How to do Wet & Dry Chopping in a Vitamix 5200 Blender by Raw Blend

How to do Wet & Dry Chopping in a Vitamix 5200 Blender by Raw Blend

Hi, its Tommy from Raw Blend there are two ways to chop in your Vitamix machine Wet or dry. Today I’m going to show you how to to both I’m going to get this up on the high-speed You want bread crumbs Done. 2 seconds you’ve got bread crumbs. Ready to go You want to chop something a litte bit harder? Some Parmesan cheese? Done in a couple a seconds, there you go. no more watery eyes when chopping onion You want chopped onion? It’s this simple In it goes You want mince meat? No worries for Vitamix In it goes. Throw your mince in there. Look at that Beautiful minced meat. You’ve just made a rissole for the BBQ If you want to wet chop in the Vitamix machine it’s so easy to do In the container here I have some red and white cabbage and I’ve filled it up with water. I’m just going to pulse the machine for a couple of seconds that’s it it’s that quick and simple to do I just strain out that excess water there and I’m left with this beautiful, fresh coleslaw Look at this – great for the family picnic Another reason why you’re going to love your Vitamix

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  1. Hi Bainkel, Thanks for the question. The Wet Container would be best for chopping vegetables like onions. I hope this helps!

  2. Hi Olga,
    If you're wanting to chop onions, they should be on low speed – around 2-3. If you're chopping cheese, bread crumbs, coleslaw it needs to be on high speed.
    I hope this helps! Have a great day.

  3. I just got a vitamix and used it for dry chopping. I had trouble getting everything out of the jar. I used a wooden spoon but it was not easy. Any tricks or tips?

  4. Awesome ! I am so in love with your channel, hahah. I think when I'll have my Vitamix (hopefully soon :p) I will use dry chopping more… I don't know why, but with this wet chopping technique I have this feeling that lots of the nutrients would go in the water and then be wasted… Like how I prefer to steam instead of boiling so that the nutrients don't end up in the boiling water that you throw away

  5. Hi everyone. Should I get a reconditioned 5200 with a five year warranty or a new 5300 with a seven year warranty? Seems like the answer should be obvious but I'm unclear about some of the features and which has which, like variable speed control. Can I chop vegetables in both? Grind grains in both? Thanks.

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