Green Day Cooks with Martha Stewart & Snoop Dogg

Green Day Cooks with Martha Stewart & Snoop Dogg

Now the Academy Awards are
this weekend and some of you will have viewing
parties, so I wanted to share some recipes for
all of you to try to make. Snoop and I– yeah? And you know, me, I’m
here to help us out with one of the greatest
rock bands of all time. You understand me? Could somebody please
help me welcome Green Day? [MUSIC – GREEN DAY, “AMERICAN
IDIOT”] [AUDIENCE CHEERING] Snoop– What you want to do? Drink! We have to start with a drink. You want to start with a drink? Yeah, because you
know, everybody has to be ready with a drink. Let’s break bread. Come on then. This is a Venus Blush cocktail. It’s prosecco and– What’s the ingredients to it? –and blood orange juice. Blood orange? Yes, and a little bit of Aperol. It’s like a mimosa? Well, yeah. It’s like that, only better. That orange– you can
eat that by itself? Yes, you can eat it by itself. I want to try them out. Make sure it’s together. So each of you– I think you should
each have a drink. Do you– would you like a drink? Sure. Yeah here’s that. Here’s one for your
all your friends mm–that blood
orange is going down. And you’re all–
you’re all working– Toast to the boogie, baby. OK. All right, cheers. Bang bang. Come and get some
of this–a toast. Oh yeah, here. Toast. To success and nothing less. To your new album. Yeah. Yeah. Their now album. And it’s called
Father of all Mother– uh-uh. Yeah. Mother– uh-uh Don’t you
say that, Martha. OK. We can’t say that. Dot-dot-dot. Anyway, why did
you name it that? Who does the covers? I think your covers
are fabulous. Artwork. Oh, thanks. I did the covers. You did? Yeah, I– Did you do all the
covers of your albums? No, no. Just only this one. Oh, it’s really good. Oh, thanks. [INTERPOSING VOICES] He’s an artist. We love it. Thank you. Yeah. Well, we have some
pizza to make. Yes. Yeah, don’t put it there
because that’s your pizza. Oh, OK. So– I thought we were
making pretzels. No. Oh yeah, you can make
a pretzel if you wish. But put a little bit of olive
oil on your cookie sheet. And then, without
breaking the dough, flatten it out to
fill the entire tray. Look Martha, I know
how to make dough. You ain’t got to tell
me how to make dough. I’ve been making
dough for a long time. He knows how to make dough. He knows how to grow grass. He knows how to do
all kinds of stuff. I actually worked at
a pizza restaurant. You did? Mm-hmm. Yeah? And what did you make? I made– well, I made the dough. Yeah? And then I made the pizza. Yeah? The hard part was I
dropped out of high school. And so I got this job
at the pizza place, so all the kids
used to come over– all my friends used to come over
and I used to give them pizza during lunchtime at school. Oh, so you– Oh, you was the pizza man! You broke the restaurant’s
profitability, right? No– They didn’t mind? No, they didn’t mind. Well, you know, pizza
man and $2 bill. I had a homie that
worked at McDonald’s used to do the same thing. I’m making a tomato pizza. You can use sausage,
you can use pepperoni, you can use artichokes. I’m going to steal some
of your mozzarella. Have you heard about too
many chefs in the kitchen? [AUDIENCE LAUGHTER] You stay your ass over there– [AUDIENCE LAUGHTER] –And let me cook over here. I have a cooking show
with Martha Stewart. [AUDIENCE LAUGHTER, APPLAUSE] That does look good. [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE] Martha, you are the best
at teaching how to cook. Look, I’m not going to lie. You are the best
teacher I’ve ever had. Be generous with the
topping because, you know, I hate it when you get
a pizza that doesn’t have anything much on it, you know? I’m doing a mozzarella,
ricotta, and mushroom pizza. I don’t know about
mushrooms, Martha. I act a fool when
I eat mushrooms. And you’ll like this one. You’re going to have
to take them off mine. Snoop, this is beyond sausage. Beyond sausage? Yes. Beyond sausage. Give me some of that. Yeah, you have it down there. It’s right there. [INTERPOSING VOICES] I’ll offered to
take some of yours. You know me. The ground up stuff–
the ground up. Oh, don’t forget a
little salt and pepper. I’m not going to lie– mine’s come out pretty bad. Martha, what kind of pepper? Remember, we had
this discussion. Yes, white pepper. White or black pepper. I’m not allowed to be
discriminating in my pepper. OK, so we’re going to go
with some white pepper and some black pepper. OK, mine’s ready to go in. What about your yours? Black pepper matters, Martha. Looking good. I’m doing pretty good. Let me get some pepperoni. OK, get some pepperoni. Mine’s going to the oven. Yours looks excellent, Snoop. Why thank you, Martha. I have the best teacher. Here, guys. Put yours in the ovens. Did you know you were going
to have to make pizza? I did not. But it’s fun, right? Never a bad time
for a good pizza. Wipe your hands. Now we’re going to make two
other things that are really essential for viewing parties. What are those? Hot dogs? These are little hot dogs
in the little puff pastry. And you just bake them in
the oven just like this. Isn’t that cute? They so cute. Look how you assembled them. Want some? Uh-uh. All right then. Show them how to roll it up. Oh you know, this my best– how you roll. Hash out now. So you take a nice
little rectangle of puff pastry and
a nice little– this is a beyond sausage, too. It looks amazing. Roll it up tight. There– perfect! Boy, you’re good at this, Snoop. Hey, hey, hey, I’m
a roller, baby. Do you ever crimp the edges? No? Like that? Yep. Bam. See? Fun, right? Oh, that’s amazing. Bang! Yeah. Bang! Hey, hey. Hey, guys– would
you like some pizza? Gentlemen? Yeah. Come here. It’s OK, it’s OK. I want get one of these. Yeah, get one of them. OK, how’s that? Ellen is giving away
a pair of tickets to every show on the tour. You go to her website
for your chance to win. And for copies of
all these recipes, you can go straight to Martha
Stewart Living magazine and get the recipes. [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE]

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