Healthy Food Tips : Healthy Coffee Tips

Healthy Food Tips : Healthy Coffee Tips

According to some studies, coffee has more
antioxidants than any food or drink in the American diet. I like to enjoy a cup of coffee
every morning, get my antioxidants, get my brain sharp, and wake up and start the day.
I take my coffee with a little bit of sugar. Some people use the blue or the pink or the
yellow stuff. Usually more natural is best, but everything in moderation. Now I’m going
to take a little bit of half and half and add it to my coffee, and you might say, well,
that can be clogging your arteries. Just as I said before, if we do everything in moderation,
we can enjoy all of our favorite things. One thing that’s really nice with your cup of
coffee is to just bring it up to your face and soak in the aroma. Mmm. Then, when you
drink it, you know that those antioxidants are just coursing through your body and making
you healthy while you have great flavor at the same time.

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