Giada De Laurentiis Teaches Ellen Italian Words While Cooking Up Italian Food

Giada De Laurentiis Teaches Ellen Italian Words While Cooking Up Italian Food

Let’s drink. Let’s drink. So we’re starting
with a cocktail. Yeah. Because we’re going to
make a nice tequila drink. I like a tequila drink. OK. You want to make it? Sure. Great. So we’re going peel an orange. Uh huh. Not the whole thing,
just a little bit. It’s called a Destroyer. Uh huh. I make it my Vegas restaurant. Uh huh. It’s after “Conan
the Barbarian,” which is a movie my grandfather made. Is that right? And he also made movies with
Jane Fonda, which is very cool. Wow, that is cool. Wait, just that one little peel? Yeah. OK. So now we’ve got– What’s that? Orange juice. Uh huh. You could also use
tangerine juice if you want to be
fancy schmancy. OK. So a little Casa Dragones? Yes. Mm hm. 1 and 1/2 ounces or more. OK. To taste. OK. So now put the lid on it. OK. Have you done this
before, by the way? Yes, sure. OK. Were you once a
bartender or something? There’s no ice in there. There doesn’t need to be. Go ahead. OK. Shake it up. I know you’re doing
Jazzercise, so– oh. OK. See? That’s why I wasn’t doing it. Here, here, here. You take of that. Yes. I’ll take care of this. Oh, man. So then we just drink. And you pour it in here. And here’s your
cocktail because I don’t want to run out of time. Cheers. There we go. Mm. It’s delicious. Is there alcohol in here? Hold on. I think so. Yeah. Not as much as I’d
put in, but yeah. All right. All right. OK. Moving on. We drink. We eat. What are we making? OK. So now we’re making
a pasta dish. OK. You eat pasta? I love pasta. OK great. Yes. So now you’re going to take
all these cherry tomatoes and cut them in half for me. Oh, Lord. OK. All right. All of them. Serrated knives make it
easier to cut tomatoes so you don’t rip the skin, although– Although I think I am. OK. And then I take a
bunch of chives. This is very simple. I make this on a weeknight
for my daughter, who wanted me to mention her on this show. OK. She’s a fan of yours. She said, you never
talk about me. I said, I talk about
you all the time. She said, yes, but
not for long enough. You were pregnant with
her the first time you were on the show. How old is she? Seriously? Yeah. Have you been doing
this show that long? 16 years. Yeah. She’s 10. Yeah. Wow. That is scary. OK. Now I spoke about
her, so we’re good. All right. Jade, we’re all good. OK. So are you done there yet? I don’t know. How many did you want me to do? You didn’t tell me. The whole bowl? The whole bowl, but
maybe I should just help you do it because– Yeah, but it looks like they’re
chopped already over there. Let’s go. OK. Let’s go. OK. [LAUGHTER] OK. This is the cool part. OK? This is super neat. OK. OK. So you have a pan like this. Don’t laugh. It’s super neat. You fill it with
four cups of water. OK. And you dump the pasta in. I’ve never done pasta– I know! This is why I’m showing you. Don’t yell at me. All right. [LAUGHTER] I got excited. Right. So you cook the pasta first? Yes. So it goes from there– once you add the
pasta and the salt, you cook it for nine minutes. And this is what it looks like. Done. Seriously? You don’t put it in one
of those big giant things? Not for this. Why not? Because that way, I don’t
have to do a ton of dishes. And it works. So it works just as well in
water in a pan like that? Not long pasta just short pasta. Yes, like penne. Penne. “Pen-ne.” “Pin-ny?” “Pen-ne.” No, it’s not– Like a pen. Like a quill. “Pin-ny?” No one says “pin-ny?” Can I have the “pin-ny” pasta? [LAUGHTER] Yes. They don’t say “pen-nay.” I know but then I
corrected myself. I said “pen-nay.” And then you went “pin-ny.” No, it’s not “pen-nay.” It’s “pen-ne.” “Pin-ny?” No, not panini or
anything like that. “Pin-ny?” “Pen-ne.” No one says “pen-ne.” They do in Italy. OK. Well, we’re not in Italy. They say all kinds of things. So shouldn’t we say it
properly, like “spagh-itti,” not spaghetti? “Spigh-itti?” “Spagh-itti.” No, that’s not
what we should say. Yes it is because you should
pronounce it properly so when you go to Italy– I’ll take the “pin-ny” and
she’ll have the “spagh-itti.” [LAUGHTER] They told us to hurry it up. All right. So let’s not argue anymore. What are we doing now? This is the pasta
after it’s cooked. Do you want this in here? Yes. I want it all in here. All right. Just keep dumping. All right what is this? Calabrian chili? What’s that? Calabrian chili. Have you tasted it? It’s not coming out. [LAUGHTER] All right. Well, you don’t
like spice anyway. I do. I like sriracha. Well, it’s like sriracha,
the Italian version. All right. Great. Then you’ll love this. How much of this? The whole thing? Yeah. OK. The vegan cheese. Yeah. Mm, my favorite. They do make some
good vegan cheese. It’s hard, but you’ve
got to find it. Can you taste it and
tell me if it’s good? Is this vegan cheese? Yes. Yeah. I’ll tell you right now. OK. Tell me if that’s good. I normally don’t
eat vegan cheese. I either don’t eat cheese, or
I eat a lot of regular cheese. [LAUGHTER] Yeah. That’s what I thought. Olive oil. No, that’s not a
good vegan cheese. OK. So just stick to the
regular cheese, guys. Or just omit the cheese
and add more spice. How’s that? Woo! That’s bad vegan cheese. Salt and pepper and lemon juice. Look what’s happening. It’s overflowing. Woo! All right. We have to take a
break, and we’ll come back and finish this, OK? Oh. All right. But we’ll be back. OK great. Yay! We’re back with Giada
“Di-lauren-teese.” Is that the way they say it
in (ITALIAN ACCENT) Italy? “De-Laur-en-teese.” “De-Laur-en-teese.” All right. So I want to taste this, but
I want to ask you questions. How many restaurants
do you own now? Three. Three. And how do you make sure
that they’re all doing well and the quality
is what you want? You have to travel
to them often? I do. And sometimes I send friends. And sometimes I go in disguise. Really? I come up with all– yes. I come up with all
sorts of tricks. This is delicious. Is it really? Mm hm. Even with the faux cheese? Yes because it
kind of blended in. And it’s delicious. Oh yeah! Right? It is good. Yeah. Oh my goodness. Yeah. Who knew? But with better vegan cheese
it would be even better. Oh my god. All right let’s go over here. And then I want to ask
you another question. “Win or Cake All,” how
many cakes that you eat are actually not good? They look beautiful. Mm hm. Only a couple are
actually edible. Wow. OK. We’re making some type of
apple cobbler, I’m guessing. Apple crisp. Yes. But since I heard that
you like pears better, we’ve made it with
pears for you. Really? Yeah? See how nice we are? Is that what I like? OK. [LAUGHTER] I hear so much about
myself that I don’t know what– people say so many
things about me. We’re an apple crisp. OK. But with pears? No, these are apples (LAUGHING)
but we made it with pears. Here why don’t you
take the apples? I’m so confused. Just put a little
bit of brown sugar. OK. Lemon juice. All right. This is the topping
for the crisp. What is that? Flour, oatmeal, coconut
oil because it’s vegan. OK. Bake it in the oven 400
degrees, 30 minutes. Great. And then you can top it
with your vegan ice cream. Wonderful. Let’s try the pear crisp. OK. Let’s do it. Shall we, Ellen? Let’s do this. Mm. Is it good? Mm hm. Well, if she says it’s
good, I guess I’ll have it. It is. It’s delicious. Mm hm. I think we brought it for
you the last time I was here, and then we didn’t make it. And now you dropped
it on your shoe. I’m sorry. My shoe is white. “Winner Cake All” airs on
Food Network, Monday at 10:00 Eastern.

