Hotbox Cabbage & Pulled Mushrooms | The Wicked Kitchen | S2 • E13

Hotbox Cabbage & Pulled Mushrooms | The Wicked Kitchen | S2 • E13

Hey guys, welcome to “The Wicked Kitchen.” Today I’m gonna show you how
to make that hotbox cabbage that I’ve been showin’ off on Instagram, and then also some amazing
pulled, sticky mushrooms. You’re gonna love this. [upbeat music] So let’s get started. We need a couple of these cone cabbages, which they sell everywhere
here in the U.K. And we also have some king
oyster mushrooms that I got. So we’re gonna start with
the hotbox cabbage first because it takes the longest, so. And if I didn’t tell you already, you kinda need a Dutch oven, somethin’ that’s oven-safe, deep, and has a lid on it. So that is what I’m
callin’ hotbox cabbage, and you’ll see that right now. So I take the cabbages, both cabbages, and I just put ’em in here, a little bit. What I do is oil my hand, so just a little bit of oil on the hand. Rub that here and then just rub
the exterior of the cabbage. This extra loose leaf, I just
go underneath it a little bit. Both of ’em. So you don’t actually have to
use oil if you don’t want to. I’m using it for the sole purpose of it being able to hold the spices and seasonings onto the cabbage. So without that moisture and
that oil, it won’t stick. So I’m just adding, I’m using a little bit of the Hot N’ Barbecue
spice, Wicked blend. So it’s just a barbecue
blend, really super flavorful. And we’re just gonna season all around it. Do it in a bowl so we can add ’em, we won’t lose anything of it. Try to get all the sides. Okay, that’s good like that. Then I’m just adding it right to this. So this is just a cold
Dutch oven at the moment. I’m gonna add this part here. So, just make it fit nicely. Sweet. Then the extra spices I have, I’m just gonna come out and
I’m just gonna on top here. I have this, puttin’ a cover on. You can use any Dutch oven
that works in the oven. So I’ve preheated the oven
to 200 degrees Celsius. It seems to be the norm for me. I like the high hot heat. So 200 degrees Celsius on fan or 400 degrees convection back home. Yes, perfect. So we’re gonna pop that in the oven and that’s probably gonna
take a good 45 minutes, 45, 60 minutes. So while that’s cooking, we’re
gonna pull some mushrooms. Alright guys, so for the mushrooms, we’re gonna be using the king
oyster mushrooms, right here. The pulling technique,
I’ve showed it before, there’s a couple videos here we have if you wanna check those out. This one is the same technique. Just drag your fork along. So depending on the size
of the shreds you want, you can do really fine, where you’re just pulling all
the way through the mushroom, right, and it stays. And then you can rip them apart, so that’s really fine, if you
want more of that consistency. Or if you want a thicker
one, I’ll show ya. So if you want a thicker consistency… I equate the thinner ones more towards like a pulled,
shredded pork or a beef. And then the chicken or turkey I just do on the outer edge, right? Like this. Not going too deep. And then I’ll tear the cap
off, break that piece up, add it to the bowl,
but then the other bits I just take and I rip so they’re bigger. And then that’ll give
you a different mouthfeel as far as the texture of a bigger piece. It visually will look like
bigger shreds of meat. And so that’s clearly different,
so you can see how that is. And I think that’s how
we’re gonna do this one. So just, sometimes… Here, rip it apart, crush it, put it in. The different sizes really adds to the visual in the end product. So just like that. It already looks like shredded
chicken or turkey meat to me. So you just repeat the process until you get all the mushrooms done. Really one of the best techniques ever. [upbeat music] All right, so once you finish
shredding all the mushrooms, you’ll see they’re all done like this. We have a good amount. So I’m heating up a cast iron pan, it’s on medium-high heat, I wanna get that rippin’ hot. Best way to test when
the pan is hot, is to [pan loudly sizzling] hear that sizzle when you flick a little
bit of water on there. So it’s looking good. I’m gonna add a little bit of the oil now. So remember, there is no fat
whatsoever in the mushrooms. So by adding this it’s gonna
add texture, mouthfeel, and it’s also gonna help
cook and crisp up the ends. And that’s what we’re looking for. So I’m just gonna add all
the mushrooms right to it. [mushrooms sizzling] And then we’re gonna cook
these down, just like this. There’s several ways
to prepare the shreds. Whatever way works for you, whether you’re roasting them, whether you’re pan
roasting them like this, or if you just wanna toss
them in oil and seasoning and then roast them like that, there’s no wrong way to do it. It’s just the application. So we’re gonna roast these down, they’re gonna wilt, we’re
gonna brown ’em off, we’re gonna throw ’em back in the oven, and then we’re gonna finish ’em back on the stove again in a minute. About midway through, I’ll
add a little bit of salt and then a little bit of pepper. So this bit takes a little bit longer. We’re cooking the mushrooms down. You don’t need to turn ’em over yet. A lot of the liquid is coming out of ’em. The frying noises have kinda calmed down and they’re starting to
look good and cooked. So, probably it roughly
takes 10, 15 minutes to do it this way. [upbeat music] Alright guys, so the
mushrooms are looking great, starting to stick to the pan a little bit and starting to get
