7 thoughts on “HELP ME !!!! poor baby Charlee full sad & deep hurt break foot cos mom Leyla strong catch her foot.”

  1. I hope and pray Baby Charlee heals from her fall, she is so tiny! But mom, Carlais on the job doing as best she can. I'm pulling for you little one!!😪😪😚😚😘

  2. my god, Carla is such a disgusting PIG to look at!!!!!!! she makes me sick, she is as big a glutton as PE always has been, i am surprised PE isn't as HUGE as this obese bitch!!!!! i hope charlee doesn't live that long, there is something off about her. plus, it makes me mad that Carla treats this baby so well, when she was so mean to Charles — especially, cuz Charles really didn't deserve to be mistreated, which is super rare

  3. All she needed was a broken leg..
    Let's hope it didn't happen..she is on that piece of skin that replaces the tit again…and yet, the kidnappers couldn't make her weaker..unfortunately they will still stick around…

  4. It's my guess that this newborn monkey poop must taste pretty good, cus it seems a lot of these monkeys & kidnappers seem more interested in what comes out of the ass end of the baby monkeys. Seems word has gotten around about lil Charlee……

  5. What are those things? Are they big grease balls melting in the sun or what? And this ugly small rat … is a hairy mummy melting too?

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