving you guys all informations that is needed to walk away with that is my goal for that day all right if you are new to the channel you haven't subscribed come on man see ya but only subscribe if you are a massive action taker if you're the one that understand that hey success don't happen overnight it's gonna happen over time and require a massive amount of work dedication and commitment if you think this is a get-rich-quick I really don't need you on the channel because I know you ain't gonna do she anyway alright so you guys also to subscribe turn on the bail notification throughout this interview if you find any value I'm sure Joe is going to drop a lot of knowledge you find any value smash the thumbs up if you don't smash it thumbs down and if you have the balls to give me the thumbs down then comment below why and get the heck off the channel hook you guys in also to ax T if you have you recently closed the first hole show to you I love to bring you on to the channel so you can share your stories alright so email me and show me the mony what you saw check all right the proof and now I love to get you on all right you guys oh no further ado I take enough time give me give me the thumbs up and will help me welcome Joe what up buddy dude I am freaking super pump and excited and those of you if you're not pump and excited let me give you perspective dude there are people at the hospital right now wishing they can just get out of bed so just that man be grateful be pump cuz you right you can change your life I don't care what situations circumstance you're in right now you either complain or you get results the choice is your Joe come on man let's go dude let's go I'm gonna let you take it over Joe would love to know your story man like kind of the dirt where you're at right currently awesome why marching to wholesale and then lead into the first wholesale deal bro alright starts yes member of 2018 the end of the year last year and I got fired actually from a job and I was and I always wanted to be an entrepreneur so I just said screw having a boss I'm gonna be my own boss and then I I didn't know anything about wholesaling I found your channel and just watched all of it wait what's my channel the first one or someone else knows yours oh oh yeah bro yeah yeah it's definitely here I mean I don't get me wrong guys I watch other people's as well but you just provide massive value really do things talking and I basically just sat down and did YouTube University for a couple months just learned everything I could and then like you said just started taking action just hit the phones got a list of three foreclosures and I just started calling all of them and I came across this guy this was in February I came across this guy who was in a pre foreclosure his house and he was telling me how she couldn't afford his house but he owned the school I was like how do you afford a house and how can you not afford the house that you own a school so so I figured right then that there's something up with that so it turns out that he there was a guy who a millionaire who lives in Florida now basically gave him the school it was his old office and this guy is very religious he just wanted to have a school and Steve is the guys name the millionaire he just basically gave it to him on a 250 thousand dollar promissory note now the building itself had an appraisal that Steve paid $4,000 to get at $800,000 there's a $250,000 note it's an $800,000 as his appraisal and the cops for the building showed that after repairs it is like 1.5 million so so I I was like okay so he can't afford his house he definitely can't afford with school he basically was given it for $250,000 that he didn't pay and not a penny of not a single penny did he pay that so he got he was gifted will promissory note gifted that building in October of 18 so when I contacted him it was February I basically said listen I'll give you 295 put some money in your pocket pay off your debt and I'm taking over pretty much is what happened and he was in denial about it I basically had to kind of tell him like listen you you can work with me or you can have the state take it from me and get nothing so you just you know pick I'm trying to help you here and he signed it got that contract done on February 21st and I was off to the races for fine and buyer so the buyer was found through bigger pockets and he was originally from California he lived in Maryland now and he was ready to go for 450 in this was in late March early April and then so he signed the assignment contract and at 4:50 and then he basically just negotiated me down from there but I I should have held my ground better put you got me down $100,000 simmons nephew but I learned a lot I learned a lot from it so you know I can't complain with 52,000 obviously a hundred and fifty thousand would be better but yeah that's that's pretty much how it went gotcha gotcha man hey I agree with you man 50 some thousand did I used to work a whole entire year bro and make 30k so 50 to something thousand is definitely something to be proud of bro and cry and celebrate especially your first deal and obviously you learn a lot right because you got somebody better negotiator and really got you down so now so they show the ARV on it like after all the repeat after it's I mean it's a school dude how can you do like how would you do cops so a broker a broker and he pulled the counts he did a 10-mile radius and it was commercial buildings that size it's a lot different than residential for pulling pounds but he did it and he did like a square footage thing he