Happy Death Day 2U (2019) KILL COUNT

Happy Death Day 2U (2019) KILL COUNT

Welcome to the Kill Count, where we tally up the victims in all our favorite horror movies. I’m James A Janisse and today we’re looking at Happy Death Day 2U, our first 2019 film on the Kill Count. Happy Death Day 2U is the sequel to 2017 genre-bending Happy Death Day and true to that film’s spirit The sequel is even less of a straight horror film than the first one There are still a bunch of kills integral to the plot of a single day repeating itself But there’s also a whole new sci-fi angle that attempts to explain the mechanics of the first movie. Normally I hate it when things are over Explained and I think the first movie functions just fine without any kind of answer as to why Tree had to relive her birthday over And over again, but the sequel mostly pulls it off while successfully building out the world of the first movie I will admit that the complications surrounding the new sci-fi plot device make for a much messier movie than the tightly scripted original But it’s still a treat to watch these two films back-to-back Thanks to returning writer/director Christopher Landon and the efforts he took to make them feel like one seamless experience Happy Death Day 2U was filmed a year and a half after they had finished shooting the first one but since its supposed to take place partially on the same day the crew had to go all-out recreating locations and casting the same people even for minor Characters and featured extras. To really appreciate how much they matched everything to the first film and because I’ve got to plug my own shit I recommend you rewatch the Kill Count for Happy Death Day if it’s been a while since you’ve seen the movie I rewatched the episode myself and I’m happy to say I still think it’s a great Kill Count script even though my narration is somehow both rushed and Unenthusiastic at the same time. Come on past James get it together How many people will die in the sequel, and how many new tree puns can I come up with while I count them? Let’s find out and get to the kills The movie begins with a bell tower ringing Ryan Fan, Mr Fine Vajine himself, wakes up in his car and makes his way back to the dorm Passing a snippy dog, a change seeking bush dweller and an intern on wheels in the process. Once again these and other oddly specific things are there for us to Re-experience when the inevitable time loop starts up again. Ryan gets to his dorm room and walks straight into the ending of the first movie Line for line. “I’m not sleeping in my car again. It smells like Hot Pockets and feet.” “Get out.” “I just want clean underwear!” Here’s a perfect example actually, just compare that to the same scene from the end of the original and see how well they Recreated it. “I’m not sleeping in my car again. It smells like Hot Pockets and feet.” “Get out.” “I just want clean underwear!” But unlike in the original When that scene ended with a push in on a bumper sticker and a cut to credits, this movie continues with Ryan going to the school’s Quantum mechanics lab. There, he and his nerd squad of new characters Samar and Dre are fucking with some heavy looking super science shit Their machine apparently has some kind of high energy output the day before yesterday 12:01 a.m. Meaning It’s probably the cause of trees repetitive growth cycle in the first movie but Dean Bronson another new character is sick of the blackouts and lack of Results coming from Ryan’s quantum thesis project consider this joke of a project suspended effective immediately what Ryan pouts on the couch and gets a real creepy picture texted to him and he follows this digital peeping tom trail into A chemistry lab where his inspection of a closet leads to death via Babyface who stabs him in the chest like the original this movie is pg-13. So don’t expect a lot of gore But hey At least we got an impact shot Brian wakes up in his car and you already know what to expect here hyper hound Shrubbery, shrub skateboard and coffee boy this movie knows you know what it’s all about, but it’ll run through the familiar fast enough Don’t worry. In fact right away when Ryan mentions having deja vu – tree and Carter they recognize that he might be barking up the same tree that she was but when he says that he too was killed by a Baby-faced heel. They get confused tooms didn’t Who’s the killer this time I don’t know won’t you let me watch this movie and find out tree gives Ryan Abba NetID recap of the first movie and with Everyone all caught up they head to Ryan’s murder spot so tree can take a whack at solving this mystery Also a tree with a baseball bat Reminds me of the kill I missed in the first movie that a few of you pointed out before Tree herself was splintered with a home run She hit one of her sorority sisters Kappa Becky in the head just as hard with the same bat So yeah, that was probably a kill meaning the first movie actually had 20 kills, not 19 So go ahead and make a correction in your little notebooks or whatever I know some of you have those they inspect the closet, but don’t find any killers maybe faced or otherwise So Ryan introduces tree to a science project the sisyphus quantum cooling reactor. We call it sissy for short That’s