HEALTHY EATING ON A BUDGET: Grocery Shopping Tips To Save Money

HEALTHY EATING ON A BUDGET: Grocery Shopping Tips To Save Money

welcome back to my channel today I’m
going to be sharing with you guys how to eat healthy on a budget and some really
great tips for eating healthy on a budget and these ones are really going
to help you save some money but still eat healthy so let’s just go ahead and
get right into it so my first tip is to plan ahead I find this way not only do
you stay in budget by only buying what you need but you end up not having a lot
of food waste and having to throw things out because you weren’t able to get
through it in time I find this is especially true for veggies some fruits
things like spinach or raspberries they go bad and then you have to throw them
out and it’s money in the garbage and you ended up buying too much because you
didn’t plan so I plan and I only buy like what you need and then that way
you’re on budget you’re not wasting and you’re gonna get through everything that
you have bought my next tip is to buy in season buying in season is great because
a lot of these items are going to be more affordable than if you were to buy
things that aren’t in season it’s also a great way to add some variety to your
diet because every season you’re gonna have different fruits and vegetables
that are in season and so you kind of are able to rotate and all of them have
different vitamins and minerals for you in them so it’s a great way to kind of
change things up and to save some money too so right now for me
things like squashes and apples are in season because of where I live but
depending on where you live that could be different so I would suggest just
doing a quick google search for your area your province or your state
wherever you are and what’s in season and kind of doing that you can also
visit farmers markets because all of that is going to be local and it’s going
to be you know in season as well my next tip is to buy frozen this one is such a
good one because I feel like frozen is really underrated
and people think it’s not as good or is actually frozen can almost be better
sometimes and that’s because fruits and vegetables are flash frozen at their
peak ripeness which is when they have their most nutritional value so by
buying frozen you actually can get more nutrients
some of your fruits and vegetables then if you were to buy the fresh
counterparts it’s also really great because if you think you might not get
through a vegetable before it goes bad frozen you don’t have to worry about
that so you just have it in the freezer you have these great healthy items ready
to go but you don’t have that risk of it going bad before that you can finish it
my next tip is to join your grocery stores reward programs a lot of the
grocery stores near me have points programs where you collect points on all
the food you buy even they have specials where you get you know ten times the
points or five thousand points on this item this week and it’s a great way to
collect basically free money towards your groceries I love doing that and
then you know you can apply all those points to your groceries later you can
apply them all at once you can ply them like in five dollar increments but if
you know food is something we’re gonna have to bias we might as well earn
points towards it right so joining those rewards programs can be really
beneficial I’ve racked up hundreds and hundreds of dollars over the years just
by joining rewards programs my next tip comes to buying meat so if you’re unable
to buy grass-fed organic meat for budget purposes
you’re better off choosing a leaner cut of meat than a more fatty counterpart
and that’s because all the bad stuff that’s in your non-organic or you’re not
grass-fed meat is stored in the fat so if you can get a lean or cut of meat
without the fat you’re gonna get less of all that by-product and all that stuff
that you were trying to avoid in the first place so if you can’t buy organic
chicken stuff like that or you can’t buy grass-fed red meat I would choose your
leaner ones so like extra lean burst is you know lean or not lean at all ground
meats because like I said they’re gonna have less fat so they’re gonna have less
of all that stuff that was concentrated in the animal because all the bad stuff
in that animal was concentrated in the fact along the same lines of organic my
next tip is to focus on the Dirty Dozen and the clean fifteen I’m gonna put a
graphic up right here but you can definitely just google and save the
image to your phone for when you go grocery shopping but basically you focus
on the Dirty Dozen being what you buy organic and the clean fifteen you don’t
have to worry about spending money on it so the Dirty Dozen has
things like strawberries which I believe is number one spinach peaches apples and
then clean fifteen are usually a lot of things that have shells on them already
so for example bananas you don’t have to buy bananas organic because there’s an
outside to them that you take off and then the fruit is in the inside so kind
of using this as a great way to kind of budgets you don’t have to buy everything
organic because it may not matter as much for that vegetable or fruit now if
you still can’t buy organic my next tip is to use a really good vegetable rinse
so you can either use one with vinegar or with baking soda there’s two
different variations that I’ve found that I’ve used and I like the vinegar
one a little bit more but basically you just allow it to soak and it really
removes and strips any like pesticides residues anything up on your fruits and
vegetables that you may not want so this is also a really good affordable option
if you still can’t buy organic just to make sure you really thoroughly clean
your produce before you eat it my next tip is to freeze leftovers I do this all
the time to really minimize the risk of not being able to finish things or you
know just making a big batch of something that was like on sale like a
butternut squash soup and then freezing a bunch and you can have meals that are
already ready to go also if you have stuff that’s already ready to go you’re
gonna be less likely to you know grab something on the way home or have to
pick up something last-minute that’s not in your budget cuz you already bought
something in your budget you pre-made it and it’s ready to go in the freezer for
example tonight I’m gonna be taking out some chili from my freezer that I’ve
already made and then that way my meals ready to go and I don’t have to worry my
next tip is to shop at discount and or bulk stores so this is things like
Costco or thrive market both of which I love I get a lot of questions about
where I buy my almond flour or my coconut oil because these items are very
expensive and as you guys can see I do use them quite frequently in my videos I
definitely buy a lot of my stuff at Costco nuts seeds and they also have a
good selection of organic produce too so even though there’s a membership to
Costco I find it definitely pays for itself
very very quickly and they also are starting to have really cool like
wellness brands like collagen and different kind of bars and things like
that so a lot of the stuff is becoming more mainstream and Costco which I love
so I would highly recommend getting a Costco membership or if you don’t want
to buy things in bulk there are great sites like thrive market where they have
like a discounted rate because they cut up a middleman so you can buy still the
small versions for less than you would buy you know the in-store for that price my next tip is to buy the house Branden
I do this all the time at my local grocery store frequently the house brand
is like right beside the name-brand and the ingredients are usually the same if
not better I find and your end up saving a few cents if not or dollar or two then
the brand-name counterpart so this is a great way that you can save a little bit
all the time that’s really gonna add up over time so even though it’s a few
cents or maybe a dollar – that really adds up over time for essentially the
same product because it’s what’s in the inside right it doesn’t matter what the
name says on the outside it matters what’s inside the product so I really
like you know buying the no name or the house brand of that grocery store my
next tip is to buy things that are on sale so I like to plan my meals around
what’s on sale at the grocery store that week so when I head in I buy the fruits
in the produce that are on sale to save some money and then I’ll just get
creative and make my meals for the week based on what I bought like that that
way not only do you save some money but it adds some variety you’re not only
eating the same things all the time and you still save a lot of money – my next
tip is to make DIY versions at home a thing so this can be
anything from almond milk to making your own zoodles or making your own
cauliflower rice so when you buy things like pre-made zoodles or cauliflower
rice you are paying for the convenience of the fact that it’s already raised now
I definitely buy a cauliflower rice you know already rice sometimes because I
don’t want to be bothered but you know if you want to save a couple dollars
this can be great way if you have the time you know
rice your own cauliflower spiralize rooms oodles make your own almond milk
you can save a few dollars here and there because you’re not paying that
premium for convenience so I hope you guys found this video helpful if you
have any more healthy budget tips make sure to leave them in the comments so
that I know them and everyone else reading the comments can know them we
can help each other out if you have any more requests for this style of video
that you want me to do definitely leave that in the comments also and I hope you
guys are all having a great day and I will see you in my next video bye guys