pulled like probably 10 to 15 comparables and battered the building at 1.5 so but but the appraisal that as his appraisal was what got me realizing like this is a real deal yeah 800 right 800 yeah 800 as is appraised yeah which so which mean like you could like which mean like whoever it is buys it can just put it on a market for eight hundred thousand yeah oh my god I want the steel bro I want the steel bro dude okay so did okay what so okay so so the school vacant it was a vacant or what wow if he was he was in it when he was slipping in it he wasn't living in it he just had school there yeah it was like a ten student so the building was 20,000 square feet three levels he was only one level they had an elevator to he was only using one level is he only had ten students and it was like a private high school like that Catholic High School and he couldn't afford to pay for anything so gotcha gotcha okay gotcha so the guy that the guy – he bought it for four he bought it for 250 on a promissory note right let's go I promise to give you 250 from October to February he didn't pay it dime so I got in contact with Steve the guy who held the the note the morning and I was like help me out here man like he basically helped me through the whole process from contract to closing because he would give me information any information I needed about the building I could call Steve then call my buyer connected to on the phone and any question they had they asked Steve about anything about the building so he was very helpful throughout the process because he was one of his quarter-million dollars you know right okay I got you bro so Joe so how did so Steve is the ash like so so so Steve is page so Steve is basically the banker right so now how do you can't so how do you find Steve you skip trace [Laughter] gotcha so the so the seller gave you Steve number yeah so you you talked to Steve and now I guess now did the buy came out and look at the property oh yeah okay dinner the students will be rich like you just yeah so you mean like God the buyer from Maya California well originally from California this guy's a real real investor icky in San Francisco he had a property that he rented out to Microsoft that Xbox the midget for 35 G's a month and then sold it for a ridiculous amount like millions profit yeah oh my god okay oh dude okay so he was the guy that stopped you right right away gotcha so hey man so you market this deal for 450 you mark it on a bigger pockets and what else Craigslist and then anywhere else Facebook with people in Connecticut they seem to not see I don't know I don't know why they maybe people just didn't have they're gonna have pockets I'm not sure but I guess they just didn't see the potential I showed it to a few buyers in Connecticut from Connecticut and I like tired thinking a little bit yep so good so interested buyers from New York as well hmm cuz they don't want to pay the price yeah ya know so now Joe so you market how long did it took for for you to found like how long was it on the open market until you find this buyer you a week two weeks month a month a month till I found this fire I found other buyers showed it to him and they were just kicking tires Oliver was this serious he showed me proof of funds of millions and so it was between him and a buyer from New York and I picked him Gatchaman so so took you one month now how long how long do you like this uh probably under contract for Wow okay so so basically closing whenever you want got you man Joe I gotta say dude I gotta say dude I gotta be the first bro so I guess do you put any kind of earnest money down Wow okay now Dubrow now I want to talk about the buy you guys listen to me man there's so many different types of buyers out there you know I get deals where I sent it out and I get my I get by say no no no no that's too high that's too high do you like when I first when I first started those knows were those knows I took those no literally like oh my god it's a no like I got a bad deal right and then I you guys I drop on a lot of deals because I sent out three buyers for buyers tell me oh no no no it's not a deal guess what I dropped it and then I call the seller say hey it wasn't a deal I move on what I didn't do was I didn't continue marketing understanding that there's different types of buyers out there for a set for example this is a perfect example like other buyer didn't see the Opera I did not see the opportunities or you know what they can do with this but some person might see the opportunities of what they can do with it all right you guys so I'm telling you is some time you do have a deal because but because you're lack of experience and and also to use your cash buyer list it's not large enough you know that's why you might potential throwaway deals but but there are times where your new is just not a deal okay what I'm telling you is to try everything you can do not get discouraged by one no.2 no.3 no.4 knows I'm on one of my deals I got7 knows I continue to push because being made in all my mistakes I understand I'm gonna go until I can't go no more which is until my contract before it's up I'll ask the seller hey can I can I extend it right so I do everything I can in the book before I call it done like I call it's not a deal so I even go back to the cell and hey you know what we really try to do everything we can already you know we we got a lot of time got a lot of money involved in it already we'd like to make this work with you you know we like to keep the price that we agreed could you give us a little bit more time and the seller