a fun name since Sisyphus was the Greek mythological figure who was tasked with rolling a boulder up a hill Every time you reached the top it would roll back down and he’d have to start all over again Kind of like reliving the same day repeatedly, huh? Ryan gives a science-y Explanation about how sissy was made to manipulate time and trie informs him that it worked these mofos made a time loop They have lunch in the cafeteria where trees sorority president Kappa Danielle shows up to Danielle at her for missing a house meeting and hanging out with a bunch of nerds, you know So we’ve established that she’s still a meanie Pam’s got a tree and Carter’s cement their new relationship status. Who are you my girlfriend? Okay, man as she tells Ryan he’s got a whole bunch of dying to look forward to you Hopefully he’ll be better than her at keeping a kill count of all his deaths. I dined 11 times Oh, yeah, three cuz in my video I counted 10 So I hope you’ve got the receipts in an effort to keep Ryan safe from the new baby face killer Carter suggests that they go to a basketball game so they can have safety in numbers But uh, yeah, that might not be the best idea. It’s like hiding from Chucky in a doll Factory Oh wait, they did that and it was awesome. Never mind The game gives tree a chance to check in on plot lines from the first movie like that Tim guys recent emergence from the closet and the sadness. She still feels over her dead mom But then an alarm goes off sending the student body flowing through crowded hallways and sho’nuff an especially Mean-looking baby starts making their way towards Ryan babyface eventually catches up to Ryan in the basement But they’re knocked out by tree and when they masked the individual they’re shocked at what they see a second Rion Rion To wakes up tied to a chair and tries to explain I was trying close to loop but somehow kind nothing to repair the time Loop talk about timey wimey Ryan too says that they have to kill Ryan one for butterfly effect reasons I guess but instead Ryan one boots up the sissy machine and ignores his doppelgangers warning As the Machine lurches to life drei Samar Dean Bronson and some security dudes walk in and things go to hell in a handbasket When sissy finishes initializing it releases a huge science fiction explosion that blows everyone back in super slow motion while the flower duet plays After everyone Crashes the lights go down and we’re back to a familiar scene bell tower chimes waking tree up in Carter’s bed with him greeting her A good morning and her phone playing that awesome ringtone again Yes tree is back in yesterday yet again resulting in some understandably unbridled rage Although Ryan and Carter don’t understand what’s happening. They follow tree as she cuts through the campus and freaks out overseeing the usual activity But she soon learns that things aren’t exactly the same For instance Lori and Carter appear to know each other and Lori didn’t even make a poison cupcake for tree Ryan’s Surmises that maybe tree is in a sort of multiverse situation, although she woke up on the same day It wasn’t necessarily in the same dimension and thus the minor differences. She’s been noticing like I said this plot might seem confusing but a little featurette on the blu-ray helps break it down when Cissy misfired It created a time loop on Monday September 18th that we saw play out in the first movie that loop closed when tree killed Laurie, but then another loop was created I’m not sure exactly how this time for the next day But when Ryan booted up Cissy yet again, he reset the original loop only in a parallel dimension That’s mostly the same but has some minor differences also some major differences like how Danielle and Carter are now a couple This dimensions Daniele is a bit more chill and a lot more friendly We’re doing the special needs Art Fair again Even if she is still a bit of a dots aunt Frank was blind in Two but none of that makes tree feel any better about losing her new boyfriend to her old friend me tree Excuses herself from this awkward situation and heads to that birthday lunch with her dad where she finds another aberration in this dimension Yeah, her mom is still alive on this side of the sissy loop. That’s some heavy shit right now And as always Jessica Roth frickin kills it in the acting Department I love how well she plays tree across a huge range of emotions It makes for one of the absolute best characters I’ve ever covered on the kill Kyle seeing her mom alive again makes trees Second-guess trying to get back to her own dimension. Even if that would mean not having Carter as a boyfriend I mean, yeah, he’s a nice boy But you’re gonna take the not-dead mom every time and except I guess it might be kind of weird crash landing in the middle of another lifetime That night tree sees on the news that John Toombs is still around in this dimension So she makes her way to the hospital to stop him from getting out and killing people. He’s not in his room though instead There’s just a police officer who arrests tree for brandishing an axe at him. Come on tree You should know how scary it is to have an axe waved around at you as the cop walks her out of there He’s ambushed and attacked by babyface who kills him