How to add a Candy Drizzle to Treats with Candy Melts® Candy

How to add a Candy Drizzle to Treats with Candy Melts® Candy

hi my name is Lisa Deszcz and I’m a project manager here at Wilton today I’m going to show you how easy it is
to make a decadent candy drizzle on your treats a candy drizzle is really one of the most
easy ways to decorate your treats because you don’t have to be super precise plus with the New Candy tools from Wilton you’re able to create a professional look that doesn’t take a lot of effort first
you’re going to start with one of your favorite treats you can choose anything cookies
marshmallows chips really whatever you want today we’re going to do some drizzled cookies you’re going to start out by getting your
candy melts ready to be microwaved you can use the capping coupler from the
decorating tip set what’s really nice about this cap is that
it’s completely microwave-safe so it keeps all of your melts inside the
bag when it’s in the microwave put your wafers inside and give it a nice little twist at the top you’re going to pop this in the microwave at half
power for 30 second intervals kneading in between when it’s ready to go it’s going to look like this it’ll be nice
and pliable and really melted Candy Melts you’re
going to take off your cap it crews off very easy and you’re
going to apply on your tip today I’m choosing the drizzle tip this tips really great because it’s
got three small holes that give you a nice fine drizzle
and make it look really nice so to drizzle all you do: is apply
some gentle pressure on to the cookies and you’re going to go back and forth in a
gentle movement really nice and easy you can go different directions to to kind of
create different drizzle lines and different looks to your treat when
you’re finished you’re going to pop these in the fridge for
about three to five minutes or until the candies hardened when you’re done you’re going to have a
beautiful drizzled treat that looks like this it’ll be perfect for any of your party’s
these products and more easy yet impressive projects can be found
at check it out

9 thoughts on “How to add a Candy Drizzle to Treats with Candy Melts® Candy”

  1. @MECartersworld.. You can get the kits @ michaels craft store or Joann. Depends where you live you can find them at a craft store in the baking aisle. I myself have all,but the boxed kit with the stand .

  2.  I used 1 bag of candy melts, it got soft but it never got to the stage where it was of a thin consistency to dip cake pops in.

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