would and then I tried it and I try it alright to keep doing whatever I do until there's until yes I get until like I like yep max out no more then I go back to the cell and hey we did all the research show me the mone bro well I wanna I wanna I want to bring this up with what you're saying sure this deal this is a separate deal for grand basically the same deal happened like I had probably six people tell me no and then I looked in New York and found this guy from New York who was happy to give me that four thousand dollar assignment fee on on that deal and this was a little bit after the dealer we're talking about now but yeah just keep going guys just keep looking for buyers because not everybody has the same criteria you know so I agree yep no I agree whatever Joel just said I agree 100 everybody all right going for the not everybody going for the same thing not everybody look at the at something the same thing the same way some samba someone exit strategy say I'm gonna go in and fix them flip the number doesn't work for them but other movie like hey you know what I'm gonna go in buy it fix it up and I move my family in there live from live for a year or so right live for a year so and then that's what they call house hack live there for a year and then sell it a year later and make the profit other will be like you know what I got some extra cash sitting in the IRA or whatever it is it's only making me X amount if I buy this property you know and it's like like they want to put it in it to get a little bit more and then they get in the IRA or the will 401k alright you guys so what I'm trying to tell you is that do not get discouraged by one or two knows or three knows or four knows keep on pushing keep on doing what you need to do to see if you can sell the deal the next thing you want to do after that is ask for the seller for extension all right and then see what you can do with it now Joe I want to get into when you talk about the buyer man so this part said hey you know what they they want to come out and look at it so I guess you schedule a time for them to come out and look at it yeah got you man and then after that I what I want to know is I want to know how to negotiate and go damn bro I want to know how they got you because okay bro this deal here 800 wait first let me ask you this did what what was the buyer plan to do with it either apartments or commercial tenants because of the fact that none of the walls inside were load-bearing so there was like five wow yeah five support beams down the center and then none of those walls it was all you could knock them all down so you could put a gymnasium on each floor if you wanted to man I gotta say dude whoever that guy is frickin player cuz he got himself obviously a freaking monster deal so because whoever buys it I mean it's evaluated eight hundred thousand you can put it on the market eight hundred thousand – let's just say commercial it's a little bit more they charge more for a realtor let's just go with 12% bro dude like he can put it he bites it for like for how much he got it for you for him like three hunt he got it for 350 yeah that's 50% freaking discount so if at 800 I – 12% that puts him at 704 704 Oh 704 – 350 dude that's a $300,000 bro oh dude oh my god man yes I know freaking insane oh my god bro I woulda buy this thing from you all day long you should have hit me up man and DM and say Kong did I get some mony for you man did did we we could have came in bought the building obviously we're gonna do our evaluation bought the property and just pop it on the market list it this is my whiteboard I bought this is like that's like 12 leads I have eight more to like my team that I hired from the Philippines they're making calls right now as we speak and they call for like eight hours a day and they're just pulling leads from his list nice bro so uh your doom Coco yeah I I did the cold calling at first so now I trained them minimis got you man got you okay dude absolutely man dude the game it's just beginning I feel like I feel like I'm just scratching the surface bro so now Joe I want to I want to talk about the conversation with with you and the buyer here so tell me the story after the buy walk through the property what's next you took him golfing okay yeah so I took him golfing with me my uncle who's a general contractor great general contractor here and he does other states as well and he's the general contractor for the project now so I gave my uncle a job and and then his nephew who's a realtor in California and him so Dominic was the buyer my uncle Dominic was the general contractor Kyle was his nephew there was two nephews me and Kyle and Dominic and Dominic and we all my golfing and talked about the deal and from there basically months later they just kind of slowly negotiated me down okay man so tell me about the tell me about the negotiating part so there was environmental there was an environmental issue under the pavement there and it was because there was a dry cleaner that used to be like right in that area years and years ago so the environmental report was done in 2006 and they use that as leverage saying what it could cost it really would only cost $8,000 to basically just doing the transfer act in Connecticut you you just tell them hey this is what's going on here I'm not gonna dig it up you and you file that paperwork it cost $8,000 to do that but if you but if they say you have to dig it up and you have to fix it it could cost 100,000 so they use that if it could cost 100,000 we need that disco catcher man so so so they so went from 450 and