with a couple of stabs to the midsection It quickly becomes clear that this dimensions baby face isn’t Laurie since you know She’s standing right there and Lori tells tree that she just took John tooms to an operating room so this baby face can’t be him either looks like we’re in for a game of Three and Lori wind up on a hospital floor under Construction to be the school’s newest scare zone and while walking through it Lori turns around to reveal a knife in her belly She dies bleeding from her mouth another victim of this dimensions mystery baby pace the Bayfield baby chases tree with a sledgehammer All the way to the rooftop where trees eagerness to get away Results in another death her own after she falls off the edge many stories to the ground below, huh? You’d think a hospital would have safety railings around. It’s true. She wakes up at square one again on the same day We watched her relive in the original but this equals new cos designer Whitney and Adams who I had an awesome lengthy conversation with after a screening of this movie I went to decided that even though tree would be stuck repeating the same day again She wanted to have more fun with Jessica Roth’s wardrobe So be on the lookout for trees 17 Costume changes that Whitney got to pick out for Jessica to wear way to help elevate the movie Whitney tree tells Rian to just close The loop so she can stay in this current dimension with her. Not dead mom But the geek squad admits to not knowing exactly how sissy works In fact, they would need many days of trial and error to figure it all out, but since the same day keeps repeating itself There’s no way to keep track of their results that is unless tree becomes a human notepad for them and is able to report back On every failure after the Day recess even though it’s hard sciency stuff trees sees no other way so we get ourselves another music back, death Ville Montage in it tree learns what doesn’t work and then to avoid a painful death at the hands of a babyface killer Simply kills herself to reset the day. The first time is via a hair dryer in the bathtub, which is enough to kill anyone Who’s not Uncle Fester damn tree looking hot as a forest fire there The second self-inflicted death comes from some drain cleaner, which she drinks right there in the middle of the supermarket Yeah, you’re gonna want to flush your pipes after that one They came up with the third death during reshoots for the movie after seeing Carter and Danielle all lovey together Shree goes skydiving without Outerwear or a parachute and somehow perfectly times her jumped to green screen fall in front of the kissing couple onto the concrete I hope she yelled timber on the way down the fourth death also came from reshoots and makes the tree pond for me since she Sprint’s her way into a tree chamber and is Turned into a fine spray of red also the tree shivers company named Biff is a reference to Back to the Future since earlier They had mentioned that clear influence. Are you serious? You’ve never seen Back to the Future. Sorry This montage of failure is capped off with another cool transition effect Just like the first one had with tree falling from the top of a bell tower through time and space Itself to land. Once again in Carter’s bed and montage all of these deaths have left tree feeling pretty well turd So she lands herself in the hospital where she’s tended to by dr Gregory Butler that census professor who if you’ll recall from the first movie had been sleeping with both tree and lorry only in this dimension Gregory doesn’t recognize tree at all. We saw during the montage earlier that he still been sleeping with lorry though So when tree tells him that lorries about to get killed by someone in the basement He runs off to save his student paramour tree escapes her room knocks out the hospital police officer and steals his gun to go hunting For babies, that sounds less humane than it is But instead of a dirty baby to kill tree finds Laurie who’s already been got looks like a couple of stab wounds to the chest 53 minutes and call it a baby face appears behind tree but a hospital mirror allows her to shoot him a couple of times as He dies. She D masks him to find John tooms just as handsome as ever. Thanks for the extra kill, John She asks tooms who set him free But before she can get an answer the real baby face killer grabs her from behind Seeing no other option tree decides to shoot at a tank of gas and kill both Herself and this dimensions baby face giving us two more kills for the cows tree lays out all the knowledge She’s learned in her many trial runs with this experiment and with all these failures on display There’s apparently only one remaining solution to the problem whatever they do works and the system boots Properly and just in case you need it spelled out why they’re so happy here Ryan Summarizes the situation just over totally clear one variant closes the loop in this dimension and the other one sends you back to your original dimension and closes dad with Its final decision time stay here or go back shree tells Ryan that she’s planting her roots here in this dimension Well, apparently Samar got a virus on the computer by opening spam porn. Hello He denies it like you might deny eating