| Health food | The 6 Best Snacks to Pack for the Office 😀😍😍😍

| Health food | The 6 Best Snacks to Pack for the Office 😀😍😍😍

The 6 Best Snacks to Pack for the Office Since most of u.s. spends 40 plus hours at the workplace it is important to focus on staying healthy while working away snacks can either make or break you especially if Kansas donut and other treats are easily in reach a healthy snack can do wonders for your afternoon hunger pains is rose your wavelength not only having healthy snacks at work important to keep you on the nutritious pass it can also help stave off hunger making you less likely to overeat once you have clocked out for the day if you find yourself getting hungry with afternoon here are some great snacks that are perfect to eat and work number one unsalted almonds honors are not only satisfying a nutritious snack but they are portable before the start of your work on a portion out snack bags of one servings almonds roughly 24 depending on size you can pack one bag each day or leave a few portions backs at your desk just in case the fiber and healthy fats found in there to help give you an energy plus and keep you feeling full throughout the afternoon remember for the whole foods who is a great master going to work that it can be difficult if you don’t have a refrigerator catsouras instead try bringing affordable food such as an apple pear orange or banana depending on the size of truth a small piece for about 70 to 80 calories which makes if the perfect course not number three popcorn of course contains gets a bad reputation but it is purely for the high water content you will find in many of the store-bought variety’s top coat of the whole thing in one cup is only 25 calories popular kernels at home and season with a sprinkle salt invited into one cup portions for work this is a great alternative to those who love the crunch on chips or other salty snacks human before dry fruit if the sugar rush hits you shortly after lunch drivers can be the perfect cure there are many varieties of dried fruits so check your able to ensure there are no added sugar some of the more popular for include dried cranberries raisins and banana chips watch the portion since they are higher in calories and regular first portion out 1 for scott to snack on while Laura real way number 5 vegetables with Homer a snack is a great opportunity to incorporate more that’s the most intuitive sugar snap peas care cherry tomatoes and Flowery on all great options too much time while brookings not a big fan of all vegetables on their homes hummus is a delicious localities if that pairs perfectly the main ingredient in homelessness chickpeas providing some pudding and additional fiber to accompany your credit a number six not five it can be difficult to find a healthy snack bar that isn’t loaded with added sugar which will make it a lot of healthy as a candy bar Portman chosen correctly snack bars can be a healthy portable treat aim for a bar that has no more than 200 total calories this is just enough calories to provide you a wood energy but not so much that you blow your calorie intake for the day choose a bar that has at least three or more grams of fiber and at least five grams of protein or more also your snack bar should not have more than eight grams of sugar per 100 calories you

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