Homemade Stove for Camp – New Cooking Space Add-On

Homemade Stove for Camp – New Cooking Space Add-On

a new phase engineering bay stainless steel food container and stovepipe flange (bracket) one hole in the lid with drill 60mm hole saw one hole in the bottom 60mm hole saw insert into the hole and mark for bolt holes 4mm drill insert stovepipe flange from inside to outside M4(4mm) hex bolts and nuts 60mm holes should be opposite each other 8mm drill M8(8mm) stud bolts, eye nuts, flange nuts M8(8mm) stud bolts, butterfly nuts cooking space completed command center disconnect the flue from the stove cooking space installation flue installation, leg length adjustment started the test with wood pellets moisture removal of stove window The cooking space and the communication are heated to create an updraft The fire will settle in minutes The top of the cooking space is the hottest The pellet burns well pellets 6 mm in diameter Let’s boil water I put firewood under the stove to dry it 15 minutes later I haven’t boiled yet insert wood tray add firewood Secondary combustion is seen around the throat, in the upper right corner satisfied changed to a blue flame preheat on the firebox top and cooking on the cooking space top Let’s maximize firepower for curry well dried firewood There are bricks on both sides of the bottom of the firebox, centering the fire The heat of the bricks seems to help burn rosemary solid curry one is for one serving eats too much firewood put pellet instead of firewood curry and rice It is the first Curries I eat in front of the stove The stove is cooling with a sound I like this cooking space I’ll make a slightly narrower stove later small but somewhat dented. Should I reinforce the tops? Thanks for watching

34 thoughts on “Homemade Stove for Camp – New Cooking Space Add-On”

  1. Perfect. Great evolution of stove. But I have a question. I understand that wood is better for pellets. The question is : Haven't pellets power to boil water and cook some food if you don't have wood?

  2. Ну за "КАРРИ С РИСОМ", отдельно БЛАГОДАРЮ!!! Супер ВРЕМЯПРЕПРОВОЖДЕНИЕ!!!👍 ПЕЧКА становится в стиле "СТИМПАНК"!😺

  3. 카레 건더기가 묵직한게 먹음직스러운데요…
    스텐이 부식엔 강한데 열에 약하고 변형이 잘되는 금속이라…
    자연스럽게 걍~ 찌그러지는데로 쓰셔도 괜찮을듯 싶네요.

  4. 저기 궁금하게 있는데요 만약 이걸 사람이 한 열댓명 들어갈수있는 그 군대 텐트같은곳에 놓고 불을 지핀단고 한다면 얼마나 따듯해지나요??

  5. Love your stuff. Your stove is really nice. And no Welding. Thank you from us makers that don't have access to welding equipment. 👍✌🏻😀

  6. Have you considered different burners for different fuels? See: QUEMADOR DE BIOMASA MULTICOMBUSTIBLE https://youtu.be/FHuX8Han8_I

  7. 이게 원래 팰릿 난로가 아니라 화목 난로였죠? 최근 팰릿 태우는 영상만 보다가 아래 불구멍 여는 것 보니 새롭습니다. ㅎㅎ

  8. 엇!!인스타 친구네요ㅎㅎ반갑습니다 영상 잘 보고가요 앞으로 자주 놀러오겠습니다 구독 누르고갑니당~😻😻😻

  9. 오~ 조리대까지 업그레드되었네요^^ ㅋㅋㅋ
    이번에 텐트안에서 화목난로 사용했다가 텐트 바닥 불빵났거든요 ㅜㅜ
    방금 캠핑투게더님 영상보고 아이디어를 얻었네요
    캠핑투게더님처럼 바닥면에 스탠 밧드를 하나 받쳐야겠어요

  10. Terrific command center. Beautiful little stove. Each addition only improves perfection; front air vent and secondary air inlet are pure genius. In one image your upper cooking system was glowing cherry red. Amazing engineering. Thanks for sharing. Cheers.

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