pieces of shit for breakfast. No Ryan’s gonna have to spend seven hours manually re-entering all that code But instead of using that time to save Laurie from Baby Face at the hospital tree would rather just lay low and survive So she can have a happy mom filled life. I have to say alive. I can’t go back to that hospital It’s way too risky. I love this character beat fortree Although she grew as a person in the first film, of course Her selfish tendencies are going to come out again if it means getting her mom back Can’t lose her again. It’s great character riding like that that makes up for this movies messy sci-fi plot Carter also says that if tree stays in this dimension, she’ll be denying the emotional loss that helped make her who she is today He suggests saying goodbye instead of living a lie, but tree would rather survive and keep her mom alive so later on as the Quantum quorum convenes to finish their work and boot that Cissy up free travels with her parents to get out of town But while they head to a safe place trees mom talks about a Cinnabon birthday experience that tree doesn’t remember Hmm tree might want to rethink staying in this branch of reality. Huh? Oh, look, the university’s power substation Wonder if that’s important at a motel while watching Creature from the Black Lagoon Tree talks to her mom about life and second chances when her mom says that she would always choose to be with her dad No matter how many reasons she was given tree Realizes that she wants to be with Carter gonna be kind of hard to do that though Since Carter has taken it upon himself to save Lori in the hospital and as tree sees on the news He joins Lori and the hospital police officer as a victim of babyfaces killing spree that night And yeah These kills will go on the count since they happened within the present story of this movie Even though they were off screen and only revealed to us in a news report since tree doesn’t want Carter dead forever She tries calling Ryan so he can cancel cissie’s loop closing when he doesn’t answer She runs out of the room and drives her car to that power station They passed earlier where she’s able to stop cissie’s loop closing at the very last Instance by crashing into the station tree is killed yet again in the high-impact car crash Which also shuts down power across the entire? University and puts an end to sissy’s efforts the next day or the same day tree tells Ryan that she wants to go back to Her original dimensions, and she doesn’t want to be stuck living in the past Well, he gets all the science in order tree goes and gives this dimension Gloria pep talk telling her to dump the dork. Dr Gregory more importantly. She also meets with her mom for one last conversation Wherein she says goodbye and that she loves her something everyone who’s lost a parent would absolutely kill to do It’s another tearjerker seen in this genre-bending movie, but thanks to the acting talent involved It works that never comes off as hokey. Even with the Hallmark Channel shot blowing out a candle together He always gonna be my little girl With this dimensions loose ends tied up tree has the quantum Rangers Go Go Power up the sissy machine to send her back to her own dimension Unfortunately for her that’s when Dean Bronson shows up and shuts the whole thing down Sissy has taken away to his office and the students are left Forlorn since tree is so weak from Oliver dying that she’s not even sure she’d be able to come back after another reset this leads To something that probably no one expected going into this movie a friggin heist Sequence complete with a very wacky diversion for the Dean in the form of Danielle acting like a blind French foreign exchange student It’s a scene with extremely broad humor And even though actors Rachel Matthews and Steve zissis are giving it their all it gets just a tad too silly for my tastes Checkmate danielle gets Dean Bronson’s keys to the others so they can sneak into his office and roll the sissy past his awesome kitty portrait And in no time at all They’re booting that bad boy up since it’s gonna take them a while to get it back online Tree figures that she can still save this dimensions Laurie from her baby face Deb She heads to the hospital and steals the police officers gun again Then busts into John tombs his room and saves Laurie by shooting tooms to death right out of his bed They run down the hall and encounters a new baby face who’s been trying to kill Laurie and it turns out that new baby face Is dr. Gregory Butler tree lays out everything. She’s deduced by now Gregory’s wife Stephanie found out about his affair with Laurie So Gregory liked Laurie in the first movie freed tooms has slept a baby mask on him So the criminal would take the ball when Gregory killed Maury to save his marriage slow clap for figuring all that out tree But wise Gregory’s still smirking, you see there’s one little detail. You failed to realize in all this. Oh, really? What’s that? Her lorry is shot in the gut by Gregory’s wife Stephanie and the couple prepares to dispose of tree two So they can clean up after his affair and keep their marriage looking strong It’s a little convoluted, but I think I’ve got it as long as there aren’t any more twists. I Wanted to