Hiroshima Street Food Guide (on Miyajima Island) ★ ONLY in JAPAN

Hiroshima Street Food Guide (on Miyajima Island) ★ ONLY in JAPAN

Hiroshima Street Food Guide on Miyajima Created and Produced by John Daub ONLY in JAPAN Welcome to Miyajima in Hiroshima prefecture This lovely island is famous for that ー The Red Torii the shrine the beautiful island the deer but there’s a lot more to Miyajima than just those things in fact, this place is a street food paradise! and we’ve come here to eat so I hope you’re hungry we’re going to be eating a lot. Hiroshima is located in Japan’s Chuugoku region in the very west of Honshu island. It’s Japan’s 9th biggest city after Sapporo and the prefecture is also home to Itsukushima, also known as Miyajima which is where we will be chowing down on a lot of street food. Nearly everything on the island is located on the northern end. ]The Inlet Sea surrounding is stunningly beautiful. The Grand Torii Gate greets all ferries arriving nearly every 15 minutes during the day. And so do the deer, as approachable as the ones on Nara. Who knows ー you may even make a friend or two here. I’m training this deer to go like this and then I give it some food She’s moving her head! The deer is so smart! It’s not recommended to feed the deer, but I can highly recommend feeding yourself along the central market street. It’s stocked with so many treats from seafood to sweets! Now this is street food! HIROSHIMA OYSTERS SHELLS WIDE OPEN Hiroshima is famous for having some of the best oysters in Japan. The prefecture produces 60-70% of the countries oysters so yeah, it’s a big deal here. On the street side, you can find them raw, grilled or deep-fried. So I got these oysters Yaki Gaki These are fried oysters Kaki Furai (Fry) So we’re going to give Hiroshima’s best here on Miyajima a try One word. Massive! This one oyster was bigger than any I’ve ever tried before. Look how big that things is! Fresh caught, grilled with a little ponzu (soy citrus sauce) and you’re in heaven. Great thing about coming alone you don’t have to share. Oh yeah! Now the golden brown kaki furai Oh yeah. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside A little bit oily but The taste is perfect Perfectly cooked on the inside We’re just getting warmed up! This is Miyajima’s MOMIJI, a leaf shaped cake filled with either custard or red bean paste. They’re quite famous all over Japan! Yeah, they even have their own kitkat flavor! A few shops including this one have taken the Momiji to whole other level. They make the momiji cakes fresh in shop. You can watch the process through the shop window. These have custard inside. You could eat it like this but ー come on! You know everything tastes better when deep fried. They’re battered up and tossed in the fryer until crispy. Like leaves floating on golden pond. Wow! So this is a deep fried momiji It smells really sweet. It’s pretty much just custard wrapped around in cake made into a leaf shape and then battered and deep fried. How does it taste? Woah! It’s so oily but ー so good! Just, the custard is oozing out of it the cake around it ー is so … it’s not soaked too much in oil just the right amount Total gold for a pallet What do you do with this? Across the street is this place serving up another deep fried street food. This is Miyajima NIGIRI TEN These roasted fish cakes have so many toppings! Miyajima Nigiri-ten It’s a fish cake but this one has pieces of asparagus and it’s wrapped in bacon which is just crazy and you can see the fish cake makes it really elastic Miyajima is famous for Nigiri-ten, which is like Chikuwa ー but oh so different. They’re first roasted or steamed then deep-fried like here. Mmm! So this is … it’s been deep fried and a little oily but not too much And you can see on the inside the fish cake here it’s really rubbery and if you like mochi, you’re going to love this! Down the street was a place steaming hot. They’re steamed buns, Miyajima style. The sign caught my attention right away. It always makes you smile. This is an ANAGOMAN and if you don’t know what anago is it’s a conger eel it looks like a little snake in the sea and they put it into a steamed bun Usually steamed buns in Japan are filled with pork or beef but here, it’s anago which makes it unique. This is so good. But the anago is so tender, it’s so soft It’s got that same kind of meaty taste as a pork bun but it’s more sophisticated ー and it’s nice! An incredible day eating on Hiroshima’s Miyajima Island Hiroshima is also famous for Okonomiyaki, Japanese pancake cooked on a tabletop gril loaded with all sorts of goodies and topped with a savory salty sweet soy sauce. Check out the episode Hiroshima Okonomiyaki Lunch Experiment for the full recipe! I’ll even make one for you! There’s a camping spot. It’s about a 30-40 minute walk from here If you’re interested in seeing more of Miyajima, don’t miss my live stream walk through on the ONLY in JAPAN GO! Channel filmed when I made this episode. We’ll go from the beach past the shrine down the shopping street. The ONLY in JAPAN GO channel is all live streams on locations so you’ll get a taste of the next episode right away. There’s a feast for the eyes Wow. So beautiful Yeah, I’ll walk it. I’ve been eating a lot so I think it’s good to get some exercise and this island is perfect for that Wooooo! Oh, there’s a sign that says don’t yell. Of course there is! Beautiful day. There’s some momiji Ususally you can see them making the momiji in a big open window Oh, this is nice, okay — One quick walk through and then this is where I am at the entrance one quick walk through and then I’m off ONLY in JAPAN GO. This is like the concept You know, walk around and just find interesting stuff You can see they’re making the momiji here and they do it live they do it right in front of you so that’s how you know they’re always fresh Subscribe to both channels and never miss an experience that’s ONLY in JAPAN! Next time, we’ll head to Fukuoka for some amazing Tonkotsu Ramen. From the riverside yatai stands to the city’s best ramen shops, we’ll go on a ramen binge that’ll make you wish for big bowl right now. If you liked it, hit that subscribe button and watch another one of ONLY in JAPAN’s shows instagram: onlyinjapantv Mata ne~

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  9. I went to Miyajima last year, it's very cute and the food was great, but wow it's busy – like any top attraction in Japan

  10. I went there this past Saturday. It was a great experience. All of the food shops were closed though, except for 7-Eleven. Next week I will be sure to go early. Made a few deer friends 🙂

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  14. When I visited it a couple of years ago, I had a train back to Tokyo to catch after Miyajima, so I didn't want to risk it with the eel bun and instead got the beef bun from the same shop. Still would definitely recommend. Also got a (non-fried) momiji manju for the road. It was very good.

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