after they did the inspection they used that to get you to come down on price yeah got you okay and now I mean how how many time do you guys go back and forth with the negotiating how many times what what the biggest Jo I mean after that they didn't just come back to you and ask you hey you know you have 450 we need to be at what 350 they didn't say that and so he keeps planed it they were like okay but that's an if if the state says you guys have to dig it up then it could cost a hundred thousand to move all the pavement and replace it so we were back and forth I was like well that's only an if and most likely it's not gonna be so let's just knock out 8,000 from the price and they were lucky and that was kind of how it that took a while to to finally just feel like alright screw it let's just do it gotcha sure sure so so basically what it is is now you gotta solve a buyer in place right so I'm just kind of walk through this kind of see what you were thinking so it's like you know you kind of got I saw the buy in place kind of went through the whole thing with him already all the times right all the time it has taken you know it's it you know nobody wants start over again hey you you've got a buyer let before you it's like hey you know what it's my first deal let's just move forward and get this whole thing done right yeah yeah pretty much yeah but it's because basically what it is is I mean obviously through experience yes because I have plans on what now that I have this money I can reinvest it into marketing and pull way more deals I didn't have this many weeds before you know this now it's like coming now it's flowing it's starting to go like a well-oiled machine so I can hire an acquisitions manager and then I can just keep scaling from there so I I figured all right 50,000 now can turn into a million in a year if I do it right in scale so I need it quicker so I can actually invest it the right ways so I can turn that into way more if I wait another three months who knows the opportunity cost okay time is money so Joe I agree with you 1,000% on that man cuz I get some of you wants to squeeze everything out of the deal where it takes you longer but if you just take it like I'm the saying right I like you like you have to look at like you have to take this with a grain of salt alright I'm telling sometimes is for you to get the deal done get whatever you can move on just get the headaches out of the way get just get it off your back and then now you can take that money and then leverage and making more and make more on the money instead of wasting another two months three months four months trying to get another extra whatever that amount is but imagine if you able to get the money now and then land another deal or to do or three or four do that make you 100 or 150 whatever the amount is right so I mean it I mean it really depends on it it really depend on the person but with Joe I probably would have done the same thing first you know I mean you knew right the experience is not there for negotiating it's already good amount on the first deal move forward you know learn from it and then just being able to use that money just the leverage now I want to tell those of you who's already making deals let me tell you the mistake that I made all right those of you who's already making deals and generating deals but you're not consistent with your with your deal closing did working hard like you you you hear me talk hustle hustle hustle yes dude working hard it's not it's not the key it's like it's like you you you're hitting your head against dude when you have the money it's time to work smart you need to learn how to leverage you need to learn how to put a system together you need to learn how to actually build the business because working hard doing everything yourself dude it's not the key trying to figure it out yourself wasting the time it's not the like if I were to go and don't do that all right use the money to buy the knowledge by the informations to get the system figured out whatever you need to do and I promise you you're gonna make that that back a hundred times more then instead of wasting your time and trying to go through I mean that's why people pay a whole lot of money man to go to mastermind right they pay a boatload of money to go mastermind because days under what's that yep yep do that Emanuel agree what one number cent and nobody let me tell you man unless they should I kill one of your best buddy right dude even that man nobody a stranger it's not gonna give you their secret sauce their oil machines whatever you want to call the blueprint for free I can tell you that man all right and when you get when you try to get to the higher level up unless you have some kind of inner connections but you're just starting from the bottom and having no connections trying to get into this guy's circle guys or gals circle did wear they are re a big player like I'm telling you like that's why my wife and I you know we pay twenty twenty five thousand dollars to go to these mastermind where we where we meet them only a couple times a year but because you know you go in there you built a relationship you built a connection I'm telling you one connection one relationship can take your business to a whole nother level completely change your business like that overnight like it like they they know something information and they do something completely different when I go in there dude like like in my area I said yeah man like yeah you think you're the she right yeah hell yeah man but when you go in right when you go in you be like