Healthy Black Bean Soup | Jamie Oliver

Healthy Black Bean Soup | Jamie Oliver

Hello lovely people, ok we are going to do an amazing soup that I learnt, inspiration from a trip I had in Costa Rica and we went to an incredible area where they had this black bean soup. With beautiful eggs poached in it last minute, incredible with tortillas and a little salsa, really healthy, it’s got 3 of your 5 a day and it’s packed full of the good stuff. So very simply, get some celery and strip in to little lengths like this. Then we are just going to roughly chop it. In to like centimeter dice In a pan, we’re going to use a Dutch oven like this, put it on a medium heat We’re going to add about 2 tablespoons of olive oil. We’re going to go in with celery. Then we are going to go in with the garlic. Then as you’re adding these flavours, the smell is amazing, we’re going to get some thyme here you could use oregano if you wanted to. Then we are going to go in with the 2 little bay leaves ok. Fragrance, beautiful. Then we are going to go in with 2 finely chopped onions. I’m using red onions but of course you can use white onions, or even leeks if you wanted to. I like the idea of a little kick, a little spice to it. so I’m going to add just a little bit of chilli, about half a chili goes in. Then peppers, we love our peppers. I just get my thumbs and push in this little stalk and then I pull it up like that. So remove the seeds, roughly chop the peppers in to kind of centimeter chunks. A nice little pinch of seasoning goes in. Whilst that’s frying, I’m going to get on with a kicker. So lets have a look at that, we’ve got a bowl here and we want to make a kind of salsa. I’ve got a small bunch of coriander here. I want to use the top half for my salsa and this bottom half, the stalks, they’re nice and clean we’re going to finely slice that. The stalks have lots of flavour, don’t throw them away. They go in, beautiful. The leaves are going to go in my funky little salsa. I’m just going to roughly chop the leaves like that. I’m going to take some chillis, it could be like a jalapeño or could be a red chilli it can be anything you like, I’m going to take a bit of lime juice. I’m using these different coloured chillis just because I’ve got them. The chillis go in, the coriander goes in. Then we’re going to go in with the juice of one lime. Add a little swig of olive oil. A pinch of salt and then just use a little spoon to mix it up. It’s very simple guys. So we’ve got 800g of beans, black beans going in, of course you can use any beans but black beans are actually the highest protein beans you can get. Look at, look at the colour, juice and all. 400ml of water. Right we bring this to the boil, let it thunder a long and boil hard for 10 minutes. This dish I had cooked for me, a little area of Costa Rica called the Nicoya Peninsula these lovely ladies, in their fifties cooked it with me and they cooked it for their Dad who was 106 years old lets turn it down now, gentle, gentle Let’s take out the Bay leaf. they easily come out, it’s done it’s job now, frangrance so we can get rid of that. then I’m going to use a little hand blender and just blitz up, so look I’ve just blitzed a quarter of it. What you get is this, you get chunks but also you’ve got smoothness and kind of comfort there, so a bit of both. So at this point we’re going to have a little taste. Have a think, that’s good, adjust your seasoning then I want it to be on a gentle heat here and then we’re going to go in with the eggs. Very simply crack and in it goes and you’re going to poach that egg in that soup Then we’ve got tortillas and we can toast these, put them in a griddle pan. Or you can just put this on a gas hob to warm through, it only takes seconds. Lets serve this up, this wonderful party dish, there’s your egg just like that. Couple of ladels of your soup and then go in with the egg on top. Boom Add that flourish with this salsa a little drizzle of olive oil. Right lets have a little look at this egg cut in there yes then just chop it up get your tortillas so good so there you go guys, for more healthy meals click the link up there. this recipe is in Jamie Magazine so please check it out. Don’t forget to go to, there’s loads of wonderful meals, of which there is an army of gorgeous healthy ones, vegetarian ones, you name it, we’ve got it. Until next time, take care.

100 thoughts on “Healthy Black Bean Soup | Jamie Oliver”

  1. I watched this vid and couldnt quit thinking about it. Several hours later I stopped at the market to get what ingreidients I could remember and added to the ones I already had at home. OMG. The best soup Ive ever had!

  2. My mom is from Costa Rica, I remember her making Sopa Negra, black bean soup. But never with canned beans. It was always made with the beans coming straight out of the pressure cooker.

  3. the egg is a tasty idea, kind of like shakshouka. i will be omitting it though as it is cruel to eat eggs. i'm glad some good native american food is making it to the mainstream.

  4. When did you visit Costa Rica? I loved black bean soup! You can put croutons made out of stale bread and of course topped it off with avocado!

  5. Hello Jamie. Thank you for the recipe. Such a delicious and mouth watering meal. So much flavor!! Love it Jamie❤❤

  6. I made that soup and we all loved it the beans , the eggs and the kind of salsa it is just soooo good ! ! Thank you Jamie , that made up my night !

    P.s you can add some recipe next time for home made tortilla ( as I did , it was pretty exciting ! )

  7. This is one greedy man, has he not got enough money that he has to do a YouTube channel as well as the millions he earns from books and tv??? He now wants a slice of the the action on YouTube taking away from the average YouTuber trying to earn a crust

  8. Finally it's the weekend, I've been waiting all week to cook this. I'm making this today woohoo. Thanks for the amazing recipe Jamie!

  9. What kind of cheff is frying garlic before onion on same pan?? Facepalm. Garlic need to fry shorter cause it developes bitter flawours.

  10. With a pinch of salt and a splash of lime juice, this is some of the best damn soup I’ve ever had. Well done, mate.

  11. The area of Costa Rica (Nicoya) referenced is one of the Blue Zone locations where there is a greater rate of people becoming centenarians.

  12. Well fk….I never cooked before. Tried this out and went a bit crazy adding carrots and broccoli as well. Then added a lot of lemon juice on top. Omg so gooood

  13. You didn't cook black bean soup… you took cooked black bean soup and added more stuff to it. So it's embellished black bean soup. That's it, I'm going back to Chef Ramsay's channel! Learn to cook beans next time!

  14. Me parece impresentable que un chef use ingredientes envasados pudiendo usar ingredientes frescos y naturales. ¿Qué tan díficil puede ser cocer unos porotos previamente?
    Yo aprendi a cocinar para no tener que comer la basura envasada que venden en el Super.

  15. Ufff in these videos nobody ever says the temperature of the stove, am I missing some implied standard or something?

  16. This soup looks amazing! Salvadorans also make a wicked bean soup. Our version is similar – minus the celery and thyme – but add beef bones and stock to add richness and depth to the soup. It’s served with rice, feta cheese, a drizzle of cream and chilli. There are loads of variations which proves how easy and versatile this soup is.

  17. I added the eggs and I dont recomend it. You end up with this stinky/ foul smelling soup. It almost made throw up🤮

  18. my mum from el salvador makes this all the time, i's a lovely filling dish that warms the soul especially on a chilly winter night. love that more attention is being put on black beans, the unsung heroes of all bean types

  19. They did not served u canned beans in costa rica dude. Teach us to actually cook beans please. Not pour beans out of a carton.

  20. Джейми , я читал про твои рестораны, мне очень жаль , что ты столкнулся с такими проблемами, не отчаивайся , продолжай радовать нас своими видео!

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