Good Food, Good Dog - Raw Food Diet

Good Food, Good Dog – Raw Food Diet

hi today I'll be showing you what I feed my dog every day a healthy raw food diet my dog Toby eats a variety of raw food every day I give him two meals a day morning and night these are the basic ingredients but I do add whole egg once or twice a week you go here is to feed your dog a balanced raw diet the good thing about feeding raw is that the food are not processed processed dog food destroyed natural enzymes and nutrients you can give your dog vegetables that you probably have already in your home Here I am grading some carrots and chopping some kale and spinach for Toby you should buy a variety of meat any market so that you can have a rotation of protein for your dog basic proteins are beef chicken or turkey but you can also include venison rabbit and lamb how much defeat your dog is based on your energy requirement you can feed 1/2 pound per 25 pounds of body weight you just have to make adjustment according to your dog's activity I'm also adding some fish oil and some vitamin supplements for Toby you should always consult your veterinarian before giving any supplements

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  1. This is basic, if you want to put your dog on the Raw Diet, please study fully.

    Don’t forget to give them the egg shells as well, if the don’t want to eat them crushed (I don’t have that problem), put them in the grinder and where are the bones? The bones keep their teeth clean as well. Give them a raw chicken leg, wing, or breast. Where are the gizzards and livers. Where is the fish?

    You watch their poop, if too soft add more bones, too white pull back on the bones, to runny pull back on the higher fats. It takes trial and error to get the mix just right. This is the best diet they can be on, you will have a super healthy dog. Oh if traveling, use the FreshPet from the fridge section in the dog aisle at the grocery store-excellent substitute.

    Lastly, do not just cold-turkey start your dog on this diet, you will have a poopy runny disaster. Gradually introduce.

  2. My frenchie wont eat raw meat, I’ve tried and she just won’t do it. I cook it lightly. Just until no blood. Also I include liver and heart. She gobbles it up!!

  3. Hey dude! I appreciate your efforts in posting this video and I know you're trying to do the best for your dog. We're all trying to do that. And we don't all arrive at the same conclusions. So I'll only suggest that you do a little bit of research based on credible sites that have independent information on the subject. I'll bet that you'll change your mind as to what's best for your beautiful dog. He's handsome. Cheers.

  4. Home made is best . Commercial pet food including vet food is full of toxic filler and preservatives that could saddle your pet with all kinds of disease. Protein from meats is so good for them but best if organic and not pumped with steroids and antibiotics.

  5. I understand the benefits of the raw food diet for your dog, but how on earth can you afford to pay for it. In Canada, our groceries are so expensive I'm not sure it would be possible for many people to provide their dogs with this diet, as beneficial as it may be. Just my 2cnts.

  6. Good video, you are feeding your dog a good diet. I’m sure you feed your dog raw chicken bone and organ meat too. Kibble is junk. I don’t even consider it real food. It’s over heated/ processed which destroys enzymes and vitamins that are essential in a dog’s diet. So glad you don’t give your dog kibble anymore. Good dog daddy!!! ❤️

  7. The raw dog food diet is the only way to go, especially for bull terrier breeds and absolutely for English Bulldogs, who can easily suffer from obesity. The diet is more expensive depending on where you buy the meat. Grass fed NOT CORN fed beef is the only option. Chicken is not in the diet sine they are fed a blend of grains that is majority corn. But the beef from the distributor in bulk and when in a bind, Trader Joe’s beef is legit. If you scoff at the idea; then that’s the reason your dog looks like shit. Most people shouldn’t be dog owners anyway and the only dog I care about anyway would be my own and they get raw meat diet minus the vegetables. They will munch on grass when they feel like it. Don’t have to force it into their diet. The results are instant.

  8. That little shit, pfff😒… that's a snack…my English bulldogs would kill me in my sleep If I fed them that only 2 times a day…

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