oh wait a second dude I'm only doing half as much as you bro oh what do you do bro right and you know what's that Joe and you learn absolutely man absolutely so you guys that's I mean that's that's that's now Joe what did the buyer say that it's gonna cost a man to actually fix the whole thing up did they tell you to do to do to to to whatever that they hate the walls and basically make you a blank slate for whoever wants to purchase it but if it really just depends on what they want to do with it because if if he wants a white shell it which is just making a white canvas an artist comes in and paints however they want or if you wanted to make it into apartments its zoned as downtown business residential so they can do that and there's also the option of putting businesses in many businesses one turnkey like triple net business that just takes care of everything and his only job is to walk to his mailbox to go pick up the check you know so it really just depends on which one they wanted to do I don't even think he knows yet still I talked to him yesterday I don't know if he knows exactly what he wants to do with it he just knows there's opportunity right yeah and he is just like hey you know what how can I get the most money out of this deal right with the less headaches and let and the least stress right gotcha man so I mean you guys you guys have any questions about your deal comment below and we would love to answer I know this one is you know it's a little bit different than the normal single family home different than the multi family home is commercial it's a school I don't know I've never done a school so so I was like you know so these the thing is you guys now listen do not go target school all right here's what I'm gonna recommend you guys do not go target school do not go target commercial if you were starting out I'm just giving you my opinion I try going dude when I first started anything I hear people say oh baking Lin boom I jump on and market some baking land I hear people say commercial building strip mall strips and I jump on a night and then I mail listen to me those of you who was starting out you just want you to do the easy to gain experience all right the bread and butter just stick with the single-family home once you build a knowledge the experience then you go into it's like it's like a Louisville man and then you go into a level all right but if I were you those are a lot of you that's listening I would just stick with the single-family home right if you want to go multi you know duplex triplex four-plex do that when you get into commercial like you know five units or more conservative commercial it's a little bit more different look a little bit more skills that an info knowledge that you have to learn I would just say stick with the single-family gain your knowledge and experience and then go from there and then whatever you decided to do okay but I'm telling you dude there's plenty money in the single family what's that Joe this one just fell in my lap I was calling single thing remember I was calling yeah showed up you know I was like all right I mean if you're pulling my arm you know dude like how did like how did this even fall on your list bro so it was I was calling the owner of the school's house so his house was upside down like there wasn't a condom at all oh man dude that ya know that's a pretty crazy story bro guess he has a house that he's upside down couldn't afford it so he's on your list you called him he's okay the house is the house is not but he got a school I would've think that this guy's ass camera bro could afford house but what's that awesome man so Joe those now you guys per tonight you're gonna wrap it up but I'm gonna have Joe say a few things Joe for those that are starting out man obviously you know they're starting out try and do everything they can they went at it for a couple months you know for those who haven't got their first year man what are some tips or that you have learned or whatever it is that you want to tell them to help them obviously to move forward and get a deal done talk to people literally talk to as many people as you possibly can whether that's on the phone or at meetups just freaking talk to you that's all you have to do and then you're either soaking up knowledge or getting opportunities if you're at an event and you're talking to investors you're getting knowledge from them if by talking to them if you're cold calling which is I totally recommend that just call just call as many people as you can it's kind of it is a little bit nervous but we got look you just gotta do it and get used to it and learn while you do it how to talk to people the right way let sellers you're not going to talk to pre-foreclosures the same way as you talk to someone who has a vacant property that they don't need you know you're trying to scope out their motivation without necessarily saying hey you're in pre foreclosure just give it to me you know so just just talk to as many people as you can that's my advice and don't quit don't quit you guys quit it we no quitter never wins and we winner that we don't know what quitting is we don't hang out or play or talk to the quitter okay so Joe and I get people said hey I'm afraid to pick up the phone and call like a dude dude do you have to like do you have the fear of Akko calling Joe when you first start it or what I just grabbed a nice cup of vodka and I just thought it was a little bit of liquid confidence but yeah I was a little bit afraid of it but I just kept doing it and and yeah I eased into it and it became like normal