Gluten Free Brownies

Gluten Free Brownies

[Instrumental Music]>>PETRA: Kia Ora Guys. My name is Petra and today I’m going to be
showing you a gluten free brownie recipe. The ingredients that I’m using today are 2
cups of sugar, 1 cup of walnuts or in exchange of this because I have a nut allergy myself,
I do prefer to use chocolate chunks, caramel drops or butterscotch drops. I feel like they taste absolutely wonderful
with that as well. I’m using 3 large eggs, a teaspoon of vanilla
essence, 4 ounces of dark unsweetened chocolate, 1 cup of almond flour and three quarters of
a cup of butter. First off I’m going to start with my dark
chocolate. I’m gonna break it up before I put it into
the bowl because it means that the chocolate will melt evenly and it will be a little bit
faster. [Snap chocolate in pieces]>>PETRA: Next we’re going to add the butter
and these two ingredients we’re going to melt together in the microwave for 15 second increments
until everything’s melted nicely together. I use 15 second increments because it’s so
easy to burn chocolate in the microwave. [Click – Microwave door opening] [Thud – Bowl placed on counter] [Bang – Microwave door closed]>>PETRA: Aah, it seems like 8 times the charm. All that chocolate is finally melted. And I’m just going to set this aside while
I mix together all my dry ingredients. I’m just going to put this over here. [Thud – Bowl placed on counter]>>PETRA: To my mixing bowl, I’m going to
start with my almond flour which I have already measured out. 1 cup. So, next I’m going to add my two cups of sugar. [Clinking sound of bottle being opened]>>PETRA: I like to use a sugar alternative
instead for myself because I’m diabetic and I can’t eat this much sugar at all. That is a coma waiting to happen. So, not too nice. There’s one. And I have exactly two. Perfect. I’m going to crack my three eggs in. [Crack] [Shells breaking apart]>>PETRA: The last of the ingredients I’m
going to add. And not the eggshell I just put in. [Laughter]>>PETRA: The vanilla essence or extract or
whatever you prefer. And that’s going to be one level teaspoon. Next we’re going to add this to our mixer. [Clang – Steel bowl placed in mixer base]>>PETRA: And when it decides to stay, we’re
gonna mix this all together. [Click] [Whirring noise of mixer]>>PETRA: Okay, so this is just combined. So, next I’m going to add my chocolate which
is kind of the best part of a brownie. And I’m just going to add it into here. [Banging bowl against mixer bowl]>>PETRA: And just making sure we’ve got all
this great chocolaty goodness. [Scraping of chocolate from bowl]>>PETRA: And we’re going to continue to mix
this all together til the chocolate is folded in. [Whirring noise of mixer] [Click]>>PETRA: So, if by magic, here’s a perfectly
greased pan for you to use. So, I use butter but you can also use margarine. Depending on the pan, sometimes you may want
to pat around a little bit of flour just to help give you a protective coating between
the pan and your food. An alternative to greasing your pan is also
using parchment paper cut to fit the size of your pan. For this recipe it does ask for a 13 x 9 inch
pan. Mine is a little bit smaller. So, it might not all fit.>>PETRA: So, I’m just going to pour this
in here.>>PETRA: Going to go in the oven at 350 degrees
Fahrenheit and it’s gonna cook for 35 minutes. Absolutely maximum! Any more, brownies get too dry and then you
just have some weird cake thing. And that tastes horrible. [Laughter]>>PETRA: So, I’m going to put this into the
oven now and check back with you later. [Time lapse]>>PETRA: So, I’m just cutting up my brownie
now. A good tip to know that your brownie is ready
once it’s cooled, is it’ll be nice and crisp on the outside but still feel chewy and gummy
in the middle.>>PETRA: So, this is the final product of
my gluten free brownies.>>PETRA: Don’t forget to subscribe to our
channel so that you don’t miss out on any future shows. And if you have any suggestions, please leave
them in the comment box down below. [Instrumental Music]

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