Greek Yogurt vs. Regular Yogurt | Healthy Food

Greek Yogurt vs. Regular Yogurt | Healthy Food

The difference between Greek yogurt and regular
yogurt is really a matter of straining and process. Greek yogurt and regular yogurt start with
the same ingredients, which is yogurt. And you can either get it with cow’s milk,
you can get sheep’s milk or you can even get coconut milk yogurts now. And what happens with Greek yogurt is that
they strain the yogurt more thoroughly, and that removes more of the liquid, more of the
whey and more of the lactose. So what you end up with is more protein in
a smaller amount of calories and less sugar in the Greek yogurt. So you can eat the same amount of Greek yogurt
as regular yogurt but you’re getting more nutrition out of it in the same amount of
calories. Maybe even less because they’ve even removed
most of the sugar as well. So some people find that they digest Greek
yogurt better than regular yogurt because there’s less lactose in it. Now for all you dairy-free people out there,
the great news is that there’s fantastic coconut milk Greek yogurt out now. So you can get great dairy-free Greek style
yogurt to help you with any dairy-free issues that you have.

31 thoughts on “Greek Yogurt vs. Regular Yogurt | Healthy Food”

  1. Awesome I just tried Greek yogurt and I love the texture taste and Italy body very creamy and not sour at all goes very well with frozen fruits.

  2. That's a bit much. 1-2lb for men and 1lb for women is safe, until you can start losing significant muscle mass and strength.

  3. Pretty much you choose to have a serving of some type of Greek yogurt for 2 of your meals.(Bfast and dinner were mine) Most greek yogurts help fill your stomach, causing you to loose your hunger. i did it for a week, and the next week i just watched what i ate. 🙂

  4. Why do bodybuilders eat whey for protien if you're adding protien by removing it? Sounds like a pile of shit to me.

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