it just became fine I was calling hundreds of people at dads so this looks like it's normal and now I'm outsourcing that and I can I can train that because I know what I'm doing you can't do it without knowing what you're doing you can't train others to cold-call without having done it yourself so you got to do it yourself so you didn't train your employees later so I knew that at the time I knew that I couldn't just hire it out and start but once I got that experience and I got a couple of deals under my belt then I can now outsource it because I trained so just just call oh I agree with Joel I get people email and DM on Instagram asking the same thing come I'm starting out man I like uh should I outsource like should I do it like you need to know the process you need to do it first then hire people then you can train them how would you know how if you know if they doing something right or wrong because you've never done it before right so deadly blowing money for no reason so yeah you don't even have much money if you're just getting into this business usually yo how are you gonna blow money if you have another blow you know so just get on the phone cold call get the money then outsource got it Joe I want to get into your mind a little bit here man about the fear of cold calling so that way when I come across somebody I can tell them what was what was your fear about cold calling that's all I want that's what I want to know punch me in the face you know what I mean exactly but it's like it was there's no logic behind why it's just it was just there I was just there was just extra nerves when it came to I didn't know who I was going to talk to him the other line and I didn't like getting the effuse and stuff like that but it's that's part of the games just that's how it is so right so just don't let them get to you know what gotcha dude I mean people are scared do you think it's because they felt uncomfortable and it's just something it's not the usual it's almost unnatural yeah yeah got it God okay so for you Joel yeah you got over with vodka you guys you gotta do what you got to do man so but uh I'm glad bro I'm glad now it just becomes a norm to me like just do it just just call just understand but if you just switch your mind just say hey calm tells you to call this XML like here's the list you supposed to call it feel like you're just working for your company here's the list I supposed to call I don't have a choice if I don't call I get fired like call the darn Loess regardless of what they say to you the worst thing they're gonna cut you out and hang up the phone that's it but but if you just shift your mind and say hey my job is just to call these and figure and find the people that needs the service and neither helps that's it and then just pound the phone those that cussed you out and hang up the phone they don't need you remember we're going at this targeting the pitch that the really rare the 3% I understand let's say hey I need this service I need to sell my property quick because I'm in a situation so the people that hang up on you and cuss you out you know they not piss it like it's not like they hate you or anything like that they don't even know you right it's just that they don't need your surface you call them maybe you interrupt them maybe they're having a bad day and they just whatever that is okay but you look like like Joseph you don't take yep well there's there are people out there that need your help there are and if you don't try if you don't make the calls then you're missing that shot you're not you're not doing anything but missing out by not calling agree I agree and the thing is you guys trust me after you do like 10 20 50 calls I promise you that it would become so normal to you like you'll be like okay so they just hung up on me oh he just cussed me out she just like it like it doesn't like it won't even do anything to you after some call it becomes so normal alright so just do it trust me nothing's gonna happen to you just shift your mind you're you're you're here to help if the people you reach once you help great if they don't no problem move on to the next one so Joe how do people reach out connect with you man I know you mentioned you're in Connecticut mm-hmm all right bro so how do people reach out to you do deals together and Network O'Reilly 3 on Instagram Riley is Ari I don't know why three Joe Riley three it's just uh IG yeah just direct message me I'll get back to you awesome Joe I want to say thank you so much for your time bro I really appreciate it and you guys if you find any value throughout this interview smash the thumbs up and let me know comment below any question you have and Joe and I will be more than happy to answer once again we're gonna wrap this up but let me share with you guys once once last things for those of you I'm running the 2k web class July 28th 9 a.m. Pacific Standard like I said this is for the first 20 people whether you're new or you're trying to scale your business putting a system in place now listen for those of you who just having a little tweak maybe you just you your system like you just need to perfect your systems do those of you who looking to scale up and you don't have a system in place maybe maybe you don't have to race um how you don't know how to integrate everything together dude one tweak one tweak one info one info one tweak compute can take your yeah it can take your business boom like that like like like it did it for me because I went through it and then I got involved with a networking with the mastermind one tweak boom I was like