35 thoughts on “Homemade CHEWY GRANOLA BARS for Healthy #BuzyBeez 🐝 DAY 6 | HONEYSUCKLE”

  1. Check my description box for adjustments since depending on type of peanut butter it could affect consistency. To remedy, adjust the honey to 1/4 cup and make sure the mixture is smooth and kind of runny to hold everything together! Sorry I forgot to mention that in the video as I was using a super runny peanut butter and the measurements worked for me. I hope this helps!!

  2. You are so awesome. I've recently subscribed and decided to try and make peanut butter granola bar and your recipe looks really good and looks easy to make. I'm definitely giving it a try and thank you. Great video 😃😃😎😎

  3. Delicious!! Very peanut buttery! I also added flaxseed for some extra nutrients! Keep up the good work 🙂

  4. Just wanted to drop a word of caution!! To those who are hypoglycemic, have blood sugar problems, or diabetic please refer to your doctor before adding dates into your diet! They have an extremely high glycemic index and could cause a blood sugar drop after consuming them!!

  5. I could have the oats and all the nuts and berrues on there own without the peanut butter mixture. IT LOOKS SO GOOD

  6. Loved the recipe!!! Breastfeeding sleep deprived mom here and trying to cut down on junk sugary foods🙈..so tough😩..a quick question if I soak the chia seeds and the use them ..will they affect the texture too much? I am assuming it will also help in binding and of course increase the nutritional value..

  7. Hello….wanted to let you know that the bars were a bust, they didn’t hold the shape, buuuut the taste was sooo good, that I just used it as granola instead…sooo yeeey anyway 😁 thank you for the flavour combo 😁

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