the little crispy edges which is what I’m looking for. So we’re gonna add a little
bit of seasoning here and then we’re gonna pop ’em in the oven. So we’re gonna add just a couple pinches of the Sesame Togarashi and I’m also gonna use a little bit of the sage, onion and garlic mix. So that will give, to me, more reminiscent of animal products that I used to eat. So just to have that flavor. So just a little bit here of that. And that’s a good blend
right there, these two. And immediately, it smells amazing. So I’m just gonna make sure
nothing’s sticking to the bottom and I’ll pop this right in the oven. Just like this, turn off the heat. So, whole pan in the oven. So remember, that oven is on 200 degrees Celsius fan, convection. 400 degrees in the US. All right, so we’re gonna check the situation in this oven,
it’s been a few minutes. So it’s been ten minutes
and we’re gonna pull this. This is good, but I am gonna cook it a little bit more on here. Well, this is beautiful. It’s nice and crispy
bits, really taking out. So I get a lot of comments about people asking like, “Oh, how
do you make mushrooms “not chewy or slimy or this or that.” Look, it’s not the mushroom,
it’s the way you cook it. So this right here is alleviating that, nice and crispy, the texture is amazing, that’s all I can say about that. Let’s pull out the cabbage. So it’s been about 45 minutes, and now carefully, this is hot, I’m just gonna remove this. Beautiful. So I wanna roast this up,
this is super hot here. I’m gonna add this back into the oven. Wanna just give it a quick turn. Oh awesome, you guys, this is great. So the cabbage is fully
cooked, fully intact. I want it a little bit drier, so we’re gonna pop it in the oven while we finish up the mushrooms here. Open. So guys, just look at this. I just wanna give you a good shot of that. [mushrooms sizzling] This is amazing as it is,
could eat it just like this. Some crispy bits, some chewy bits. All the different textures, the flavor and the smells
from the Sesame Togarashi, and a little bit of the sage
garlic and onion mix in there. This is great with just
gravy for holiday roast, you can add barbecue sauce,
hoisin sauce, teriyaki sauce. We’re gonna do the teriyaki right now. So it’s a cross between the
hoisin and the teriyaki. I have a jar of the
Wicked Sticky Teriyaki. It’s still so new, we don’t
have the label on it yet. It’ll be on shelves by
the time this is airing. We’re just gonna add
probably a good half of this. [gentle soothing music] So I hope you guys are having a good day. I’m having a good day. Any day I’m cooking is a good day. Stir that sauce in. See, that looks gorgeous. So I’m gonna put it
right to the side here. This looks amazing. Just gonna spread it
out a little bit here. I’m gonna show you what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna have that
hotbox cabbage with this, and then also, I have
this amazing veg board as you see here that
we have as well, ready. And you can see how we made all of this right here on this link, so you could have this whole meal. That looks gorgeous, check that out. I think cabbage is probably one of the most underrated veggies. I think almost every vegetable’s
a little bit underrated, so we like to elevate
’em a little bit here. Got one here, just like that. Get the other one. That looks amazing. I’m gonna make steaks out of ’em, so I’m gonna cut em about an inch. Get underneath. So the exterior, yes, you saw how much spice we
put on in the beginning, and you might have been
thinking, “Oh, that’s a lot.” It’s not when you look at it like this, because the interior, there’s
no spice on it at all. So, what I’m gonna do is use more of the sauce, since I have a lot of the sauce here. This is the Chinese-inspired
barbeque sauce. It’s inspired by a Char Siu, so it’s a very sticky, sweet, there’s some beetroot juice
in there, it’s amazing. I’m gonna pour a little bit on here. And this is gonna give it that nice sweet and sour sticky cabbage steaks. I’m gonna brush this on. Looks amazing, smells amazing. So this right here, it goes along with the whole veg board theme. So you just pop this in the oven 10 to 15 minutes before
you wanna serve it, and it should be all ready to go. Making it easy A-F to cook. We’re gonna pop this in the oven for about 10 minutes, and then we’re done. All right, so it’s been in
the oven about 10 minutes. We’ll pull that out now. Oh yes, that looks gorgeous. Right guys, look at that bubbling. That looks amazing, smells super good. That looks great like that, and then… I mean these mushrooms look
delightful, don’t they? Just look at that meaty. So I have this amazing
veg board that we did, and you guys can see that video right here and check out how we
made all these things. So I’m gonna use a little
bit of the broccoli. I’m gonna put that right here. So this is a mango
masala flavored broccoli. And that right there looks
like a delicious meal to me. So we’ll finish it off
with some fresh coriander, just to make it look gorgeous. All right guys, there you have it. We have the hotbox cabbage, which is showing that amazing technique, just use different seasonings
if you want different flavors. And we have the pulled mushrooms
and that amazing broccoli. See ya soon. [energetic rock music] [laughing] Well, I don’t
remember that part. Yeah, I over-stirred it too much. [laughing]

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