Hakkaido pumpkin seafood soup 北海道南瓜海鮮湯

Hakkaido pumpkin seafood soup 北海道南瓜海鮮湯

Today I teach hakkaido pumpkin seafood soup you can use any kinds of seafood, altogether around 270 grams washed, drained and dried up with paper, here I have one piece of white fish fillet cut all the seafood in small pieces, put them in a box 7 medium sized shrimps, cut into dices like this one small cuttlefish cut into dices like this here I have 9 cooked mussells 3 scallops, cut into pieces like this cut into small pieces, repeat the process for the rest marinade, 1/4 tsp sugar, 1/4 tsp salt 1 1/2 tsp white wine, stir well 1 tsp corn starch, stir well after stirring well, cover it up and put into fridge around 400 grams peeled and seeded hokkaido pumpkin cut as thick as a chopstick cut 3 shallots into dices 2 garlic cloves cut into dices, 3 ginger slices cut into dices make a thickener, with 5 tsp corn starch and 6 tsp water, stir well hot pan, medium heat, 2 tsp oil fry diced shallots, diced garlic and diced ginger for 2 mins when you Smell the flavor, put in pumpkin pieces, fry for 1 min 2 mins later, put in pumpkin pieces, now fry for 1 min 1 min later, put in 800 ml water, cover with lid turn to high heat, bring to boil when it boils, turn to low heat, cook for 7 mins after cooking for 7 mins, turn off the heat, leave on the hot hob for 10 mins then remove the lid, leave to lightly chill chilled for 20 mins, put the pumpkin mixture in 3 batches in a blender everytime add 2 ladles broth into the blender pour the pumpkin puree into a big pot repeat the process for the rest put the rest broth into the blender wash out the rest pumpkin puree pour into the big pot as well remove the foam if there is any, turn to high heat 1 tsp salt, 1 1/2 tsp chicken powder 1 tsp white wine, stir well when it boils, put in 10 grams butter 20 mins before, I took out the seafoods from fridge stir well, before putting into the soup gently stir add thickener in a little at a time keep stirring until it boils, caution it may easily stick to bottom when it boils, cover with lid turn off the heat, leave on hot hob for 5 mins 5 mins later, put in 100 grams fresh cream a pinch of pepper, stir well ladle the soup into bowls garnish with 1 tsp fresh cream, some coriander Thanks for watching see you again next time

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  1. Hi my friends. Today I wanna teach you to make a pumpkin seafood soup. It tastes very creamy and smooth and I absolutely love the taste… actually reminds me of lobster soup I don't know if you have tried it before. Anyways I would love to hear what you think and what comes into your mind when you taste it.

    Please give me feedback and don't forget to rate.

    Yours maria ^^

  2. you should seriously write a cook book now… i don't know if anyone has said it before or not, but yeah, you should write a cook book!

  3. Looks so delicious!! I don't usually like pumpkin soups but I may give this one a go and see how it is 🙂 Thanks, Auntie!

  4. I've made this without seafood before. I will try to make this version soon. Maybe omit the butter and replace the cream, but I know I will not be as good without it :[. But thinking of serving this with home made bread makes me want to making it! Thank you. I like your videos.

  5. You are welcome. Honesty, the butter help a lot of the soup. Thank you for trying my recipe. Please tell me how it worked out. Thank you ^^

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  7. 多谢分享, 看起来好好喝的样子。可以做个“干炒牛河”教程吗? 身处海外,好久没吃了, 想念家乡的美味。 Thanks.

  8. Hi!
    I just found your channel: it's really interesting and instructive. Thank you for sharing your talent. Congratulations and greetings from Italy!
    P.S. Sorry for my english..

  9. 這種南瓜可以連皮吃的, 但 BUTTER KURBIS 不可以.
    這一種連皮煲完, 打爛, 吃不出分別的, 可省一重功夫, 亦可能更健康.

  10. 嘩,我地一家都好鐘意既湯呀,終於知道點整啦!多謝你!請問唔一定用北海道南瓜得唔得架?

  11. You are welcome. The starch binds together the liquid ingredients in the marinade and seals them to the meat, poultry or seafood being marinated. It helps give the food more flavor ^^

  12. hey maria
    im so glad i found ur channel since i live in hong kong and it took me a long time to find a cantonese food based channel. i do hav one question, where do u buy fresh herbs like thyme, rosemary,parsley, coriander etc. i didnt notice any in the markets so far. It would be nice if u could help thanks!!!

  13. I love this one! so glad found your channel:) hope you can keep posting more simple and delicious recipe cause im a student 😛 Thanks a lot!:))))

  14. Hi Maria, I'm a chinese (cantonese) singaporean. Just tried yr pumpkin soup recipe. It turns out great. My kids love it even though they don't eat much vegs… thks for sharing..

  15. You are welcome. Thank you for trying my recipe and your feedback. I am glad your family liked my recipe. Thank you . Have a lovely day ^^

  16. You are welcome. I have a lot of simple, delicious and easy recipes. Please check my channel. Thank you ^^

  17. You are welcome. Thank you for trying my recipe and your Feedback. I am happy you liked my recipe. Thank you 🙂

  18. Hi! Maria, do you have any simple chinese stir fry pumpkin recipe. I really love yr cooking and would like to learn from you. Tk u!

  19. Hi, I don't have stir fry  pumpkin recipe but I have with turnip. This video have two recipes. Steamed turnip stuffed with ground meat 白蘿蔔釀碎肉 I hope it will help. Have a lovely day ^^

  20. Wow… It looks so yummy! I can't wait to try it. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful recipe. Have a lovely day! huggles ❤️

  21. I'm so much impressed! I come from Russia, but I sincerely love Asian food and cooking it is such a great pleasure! Thank you for this recipe 😉

  22. 我只知用龍蝦配搭,因為很美味,用其他的海鮮未嚐過,真要試一下,很多謝妳的指導,清楚詳細。

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