23 thoughts on “HEALTHY EATING ON A BUDGET: Grocery Shopping Tips To Save Money”

  1. That is cool about the grocery rewards I haven’t heard of that in Ohio. In Ohio the amount of money you spend on groceries can save you on your fuel if you buy fuel from that grocery store’s gas station. But it’s pointless to me because I don’t drive

  2. We have a store called aldi’s that is kind of like a savers store. Most of their dried goods aren’t good but their produce is a good buy!

  3. Great video!! I’ve recently tried to stay away from convince items. My boyfriend and I have started eating in the house instead of out! We have so much food in the house and almost always the same things we will get out we can make for less. Like a pizza or pasta salad etc it saves us money and we enjoy the privacy of time in. Then when we do go it it’s way more special and usually a bigger event like bowling movies or zoo instead of just getting food we had at home! 😊

  4. Planning is huge for making the most of groceries 👍 I also like to have "pantry challenges" now and then to use up what's been hanging around for a while.

  5. What I find myself throwing away often are your dressings 😭 I make it, use it once, spends way too much time in the fridge and I have to throw it out. It also happened with the delicious Vengan Alfredo sauce you just shared. Had to throw it all out too 😩

  6. I started collecting points in shops just few months ago and I love spending the points before payday! 😁 Great video. Thanks for the tips!

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