wow how do I like it's a lot of time you just don't know what you don't know right and like I said you like for those it's not for everybody right it's not for everybody but for those of you who wants to spend the whole entire day with me on July 28th 8:00 a.m. Pacific Standard it's on a Sunday I would love to and obviously my goal for that day is to deliver is to deliver is to give you what you want and what you needed to walk away so you can execute take your business to the next level or maybe you're trying to close your first deal I'll give you the exact action step and not just that but telling you what to do I'm giving you the company giving you the system building you a system in place giving you the blueprint alright the script everything is included for you to train your employee up and the thing is you guys like I'm not gonna tell you things where you can find on youtube I am telling you things that you can put together for those of you even if you're starting out you don't have a system in place I'll make sure you walk away with a system in place so that way you can get or before you scale up it's extremely important guys like I was I was before that my mistake was I was trying to skill and I was writing all my information on a notepad and when I was trying to put a system together do you guys know how tough it is I got it I got deals coming in I got cause I got a return like but I have no employee no nothing in place but I was scaling already and there was just so much I was still missing deals left and right one information one tips one knowledge one connections I promise you it's gonna the return is infinite if that is for you if you already if you are committed remember ask or require work that one day it's not a magical day where we meet one day and you walk away you don't need to do anything and also and all the deals falling into your laps I'm giving you an action blueprint a plan for you to walk away with and execute you must put in the work and if you stay consistent put in the work I promise you the results will come and you'll get the return more than what you pay for if you're ready whether you're single or a a partner or a couple is two thousand dollars email over to wholesale to millions within s hosts out to millions at the link is in the description once again Joe thank you so much you guys I appreciate your time Joe Congrats on the freakin 52k bro and then you just closed another one for 4G and so you can hold that nice bro so uh so a triplex and you're gonna live on one unit and bring the other two right exactly and the mortgage is two grand it's already closed it's the mortgage is two grand and both my tenants are paying $1,000 so I'll be looking for pretty much free how old are you bro if you don't mind me asking what twenty-one listen you guys dude the young hustler the millennium no the younger guy or the one that freaking inspired me and popped me up cuz I be like because I look back at where I was at 21 and where you are like where you're now at 21 like I can see how bright your future is right like hahaha how bright your future is when you get to my age because you started way ahead you know you got you started way ahead of me so it pumped him up man when I talk to the Millennium the 20s like it fricking jacked me up because I is a calm dude they catch you up man freaking go let's go bro let's go you guys yeah let's go man let's make mony together so you guys once again if you haven't subscribe smash the subscribe button if you want to join me on July 28th a.m. Pacific Standard I would love to spend the whole entire day with you and you got any value smash the thumbs up until next time you guys ciao see ya Joe

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  1. If this video add any kinda value to ya and if you feel me and understand what I’m trying to say then SMASH that thumb up 👍👍 for me. 😉. Subscribe if you haven’t already and let take our life and biz to a whole nother level 😁👍. C’mon man LETS GO!!

  2. First off congratulations to this guy on his first deal. As for the buyer using an environmental issue to negotiate the property down. I would of just gave him a $8,000 discount to cover the mandatory filing fee and offered to put $92,000 of the sales proceeds into an escrow to be held for a period of 1 year that could be used for reimbursement up to actual occurred costs but not to exceed the amount in escrow in the unlikely eventuality that he would have to spend additional money fixing an issue pertaining to this. If after 1 year the money or whatever portion was not debited for this specific issue would be released to the seller.

  3. Has anyone actually made any money in their bank account with this? I just see people in the comments failing, talking about closing deals and "hustlin" but nobody is closing deals like this "on their first deal" and it all just looks like guru fluff

  4. My first wholesale deal was 2 days ago for 97k and I work for a company so I just get a commission. Omg I have to learn how to do this whole thing on my own lol

  5. Wait so he was calling a pre forclosure list and put a property that was about to foreclose into contract with the closing date as "to be determined"??? How would the seller be protected and be able to get out of contract because locking up pre foreclosure you need to be on it!!

  6. Man I need some help I’ve been going hard for 3 months and I’ve lost 3 deals man I’ve even lost my family because of financial reasons but I’m going to keep going hard man I know my day is coming

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