100 thoughts on “Giada De Laurentiis Teaches Ellen Italian Words While Cooking Up Italian Food”

  1. The only time you should ever cook pasta in a sauté pan is for long pasta. Some Italian chefs do it that way, most don't, and they really must not like each other too much.

  2. The only time you should ever cook pasta in a sauté pan is for long pasta. Some Italian chefs do it that way, most don't, and they really must not like each other too much.

  3. Thanking about that will for my mother that I now she love sonda a lot Will is batter for my mother and myself as well Krasnodar only on For now

  4. Maybe it's a little bit better than american pasta. But it's not pasta. Perdonatela NON SA COSA STA FACENDO

  5. Gosh, so hard to watch cos the way Giada says penne and spaghetti is so embarrasing! Where did she get that confidence from. She has an Italian name, but she should learn how to pronounce Italian the correct way.

  6. 4:47 Ellen behaves like my mom, everytime someone wants to tell her how to pronunciate well things, she starts to make fun of that and imitates back hahaha. That's great!!

  7. If Ellen is acting a little different it might be because she finds Giada pretty attractive and it makes her a tad nervous. She's said this kind of thing in the past.

  8. I ma italian … what is that kind of cooking pasta???? 😱😱😱😱😱😱🤮 … This girl dosen’t know what she is doing 🤦‍♀️

  9. TBH here's what I think I enjoyed watching her on the food network and I also like Nicole and Ellen. So I'm gonna keep liking her individually bc not all personalities mash well together and it can come out awkward on tv especially cuz its live and I don't get any obnoxiousness from her at all when I watch her on food network interacting with other chefs like Bobby Flay.

  10. Raga dopo 30 anni continuano a dire “VersacI” invece di VersacE e vi preoccupate della pasta e di Spaghetti e Penne?

  11. Whoever uses the ORANGE PEEL, wash it!!!! It has a lot of CHEMICALS. Don't believe me? just scrape it and you'll get a white powder.

  12. she doesn't know how to pronounce italian, it's infuriating that she passes as an italian whereas she's clearly american

  13. Pelase, dear American people, read this: Italian food is way better than the one you saw in this video, we know how to cook pasta, we cook better than her.
    Her surname isn't even a Italian one. It's Spanish I think.
    Please, forget her

  14. Bell'idea mettere un coperchio sopra una padella antiaderente nella quale si cucina della pasta. Chissà per quale ragione non lo facciamo anche noi …

  15. Dear Giada:

    1. The first e in “penne” is an open sound, not closed.

    2. Learn what to do with your teeth to pronounce italian t’s properly.

    3. Don’t cook pasta in a pan.

    Aww well, at least she’s prouder to be italian than most other italian-americans.

  16. I'm italian so I understand the italians down here concerning about the way she cooked pasta. But, come on, she actually boiled the water and than she put the pasta in the pan and she cooked it only for 9 minutes. This is actually a miracle. I mean, it's not completely right, but is so much better than how americans usually cook italian dishes.

  17. Even if you pronounce the italian words "properly" according to Giada, she will still always correct you! She does this with every host; it is so condescending.

  18. Im sorry but when i went to Italy i went to multiple restaurants and never once heard them say “spigitti” so enunciated like that

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