force damnit Gregory, what are you man? One half of a ghost face killer couple Carter shows up and distracts Gregory who then chases tree into an MRI room Although he has the upper hand at first tree Realizes where she is and turns the tables with a Jason X one-liner you’re screwed the MRI pins Gregory Against the machine behind a wheelchair and when tree lets go of the screwdriver in her hand it impels Gregory in the gut I’m not sure if he’s like dead dead right here, but I’ll put him on the couch anyway And although we see Stephanie getting wheeled away on a gurney there. I’m gonna leave her on the count to screw it Lori However is clearly not on the cow since she survived and gets assured off for medical help during all this Dean Bronson figures out that he’s fallen victim to a ruse a cunning attempt to trick him and Realizes that the sissy is getting booted up again there’s some slow-motion Cross-cutting between Dean Bronson breaking into the quantum lab and tree and Carter moving in for a kiss all while Cissy gets closer and closer To booting up and sending tree back to her own dimension. Thanks to some strategic leg hugging by dre The Dean isn’t able to stop Cissy in time the Machine boots up and the sparks fly Literally and figuratively before we find ourselves back in the original dimension sitting in the aftermath of the sissy’s initial explosion Wait, double-check your dimension tree, Daniel Who Jeff the movie ends right then and there but we do get a mid-credits scene That shows our heroes picking up trash on campus to make up for their science explosion and don’t judge Samar for eating that ground churro cuz you wouldn’t waste food either if you spent 200 days lost at sea the Students are picked up by some G men in dark suits and dark sunglasses And taken to DARPA where sissy is now held by the government But in order to make the machine work again the g-men say They’re gonna need a test subject that they can Intentionally put inside a time loop cue this very strange ending of Daniele waking up in bed screaming possibly in the middle of her own time loop Alrighty, then how many bodies did babyface ace make like a tree and leaf lying around? Let’s find out and get to the numbers Whoa guys I just came from another dimension where I’m Lucy’s Pat what? Oh, we gotta get out of here Okay. Lucy wants us to go do the numbers. Yes master If we include Stephanie then 20 people died in happy deathday to you The victims included seven men one unknown baby phase that could have been Gregory or Stephanie and twelve women again giving us the rare pie Chart with more women than men but also again Mostly because eight of those lady deaths were tree with the run time of a hundred minutes We had a kill on average every five minutes flat I’ll give the golden chainsaw four coolest kill to the tree chipper death during the montage because I love a good pun It also had some blood in there which most of these skills were lacking to all machete for lame as kill will go to John tooms when he got shot by tree a couple of times Partially because that’s when I was starting to get confused about what was going on and that’s it Happy deathday – you came out in 2019 and although it’s a fine sequel it didn’t do as well at the box office as Blum House had hoped it would So there may not be a third film until next time. I’m James Agee nice. This has been the kill count Thanks a lot for watching. This week’s kill count I want to thank some patrons like dan akin and a Haunter Boehner B Andrew Anderson and Andy Zoidberg because why not that candle burned down like five minutes into shooting? So the lit flame you see throughout the video is actually taken from an earlier shot. I sit on a throne of lies I’m gonna be trying to give you to kill counts a week for a little while so we can have fun one offs like this one be good people

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  1. Here's a plot hole, what happens when they get the right one in looking for wrong one's? Like in a vault or number combination, if you start counting up it to find the right combination (0000 0001 0002 0003 etc) the right answer is not going to be the last one, it'll be somewhere in the middle.

  2. Does that make tree 19? If she did reset 1 more time assuming each death count was each year she turned. Because some say another year older equals one more year to your death? That would be an interesting message too.

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  7. Dull Machette Explaining: {Yay UwU

    So bassically, Lori in the previous movie and Gregory in this one made John Tooms kill so he would be framed for the murders. As you see in Lori's #2 kill, Lori is found dead in a hospital room. But whos? You guessed it! John Tooms! So, at the scene 22:08 You see John Tooms about to stab Lori. As explained at 18:18 – 18:21 Tree was going to save Lori from Baby Face. So she knocked shot the guard with his gun, (oh how the tables have turned, like seriously. you shoot people with your gun, now a person shot you. What a way to die, Bravo!) And went to John Tooms room. When he was about to stab Lori, Tree shot John Tooms. (Yay, no saftey on now Tree. Lesson learned.)

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